Certificates of English Proficiency Description. Recommendations for parents

Британский и американский английский

 The purpose of the certificate


Each certificate is used as a certificate that the student / child has completed a certain degree of training and has perfected certain skills to a certain degree.

In our summer camp, this is the document that is issued by the camp leadership to describe the academic achievements of the child and  to determine the level of language proficiency.

Classification of certificates


The most common classification of foreign language proficiency levels in the European Language Framework, which consists of six levels, divided into three groups.


  • A1  level for beginners
  • A2  level for elementary language skills
  • Intermediate level B1
  • B2  level for medium language proficiency
  • C1  level – the highest advanced level
  • C2  level – for proficient in the language


Other types of certificates


In addition to these classifications, there are other types that only evaluate skills, such as reading with comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking to applicants for a language certificate, especially before protecting higher levels. There are also special Business English proficiency certificates that assess the ability to use the language in a corporate environment. Various educational organizations and institutions issue certificates.


It is important to check the validity of these certificates. Some of the most popular and recognized English certificates are those that certify proficiency in TOEFL, IELTS, PET.

Certificates at LuckyKids Bansko – International Camp

Certificates in our children’s camp are for determining the level of language skills learned. They contain detailed information on what the child has done, what progress he has made, what he has to work on and improve.

They are prepared by the teachers after a complete observation of daily work, achievements and difficulties of the child, after an informal assessment which is made invisible and in the form of project work, presentations, group or individual work. The child receives a comprehensive assessment, which includes an assessment of personal development. This is the specificity of our certificate.

The parent sees the child’s progress described in the path of his / her personal growth. That is why this type of certificate is unique with the type of information it provides.

The recommendation we can give to the parent when receiving this certificate is to read carefully the part concerning personal development. It is valuable because it directs the parent what has been done and what more needs to be done. In our time, where there are not many parent schools, this is a kind of indirect instruction to them.

If the teacher has indicated that the child is honest, courageous and show initiative, but lacks constancy in their preparation, the parent may need to consider and have more control over the writing of the homework or the routine of preparing them .

If the teacher has indicated that the child needs to work on his pronunciation or a specific part of the grammar, for example, we advise the parent to includelistening to songs, appropriate videos or even movies and to provide additional work time on grammar exercises.

Every detail in the certificate’s recommendations is important as the teachers are professionals, with a lot of experience and observations on the child. The most favorable option for the child is when the parent works in unison with the educational institution, no matter who it is.

Dear parents, pay attention, be concerned, look for details, trust the professionals and the results will not be late. Your child, our alumnus, will reward you with attentive and cordial attitude, with curiosity and lifelong learning skills to learn, succeed and be a kind hearted person!