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Description, comparison, and tutorial recommendations. Should the child use self-study and why How would it help him and in what situations When it is not advisable to use a tutorial     Teachers develop good language skills, especially when engaging adult guidance, especially in early childhood preschoolers.   Dinoloing   For children ages three to five, we recommend picture or animated tutorials, electronic platforms that present the material visually.   One such language platform is Dinolingo: It includes:   English lessons   Kids start learning English as soon as they start watching English lessons filled with animated images, surprises and reps. Learning English forRead More →

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Application. Rules. Special cases.     English grammar, and in particular that part relating to verb tenses is considered to be relatively easy, compared to languages ​​such as German, French, Russian, and others.   There are verb tenses where the likelihood of being used in speech is less   The first verb tense we dwell on is – Past Perfect Pgressive Tense.   Meaning: We use this time to describe actions and events up to a certain period in the past. We describe an event that has happened in the past and that also ended in the past before another moment. This means that theRead More →

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Description of software tools and how they are help teach children the language   Translation is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language, because the basic idea is that if you want to learn a foreign language, you need to know your mother tongue very well, and translation is a good tool for language acquisition, that is, see it with other eyes and find out how it really works.   For one thing, I mean semantic and lexical components, for example, when you translate from English you will really learn where the real difference between the words ‘balcony’ and ‘terrace’ is asRead More →

Basic Positives for Preparing for the English Language Camp Camp – Why and What is Useful for What the camp can’t help with and why   The English Baccalaureate exam contains English language tests after grade 8 with intensive language study. The tests are in accordance with the format of the external assessment exam. The Lucky Kidds program works to some extent on part of the components of the state matriculation exam in English and could be used to prepare matriculation students for preparation. Of course there are exceptions. Each exam is in the form of a test and contains the following components: Listening Comprehension –Read More →

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How the camp prepares the child, what basis it gives and what needs to be upgraded and why   For many of our children, Language High School  is the turning point at which they begin participating in a vital education system, in most cases defining their careers and lifestyle accordingly. The Bulgarian parent is caring and careful about the future of his offspring. In most cases, many parents refer their children to language schools, as educational institutions with traditions in excellent academic preparation for children.   We, as professionals, can also support this commonly held opinion. The Language High School is a school of excellenceRead More →

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What methods are used to calm and generate interest in more aggressive children Examples and results   “In order to be able to fix it, we need to know what drives it,” Dr. Raoul Silva Aggression in children can be a symptom of many different underlying problems. It is a multifaceted phenomenon, different for all mental states, medical problems and life circumstances. So, at the very core of dealing with aggression, it is important to first understand what drives it. We, the LuckyKids professionals, are careful and watch our camps and their behavior, according to the rule of “no child without direct adult observation.” WeRead More →

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What are the rules for communication with the parent? When is it allowed and when is it not allowed? Emergencies and parents   It’s summer! It starts, I think, as a parent who has set out to complete the June, July, August and half-September program for a troubled, super looking and intelligent child. Otherwise, I’ll have to take him to work with me , to pay special attention to nutrition as I will not be alone and eat bio-salad while I work on my computer.   I’ll have to leave at exactly 5.00am. or maybe even half an hour earlier, because he will insist onRead More →

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Situations, problems, diseases, solvable and unsolvable problems However, in our daily lives, our children need parental care and guidance. However, there is a certain point in time when the parent needs to release them freely on their path, or this is the moment when they begin to grow up and  want to be alone.  These are time consuming skills, but children definitely need them and their learning.     Here is how the camp has a positive impact on children: it  maintains social skills, gives and models habits for healthy lifestyles, facilitates children’s summer mode by offering them a variety of activities and fun inRead More →

Advantages and disadvantages When to send our child to one and when to the other I stood in the parking lot in front of Vasil Levski Stadium and no, I’m not a football fan. I am part of the team of a wonderful  children’s camp. Is early. Only the bus driver, the camp manager (who is always here), and I came to the site. A warm summer morning.   Kids will show up any moment. These are the moments I like a lot. They come with slight anxiety and stand close to their parents, or just the opposite they come and throw themselves to hugRead More →

What are the educational blocks in the summer camp

  Description of the blocks, the logic between them and the levels, what they include and how they develop the child’s language skills. Why are they matched so The lessons in the camp are divided into two blocks of 80 minutes each, with a 20-minute break between them. The need for such a division is imposed by team work on projects. Each change of camp has a basic theme, and each level of English has a basic sub-theme. The first block of 80 minutes of learning English is filled with a theoretical part, grammar, acquaintance with new material and grammar exercises. It necessarily includes attractiveRead More →

