See with what a nice gift to surprise your kids!

Английская культура в обучении Lucky Kids

Do you know what is the best helpful gift to surprise your children? Quality improvement of English in an English speaking environment; exciting vacation with many adventures and new friends at home and abroad; safety, security on all international requirements. This will get your kids in the International Camp LuckyKids.

This camp in Bansko is suitable for learning English for children from 5 up to 14 years where the enrollment is necessary proficiency from beginner to intermediate level. And when we say quality improvement we mean both speaking and writing form. Whether you choose the 7-day course or two weeks course, you will achieve enriching vocabulary, better and easier understanding, reading, writing, knowledge of grammar. Of course, a long-term training has a greater effect. LuckyKids is up and running according to leading pedagogical practices in the world.  Children absorb and practice the language constantly: there communication in all activities: from morning through training in language school classes and then to bedtime are in English only.

All the teachers are native speakers. They are from English-speaking countries, where are educated / some of them graduated from Cambridge /, there are piled with pedagogical experience in teaching English. In addition, some of them are taught in different countries around the worlds – for instance John Jamieson who teaching for about 27 year in United Kingdom, Russia, United Arab Emirates. In the team is Neil Waters, who is the coordinator of the English Department.

The teaching is entertaining for kids and makes them active participants putting them into the team situations where each contributing to the implementation of the tasks and projects. So in intriguing methods- learning the language becomes faster, easier and permanently. The training combines literary texts of classic authors from different genres, subjects that are taught in school, entering and social sciences to every day practice the language. Here is another benefit of attending summer language camp – it is particularly useful for children which are from different countries to communicate with each other English in everyday life circumstances. The animators who lead activities with the children in the afternoon and evening are Bulgarians professionally fluent English. In the summer camp there are many adventures in the mountains -Paintball, archery, horseback riding, biking, walking, excursions. In winter, they are replaced by ski lessons in wonderful slopes in Bansko. The camp itself also has numerous activities – swimming, painting, theater sketches, film nights, discos, etc. Of course, all activities are conducted under strict safety measures. For example in the pool there are 3 guarding people- animator, savior and teacher. In the mountains the kids are with professional guides and instructors.In the camp itself also taken all precautionary measures. LuckyKids is situated in the luxurious Aparthotel Lucky Bansko. Where are provided all comfortable conditions and safety in higher international standards. For example in Lucky Bansko there are no sharp edges, the windows are shatterproof, the floors are covered with carpet. Fire and emergency safety are guaranteed. Children are accommodated together with animators on a separate floor, so security through control of adults is provided around the clock.

In conclusion – LuckyKids in Bansko: a great gift for your children … and for yourself!