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What is your full name? Lizzie Simpson Are you married? Nope! (But I have a very lovely Bulgarian partner) 🙂 Where are you from? I’m from England; I grew up near a small historical town called Leighton Buzzard, which is 1 hour north east of London. What made you move to Bulgaria? I studied with a Bulgarian friend at university and she called me out of the blue, to ask if I would consider working in an English kindergarten in Sofia. 7 Days later I was on the plane, 8 days later I started working at Tuti Kindergarten in Lozenetes, Sofia! It was just aRead More →

Which one is best for me or my child? When your child decides to learn English, he or she will need the correct books to learn English with; there are literally thousands available nowadays. There is a lot to consider when deciding which books are best, but lets’ look at just dictionaries for now.Read More →

Football in the Pirin mountain | Lucky Kids

Reflex for quick adaptation in new conditions and situations; Ability to work in team; meeting children from Bulgaria and abroad /completely real, not online/. This is just part of the substantial benefits to your children if you enrol them in the LuckyKids international camp in Bansko. Even though they are important, they are nonetheless complementary – the main thing is that your children will apply and “verify” their English language in a real English-speaking environment and will improve all forms of knowledge: vocabulary, correct expression, understanding, reading, writing.Read More →

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Do you know what is good for your children at LuckyKids International language camp in Bansko? Everything! Your kids will be satisfied and you too. Them, mostly because of the unforgettable vacation filled with many joyful emotions and interesting new acquaintances; and you, because during their stay at this camp in Bansko your children notably and quickly advance in knowing English.Read More →

We believe in innovative learning and know how important it is for children to work in the most modern facilities to assist their personal development. Interactive education is essential element of education in the 21st century. Camp LuckyKids follows the latest educational trends and offers the highest quality criteria. This year we plan to open a second interactive educational hall that would enable more players to the camp to learn through technology.Read More →

Children enter Pirin National Park | Lucky Kids

LuckyKids initiative “For clean environment” continues this season. This year we chose to clean: water slide, Betolovoto and Rila Monastery. Every year for the entire season, the children clean several places and strive to preserve nature of Bulgaria. The team of the camp participate actively alongside them and support them in the effort. Cleaning one area, they realize how harmful is the treat of humanity to the nature and choose to change their values.Read More →