5 questions we have to answer ourselves before sending our child to camp

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Is the child ready to attend a children’s camp?

Children’s camps are a special time and place where the child grows up, becomes independent and learns how to make decisions .

This is a short period in which he is separated from his parents and can only choose. During this period, everything depends on his personal choices.

This is the leading information that we need to take into account and assess whether the child is ready to attend camp on their own.

There are families who protect their offspring and do not leave them much initiative in making independent decisions. There are also those that give the child comparative freedom of choice , with appropriate parental navigation.

The important thing is to be able to judge correctly at the moment, not forgetting to talk to the child himself.

In case the child is strongly attached and does not have the independence necessary for living outside the family, we better leave things to her for next year.

Would you feel comfortable alone?

Language summer camp is a double challenge – it requires independence and daily use of a foreign language.

We’ve all been in situations where we have to be away from family and friends, to be in an unfamiliar environment.

Depending on the flexibility of the child’s intellect and social skills , some adapt very quickly. Others need time to act and decide for themselves.

Let’s keep in mind that the ability to make decisions is one of the most important life skills for young people.

Independence is a way of thinking. It should be nurtured in the family and at home. Sometimes this does not happen or is delayed.

A environment in which a foreign language is spoken rather than a native language is also filled with positive stress.

Children may feel a natural need to hear their mother tongue . Any interference and speaking in another language is a way for them to distance themselves from family and parents.

This is a special challenge for our campers. Some take it seriously and they start trying new words and new / for them language / in the unfamiliar environment.

Others refuse and look for friends to share their native language with.

We, the teachers and animators at the LuckyKids camp , support this process to flow naturally and without pressure, in a friendly environment.

These are important factors that every parent should consider.

Does the child need special care?

In every family, children need special care.

What is it about?

All small and large, routine and special care in upbringing and education are important.

For example:

  • the preparation of special dishes that the child loves.
  • small gestures of attention – hug, encouragement, smiles, attentive listening.
  • carefully navigating the behavior – defining and giving moral guidelines according to the actions and words of the child.
  • giving the right to choose in various activities and daily routine tasks / choosing clothes, choosing a way to move, controlled freedom of expression and friendship /.

In this regard, we teachers and animators at LuckyKids, are careful with these small but important actions. The same goes for parents in full force.

Required to take small but steady steps to give the child the necessary confidence and sense of security.

When filling out the camp documents, mom and dad can do a description of the child’s specific needs, which are strictly individual so that we can take care of them.

These can be:

  • eating habits
  • sleeping habits
  • need for help in daily routine

For us, all, even the smallest details are important, because real care begins with them.

Can we afford it?

It is important the financial situation with the registration for the camp to be well assessed.

Our advice as specialists is that visiting the LuckyKids International Language Camp is an excellent investment in both the present and the future of the child.

It receives much more than attending a camp and many times more than a simple language training.

How can we help you from LuckyKids?

What we can do for you, as specialists, is to inform you in detail about the full range of services provided.

In addition, we offer you individual attention to solve some cases that the child may encounter in the daily life of the camp during the camp itself, even before.

We can find out from you about the child’s habits and his attitude towards various activities. Then work together to change attitudes and acquire important skills that last a lifetime.

We rely on parents and their skills and knowledge of the child!

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