How long do children study English at LuckyKids Children’s Language Camp?

Does it matter how much time children spend studying and what happens at LuckyKids?

The education of children includes three processes –  education, upbringing and socialization.

There are other definitions, such as the fact that the child needs to create  conditions for real and active participation  in all activities related to his development, in conditions of non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and gender equality. Each child  can learn  according to their own style, ambitions and goals.

There are children who learn by listening, others learn by watching and listening, and some by doing. There are those who, if they do not touch with their hands and do not use their senses,  while learning,  as if the teacher had not spoken in a language they understood.

Therefore,  our teachers are professional educators,  who are familiar with the variety of learning styles in children, and fully comply with it. The program is diverse so that you can go through most  learning styles.

Learning happens anywhere, anytime. When the child understands this, he  changes his attitude towards the learning process  in general. That’s why we at  LuckyKids   explain to children  the “idea of ​​learning.”

This is something that happens not only between four walls, but also outside, among friends, in nature, during games, entertainment, sports and even in free time, not occupied by other activities.

This definition in itself excludes the time limits of the learning process.  The kids at LuckyKids,  learn during the morning block while we work on a project, learn during a mountain walk, learn during the evening fun, learn even when they are in their room, which  they share with peers.

Each of the learning processes takes place at a certain time – the training is officially done in the classroom, during the morning block, the socialization is all the time, the upbringing is round the clock. The three sub-processes overlap.

Exactly how much time do children spend learning English according to their group and age?

We do not set a time limit in learning English. The children in  LuckyKids  speak the language all the time, listen to instructions and talk to  teachers and animators in English.  This makes the process continuous.

The specific lessons, which include  grammar and vocabulary , take place in the morning block, divided into classes with breaks. According to the  age of the children , the blocks are diluted with breaks, which allow the kids to relax, go out for fresh air or eat delicious fruit.

In duration, these are two eighty-minute blocks with a twenty-minute break between them. For the  children from the camp , eighty minutes is not stressful, as they are filled with enthusiasm and joy from  the project activities.

Often children do not want to use the rest, but prefer to continue the project activity, but we know that  good ideas are born with a rested and fresh mind,  so we always go out in our breaks.

The  learning time  of the youngest campers is not much different from that of their older friends. For the little ones, earlier is only the evening time of bedtime, as their physical endurance is different. Of course,  the whole program is tailored  to the physical and intellectual abilities of children by age.

Why did we make this distribution?

As professionals, we  the LuckyKids team,  often ask ourselves what we want to teach the child.

In most cases, this includes:

  • to perceive, classify and reproduce information.
  • to understand a process or event.
  • to make a connection between different data.
  • to be able to apply what has been learned independently.
  • to get to know yourself.
  • to change and build yourself.

There is no single answer, but we want and work tirelessly for the child we are responsible for and with whom we share our daily lives for two weeks to learn the  magic recipe  for these processes.

There is nothing better for the  psyche and physique of the child  than relaxing games after the  learning process . This is a reward and at the same time a challenge for the campers, as it includes not only fun, but also trains physical endurance and strength.

After  increased mental activity  during the morning block, what more pleasant rest than a mountain walk, swimming, cooking, a trip to a beautiful place or outdoor sports.

In general the LuckyKids program is intensive and fills every minute of the child’s day. Perhaps the only free time is after dinner, when everyone is busy with party preparations, or the time before bed, when  every child  can take a look at the day.

In this way the child will be able to realize –  what he has learned, to determine his personal victories and most of all challenges.

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