7 questions to ask before choosing a summer camp for children

Camp Discipline Policy

Discipline!?! During the summer!! To the camp!

For many parents, the word “discipline” is associated with words such as  “punishment” and “strict regime.”

That’s not the case with Lucky Kids. We  educate through human values,  which we tell our campers about. Then we give them time to practice and strengthen them.

Of course we have –  Rules of order in the camp.  It has very clear rules to follow. Any deviation from the rules has consequences. In extremely severe violations, this can lead to the cancellation of the  stay of the camper  and sending him back home.

Here are some of the mandatory rules:

  • the children treat all participants in the camp with respect –  demonstrate mutual help and kindness to each other and to all adults.
  • show openness and honesty.
  • observe the safety rules , both in the hotel and during the activities.
  • observe excellent personal hygiene – keep their room in very good condition, arrange their belongings.
  • clean and tidy the classroom / hall after the end of the educational block or activity.
  • protect the base of the hotel and all the tools they use; use with care all electronic devices (tablets and computers) they need during the camp.
  • follow all instructions during general activities that ensure safe and cultural behavior – both in the van and in public places; move calmly, speak in a low voice, help or if they do not feel well report to the group leader.
  • do not bring banned substances into the camp (expensive and banned electronic devices, cigarettes, alcohol).
  • observe the daily routine without deviations; for any delay or deviation they require permission from the manager  who is currently in charge of them.
  • they leave the hotel only with permission and always inform their superiors where they are.
  • keep yourself and your accessories, wardrobe and room tidy.
  • wear the required equipment and protective equipment  to participate in activities such as –  horseback riding, swimming, mountain biking, paintball, skiing and more.
  • report if they observe an irregularity.
  • communicate in English with all participants in the camp, including in their free time and free activities.

The entire Regulations are subject to the idea of ​​child safety. All rules are designed by professionals for their  fun and safe stay at LuckyKids Camp.

Ratio of campers – group leaders (advisors)

In  LuckyKids  we follow the golden rule  1: 5  or in other words – one adult falls on five campers (teacher, animator, instructor, leader, medical person, guide, guide).

How often visits by parents are allowed

The best option is  for the parents to be present in the life of their camper.  This is easily done when they are staying in the same hotel. Even their participation in the afternoon fun and sports activities is allowed.

However, when the parents are not in gr. Bansko in hotel  Lucky Bansko , things are different. Then, of course, they can visit their child on a convenient day for them.

They need to  warn the management in advance , as well as specify the range of their stay. We strongly recommend that they do not take time away from the morning block when the child is participating in a  language project activity.

They can join in the afternoon activities. They can also come with  campers on an excursion to a historic site,  if they have their own transport or join the mountain trek with their child.

The most convenient for meetings are the evening hours after  18.00,  when the children rest and are free from activities for about an hour. Parents can stay and attend  our parties in the evening.

Are campers allowed to receive letters and care packages?

In earlier times, letters were often a means of communication. Nowadays we have smart phones and all kinds of equipment that allows us  immediate communication.

Children will certainly be thrilled if they receive a letter from their parents or closest friends. For them, this is  a kind of moral support,  especially if you assure them how proud you are of them and that they succeed on their own.

Packages are also allowed, keeping in mind that they need to be  checked by the guide for the safety of the child . Some items are not allowed to be stored by children in the camp.

For example, it is not right to send medicines to a child because they may fall into the wrong hands or be tested with the wrong dose. In case there is an urgent need for them,  you can contact the management.

In this way you will be able to arrange for them to be sent to the hotel address, in the name of the manager, who will provide them to the medical person.  This way is safe and secure.

If the package does not contain such substances, you can easily  send a shipment to your child.

Our address is –  Str. Kir Blago Todev, 4-10, Bansko 2770, Bulgaria ; for LuckyKids children’s language camp.

Are campers allowed to call home? How often?

The rules of  LuckyKids  require the phones and electronic devices to be  handed over for storage during the day, until 20.00.  Then the children can talk to their relatives, mom and dad, siblings, until  22.00,  each evening.

This is their  time to connect with home and loved ones.  Some of the children spend a long time on the phone, others ring for a short time and immediately return to the party or to the  game with friends.

We believe that calling the family at the end of the day is  an important moral support for campers  who are away from their families. Some of them, who are more sensitive, even cry, but this is a sign that they just love you and miss you, not that they feel bad.

Sometimes  parents give feedback  because there are shy children who fail to share their worries with their leaders at first. For us, feedback from both children and parents is extremely important.

What accessories should young tourists bring when they come to LuckyKids?

The things that are  necessary for the camper  are not many, but among them there are some obligatory things for tourists.

A typical example of such are the following:

  • toiletries
  • linen (minimum  6 pairs  per change)
  • T-shirts and T-shirts with long sleeves, minimum of  2 pieces .
  • cotton socks preferably above the ankle (minimum  6 pairs  per change)
  • sweaters, two pieces
  • comfortable sports tracksuit, change pants
  • comfortable sports and hiking boots, boots or comfortable closed shoes for horseback riding, flip-flops.
  • cold weather jacket, lighter jacket (raincoat)
  • tourist water bottle
  • comfortable backpack for hiking and excursions
  • sunglasses
  • two hats – one warm and one for the sun
  • anti-burn cream (higher than factor 15)
  • Anti-bug spray
  • phone or tablet charger (depending on what the child is wearing)

These are the  essentials for a tourist.  Of course some of the campers overdo it and wear –  binoculars, special glasses, cameras, flashlights, etc.

We don’t mind, so  the adventure becomes even more attractive.  The important thing is for the child to take care of their belongings during the event and then hand them over to the  office of the camp manager  for storage.

Together with whom?

All  activities in LuckyKids  are conducted jointly with  professional guides and instructors.

Usually the specialists are of the kind of:

  • mountain guides
  • horse riding instructors
  • paintball instructors
  • sports and ski instructors.

These are professionals who know their field very well and can  provide a safe environment for sports and entertainment  for our children.

We have been working together for many years with companies that are in the field of horseback riding, skiing, paintball and more. They are proven names and we trust them.

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