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ЛъкиКидс Лято 2019

Lifelong learning – our most important achievement

We go to school to follow the tradition, to get an education , to find friends, to become more capable, more confident, more independent.

Learning has always been described as a difficult but rewarding process. This is what our parents taught us, and we will probably pass it on to our children.

However, there is something more important than passing on knowledge, learning facts, being able to analyze, solve problems, read and write competently. .

According to the latest research, the modern young man needs new abilities, a new kind of superpowers.

One of them is the desire to learn throughout life. Without this skill, the people of the future would be unable to continue.

Without this explanation, the achievements we will look for are only results that are measured in numbers – test results, number of learned words and expressions, correctly spelled dictations and so much more.

Achievement is something that has a material expression. For us as professionals, one of the first and most important achievements is intangible.

Namely – to create and nurture in our children a love of learning , curiosity, willingness to ask questions and finding answers to every question.

Once we achieve this, our work is ninety percent done. Modern children do not need minute instructions on what to do.

They need navigators to show them:

  • how to seek and find knowledge
  • where to look for answers
  • what to do with the information when they find it
  • how to classify and distribute it

Achievements we can be proud of so far

Of course we can talk about many other achievements in our camp.

One of these achievements we are proud of is – improving the level of English . Children come with knowledge that they upgrade every day.

Results are not late:

  • they improve pronunciation
  • enrich vocabulary
  • improve spelling and reading technique

The second no less important achievement is a group of skills that determine social success a person in the future – teamwork skills, cooperation, tolerance, understanding, courtesy, honesty. 

Children who visit LuckyKids initially don’t understand what’s happening to them as individuals – the daily practice of virtues is a process that leads to strengthening of a value system.

This can only be seen when the campers return to their families and in the world in which they were before. Only in this way can the difference in their growth be observed.

An important achievement is the improvement of – greater physical endurance, strength and concentration, after daily exercises, hiking, cycling, swimming.

These achievements are especially valuable for modern children and young people who have grown up in an environment where immobilization is standard.

What is our way of working?

Everything we do, we do with professional care and love for the child. Individual attention is our priority.
That’s why we aim for:

  • Persuasion, not forced driving
  • Prevention, not punishment
  • Making, not a dry theory
  • Digital detox

Our educators are people who love their profession, they are dedicated and they carry within them that special flame that makes us think at a glance: “ He / she is a teacher.”

What to expect in the future?

Interesting topics, latest trends in language and child education. We constantly we upgrade our methods, our programs, our events.

Everything that can ignite curiosity, happiness and desire for development in the child , finds a way to implement in LuckyKids and its camp programs.

Why should parents be calm?

There are some parents who are usually worried about the academic part and the results.

These parents, we can reassure you that LuckyKids’ supervisor and teachers are professionals , which are constantly in the process of personal development.

They keep an eye on everything that happens with language trends and the latest theories of child development. They are people who are dedicated to education and who can get the best out of your children.

For the rest, which is related to physical activity, sports and entertainment, we are always looking for the best and famous instructors, companies, events.

And yet, when a child returns from the camp happy, tanned and smiling, wishing to return again – then we can we boast of our greatest achievement.

Are we the wings of another child!

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