Are educational games held at LuckyKids Children’s Camp? An English proverb says: “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will learn, make me do and I will understand.” And games are a kind of making. They are involved. The easiest way to reach the “aha” moment in the games is when theПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

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Lifelong learning – our most important achievement We go to school to follow the tradition, to get an education , to find friends, to become more capable, more confident, more independent. Learning has always been described as a difficult but rewarding process. This is what our parents taught us, and we will probably pass itПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

Why is sports so important to a child? Movement brings joy, physical development and calm for a child. Without movement, a child’s life would not be possible. Everything in his world is related to physical activity and movement all possible ways. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game, exercise, sports, just running or dancing. MovementПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

How can we help children learn effectively? The learning process is a very special moment , which brings moments of leaving the comfort zone and satisfaction from what has been achieved. To help our children enter the learning process is it is important to understand the child’s way of learning. We don’t need to beПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

How can we teach our child not to say “I can’t”? The upbringing and development of the child begins at an early age, at home. However parents can help this process get started as soon as possible The words he uses to the child are important, as well as the development of his own speech.ПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

Team games – a powerful tool for social skills Man is socially active by nature. Children are no exception. According to one of the child development experts, Maslow , children and adults generally have different needs. Here are some of them: Physiological needs / air, water, sleep, food, clothes, shelter / Safety needs / personalПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

What do we mean by language level? Nowadays, we often come across the terms  “European framework”, “levels A1, B1…”  and the like. They refer to  determining the language level in a foreign / non-native / language for adolescents and adults, according to certain knowledge created for the citizens of the  European Union. This framework can hardlyПовечеMoreБолееMai mult