Eight reasons why your child should attend a children’s camp

7-day or 14-day stay at LuckyKids language camp

Increases physical activity

The modern child lives  “inside.”  He rarely goes outside in nature. Some parents provide  sports activities for the kids,  but sometimes the time is not enough or there is no such resource (park, mountain, forest). Touching nature becomes a luxury.

We at LuckyKids, provide the much-needed closeness to  our roots.  The child goes outside and a large part of  the learning is taken out,  in the midst of nature and its wonders. We can’t fool you – there is a lot of resistance and bewilderment  “why do I need this” … in the beginning.

After the first fears, physical exertion and obstacles that  the child has overcome,  comes pleasure and amazement. A child who walks on a mountain path or plays football, badminton, basketball on the meadow,  increases his physical activity many times over.

This is followed by evening sports tournaments in folk ball or mobile games, which require  continuous movement  and lead to a greater load on the motor system. All this happens together with the real pleasure of  sharing a game with peers.

Builds self-confidence and confidence

The child arrives at the camp. So far, he is used to being helped, not because he can’t, but because it is a  natural expression of his parents’ care . Sometimes this continues into adulthood.

Very often we, as parents, do not want to give more responsibilities to our heir, because we understand very well that this is the  path to independence.  It is important to know that  the child gets full independence  in the camp. It is navigated without coercion.

The camp regime gradually  builds habits  that last a lifetime. At the end of the camp period, the kid will proudly show you how to make his bed, fold his clothes and perform all the rituals of the morning or evening toilet without help.

These small but incredibly important habits create a  new self-confidence in the child.  He independently copes with the routine of everyday life. A conviction awakens in him that it can. The verb  “I can”  became one of the  most important words in his life  from now on.

The child overcomes obstacles, learns, has fun, makes new friends, does gymnastics, sports, eats and tidies his room. All this,  completely alone  – without mom, without dad. A process of self-awareness begins, which turns  the child into a person.

Increases mental flexibility

It is no coincidence that they say that  emotional intelligence  is equally important and even more important than intellect. How  the child will be successful  in our camp –  a miniature model of how he will adapt to different situations and people, how he will perceive the behavior of different peers at different times, how he will respond and what decisions he will make. society.

Because there will always be interesting and unexpected moments, moments of love, anger, joy, sadness and enthusiasm. It is important that we  teach our campers  to recognize these states and feelings, talk about them openly, and help them do  self-analyzes.

This makes them  mentally resilient  and able to take unexpected turns, cope with severe stress, choose  the right reaction.

Children become more independent

We talked about purely physical independence, which includes  dealing with the routine duties  of our lives. Much more interesting are the moral achievements, which speak of maturity and the ability to properly respond to a variety of challenges.

When  a child responds with words  to bullying and seeks the right help, it has become independent. When a child manages to make his or her schedule in such a way as to  postpone the prize,  until the time the work is completed, he or she has become independent.

When  a child can take responsibility  for his mistake, he has become independent. When a child enjoys other people’s achievements and can share his own, he has become independent.

When one child stops to help another who has a problem, he or she becomes independent. This can be seen in  camp life,  this is camp life.

Camping can be one of the most exciting experiences in a child’s life

Evenings full of fun and dancing, happy meetings with new friends, wonderful picnics in the majestic nature of  Pirin,  an outdoor match or a ball game in which your team becomes a winner, horseback riding, swing over the river, a project that is so interesting that we never want it to end.

There is no other  description of the child’s idea  of exciting experiences. The child gets all this and even more. Surely the kid or teenager will return home with  thousands of fond memories and stories  about what excited their young and energetic heart.

Makes friends

Each camp is a meeting with the unknown –  and this creates an initial panic . But each camp brings thousands of unnamed joyful experiences. Such are  meetings with new friends.

The children meet and find  common interests.  Communicate all day, advocate for each other, work together during training, have fun together during entertainment. When pleasure is shared, it is double, as it is  experienced with friends.

At  LuckyKids  we work every moment to be shared with others, we encourage friendship and help. Because we know that the most valuable thing that every child can get from here is not the diploma, not the candies, but the memories, the acquired skills and the created friendships.

Develops social skills

In today’s world, we  need many skills  to survive socially.

Some of them are respectively:

  • teamwork
  • mutual aid
  • respect
  • tolerance
  • honesty
  • understanding and empathy

Every lesson in  LuckyKids,  every project, every minute spent in nature, works for  the development of these skills.  We take with professional seriousness the children’s preparation for  the transition to adolescence  and the life of an adult.

These are the most blessed years in which we can shape  the value system of future young people.  We know that it depends on us and the parents how they will respond to each case or person they meet tomorrow.

We set and reinforce patterns of behavior by teaching them the following:

  • to be honest, patient and most of all thirsty for new knowledge.
  • to love to learn.
  • to respect others and the different.
  • to show understanding and sympathy for their comrades who are in trial.

Builds character

At  LuckyKids , we professionals have no idea what the future may bring to our alumni. We are sure of one thing, we train them daily to be worthy and honest young people who know how to take on their responsibilities.

This is part of our  educational system in values.  Every day, together, we practice one value –  tolerance, openness, perseverance, honesty, understanding, mutual assistance and many others . Over time, these values ​​become  useful habits.

Every camper knows their meaning and has practiced them at least once. For their special good deeds, each of them received  stickers and moral praise.

In addition to the moral side of a character, the child works for resilience, strength and will. All sports activities, the regime of hours –  getting up, sleeping, eating, training and entertainment,  require  effort  and even when you are not engaged in the activity to beat yourself and get involved.

Because it’s very easy to  start a favorite activity,  but we all know how easy it is to give up if you don’t find something fun.  The character is something personal,  only the child can work on it.

We provide him with  daily challenges and trials,  which he overcomes, with each step the child grows and becomes a strong, good and empathetic person.

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