How do we take care about the children in the LuckyKids language camp?

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Researchers agree that with proper food and daily physical exercises the path to healthy life is ensured.

We at LuckyKids summer children’s language camp provide the child with a healthier lifestyle:

  • Regular physical activity that is so important for the growth of the kid and his overall development.
  • Regular water intake;
  • Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables; reduced consumption of pastries;
  • Life without TV;
  • Going out – spending about 50% of the day outdoors;
  • Various indoor and outdoor games and activities for children that do not involve computer games.


When parents enroll their children in the LuckyKids language camp, they are required to fill in a health questionnaire of the kid, specifying his health condition, so that they can rely on the team of professionals. In this questionnaire, parents point out all specifics of the condition of their children – starting from prescribed medications for different diseases, allergies, to whether the kid has problems with the vision, fear of heights, insects, and so on.

In the presence of an ailment, parents will be informed immediately. The camp has a doctor. At the discretion of the camp manager, doctor and parents, the child can stay in the camp even if he/she feels sick, and he/she should take only the prescribed medicines.  In case of a more serious illness, the child can be taken by the parents.


Each child has individual needs that we take into account in LuckyKids. Some children have the need to hear a fairy-tale before bed, others need special care with regard to a specific diet, third ones are sensitive to some detergents or food ingredients, and for all this you can trust the team of specialist in the summer camp.


Every professional in LuckyKids is dedicated to the full care of the life and health of every participant in the camp. This is our responsibility and duty.

The daily care includes:

  • Wake up/individual for the smaller kids, and on the phone for the more mature ones/;
  • Checking the clothes for the day – whether the kid has chosen  the correct clothing according to the weather and activity;
  • Assistance to put their clothes on /for the smaller children/;
  • Assistance for the arrangement of clothes and the room;
  • Assistance to take a shower /for the smaller children/;
  • Assistance to dry the hair;
  • Assistance in making the bed and checking the performance of this obligation;
  • Assistance with choosing breakfast and control of nutrition;
  • Supervision of the table manners;
  • Checking the presence of participants of each group and health condition of each participant;
  • Taking care for the participants with regard to proper observance of the daily regime in the camp;
  • Tracking the progress of the children in the learning process;
  • Taking care for their intermediate breakfast and outdoor activities during the midday break during the morning training block;
  • Assistance in distribution of children for lunch, control of hygiene before eating;
  • Checking the clothes before afternoon outdoor activities;
  • Continuous supervision of the behavior and health status of the children during the outdoor activities;
  • Checking the good working order of the gaming and entertainment equipment;
  • Organization of the learning process;
  • Organization of the entertainment program;
  • Monitoring the safety of participants during the transition from one activity to other;
  • Checking the status of the phones of the children;
  • Preparing the materials for the next day.

The night care includes:

  • Assistance in the preparation for sleep /taking a shower/, brushing the teeth – especially for smaller children/;
  • Taking care for the calm sleep of all campers;
  • Individual care in case a child feels anxious or frustrated for any reason;
  • Continuous monitoring of the health and mental state of each camper until falling asleep;
  • Monitoring and checking the night sleep.

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LuckyKids’s policy does not allow the free use of medicines on the territory of the camp, except at the express recommendation of a doctor. The camp has a medical cabinet with medicines and means for first-aid, which is located in the office of the manager of the camp, being locked all the time, as only the manager and assistant manager have limited access to it.

The medications in the camp are given only in extreme urgency at the discretion of the doctor/nurse/ and with the explicit consent of the parents of the child.  

Children who need special medications or who are not in good health condition are not allowed in the camp.


Upon the enrolment in the children’s summer camp, the first requirement for all parents is to take their child to a physician who will perform an examination and will provide a medical note stating the good health condition of the child. Without such a document the child can not be enrolled in the LuckyKids children’s language camp.  

The children are instructed what to do if they feel sick during their stay in the camp, as they first have to inform about the problem the camp leader, the teacher or animator responsible for him.

After the child states his health condition, a decision is made at the discretion of the nurse and the manager of the camp whether there is a need of a specialized medical help. This may be related to conditions of severe sprain and pain in the limbs or high fever, vomiting, etc.

The doctor first examines the child and establishes whether there is a need of treatment. In case there is a need of urgent medical help, the child will be taken to the emergency. In case there is a need of hospitalization, the choice for such will be determined by the parents. They can decide whether to leave the child in a hospital or transport him/her to their city.

In any such case, the parents will be informed first. They will also be notified about all known facts related to the health condition of their child, as well as about the opinion of the physician. The final decision will be made by the parents and by the manager of the camp.

In case the intervention needed is minimal and the child recovers quickly, he/she can continue the camp life after the final examination and approval by the specialist and with the explicit consent of the parents.

The kids at LuckyKids are our children! We take care of them with the dedication of parents and friends! Their well-being, joy and health come first for us. With attention to both the physical and mental health of the kids, we provide the children with peace, joyful experiences and care!