Online applications for kids

How and why One of the most convenient applications in English language learning is free dictionaries, which can be easily downloaded by Google . Through them, children can check words they are unfamiliar with during the study block, when reading alone or in studies required for their project.   Here are some examples of good dictionaries online: Cambridge Dictionary English Dictionary  Macmillan Dictionary         Free English Dictionary and Thesaurus Online  The Free Dictionary Bulgarian applications and platforms Online applications for children and early language learning platforms Here we will try to cover more of the online language training platforms, but not only – some platformsRead More →

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Why is project training good? What is project training and how does it happen? “Project-based learning focuses on teaching by engaging students in research. In this framework, students pursue solutions to non-trivial problems by asking and refining questions, discussing ideas, making predictions, developing plans and / or experiments, collecting and analyze data, conclusions, communicate their ideas and findings to others, ask new questions and create artifacts (such as a model, report, presentation, product, video, or computer program). “ Phyllis P. Blumenfeld et al., “Motivating Project Training: Supporting Work, Supporting Learning” During project training, the teacher makes learning lively and understandable for his students, acting throughRead More →

Method Play and Talk with Echo

In LuckyKids we use an innovative English language learning system for children at preschool age – „Play and Talk with Echo”, which is designed to set the foundations of foreign language teaching. “Play and Talk with Echo” programme system is based in the following methods, principles and approaches for proper language acquisiton:  games; listening and speaking;  comprehensive listening;  songs and dances; connecting education with positive emotions;  alternating activities during the educational process;  love and care for the children;  building a system of values and virtues; The child with their unique world, unlimited quests and perceptions is in the centre of “Play and Talk with Echo“Read More →

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Description of the application of the method in the camp The Montessori method is education, discipline and training applying the rules of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Dr. Maria Montessori was the first woman in Italy who has received medical education. She has made a unique contribution to science. After graduating, she began working as a pediatrician in a psychiatric clinic at the University of Rome. Initially, she devoted herself to children with mental disabilities, and in a few years she began developing a method of working with these children. Since 1909 she started publishing books, which are a product of her overall work with children.Read More →

Solar pedagogy method

Description of the application of the method in the camp Solar pedagogy as a method  Solar pedagogy is a system of principles and methods that can be conditionally divided into a philosophical /theoretical/ and a practical part. The ideas of solar pedagogy have been drawn from the teachings of the Master Peter Danov and for more than 90 years have been applied by many educators in various cities and schools in the country. A fundamental principle of solar pedagogy is that in nature everything is connected in the life of the Whole. Small and big plants, animals, all the elements of organic and inorganic nature,Read More →

Method and teaching in the camp curriculum Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. At LuckyKids we use it with the youngest ones, as it is created for age 4-5-6 and beginners’ level. With actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and teachers, who can see their students achieve. The letter sounds are split into seven groups. Letter Sound Order The sounds are taught in a specific order, not alphabetically. This enables children to begin building words as early as possible. How does Jolly Phonics work? Using aRead More →

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The conditions for horseback riding in the camp, riding and parents, beginners with no horseback riding experience and attitude to them, how they learn to ride a horse in the camp, the attitude towards the advanced. Why horseback riding is important and useful to the child? “Every minute spent with horses is invaluable because they can make you forget all the worries and concerns.” Horses are very beautiful and noble animals. Every minute spent with them is invaluable, because they are able to make you forget all the worries and concerns. Right from the beginning, when we learn to ride, we feel how great isRead More →

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Description of the application of the method in the camp. Practical application Methodology and learning process The suggestopedia method is a pedagogy with an educational and healthy effect. It operates at the level of the person’s reserves, which means that it contributes not only to super memorization without overburdening, but also to training that is as close as possible to the natural way of learning of the individual, not insulating the brain and its functions from the rest of the body, from the emotional side and the spiritual side of each person. Thus, the method exploits the abilities of the consciousness, emotion and logic, intuitionRead More →

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Comparison between visit only once or every year. Which of the two options is recommended and why? What will the child gain, and how his/her knowledge and skills will be further developed? When should be enroll our child alone in a children‘s language camp? Will this be useful for the kid? Would it upset him/her a lot? Where and how to choose this camp so that the kid can feel as safe and comfortable as possible. How many times do we enroll the child in LuckyKids?  Is it one time not enough, but two weeks, or perhaps he/she should visit the camp again? Speaking ofRead More →