Visiting LuckyKids children’s language camp – learning or fun


What to expect?

Every child wants to be independent, grow up and become an adult with adult responsibilities. Every day of his life  the child spends in a state of imitation  of the activities of the adults around him –  parents, older friends, idols from some field of art.

In his eyes, they are superheroes with superpowers, so it’s worth the effort to be like them. The child follows the example given to him by  an adult or a peer , not in words but in deeds.

Some meetings are instructive, others – useful, but certainly those in  LuckyKids  are unusual. We, the professionals from the children’s language camp, can ensure that the child attends one of the most special meeting places with worthy personalities, where  learning and fun go hand in hand.

All our teachers and animators have pedagogical education, which is a key factor in our  concept of raising and educating children.  Professional attitude, the submission of the right model to follow, quick and accurate corrections of behavior, happens imperceptibly , during the  daily communication of the children  with teachers and animators.

The day flows from one activity to another – we start with Time together to discuss these  patterns of behavior,  set a task to follow, and end with fun that rewards that behavior.

Physical and mental strain  is well calculated for age and is even slightly challenging. We believe that if there is no challenge, there is no adventurous spirit and no satisfaction.

Overcoming  many learning challenges , as well as sports trials, temper the character and make the person  more resistant to stress and strain.

Is there a balance between learning and fun?

Children have a special quality – they find it difficult to do things that they think are “uninteresting”,  and they can’t stop something that has already ignited them. We understand these fine-tuning and  help campers  find out what attracts them –  in which part they feel calm and confident.

In our LuckyKids camp, we follow  a special methodology for introducing the activity , which immerses the child completely in the atmosphere of the given activity, so that he can have a  smooth transition  from previous to next activity.

A summer camp is a fun and special place where heavy artillery work is not expected to be done (or in other words, we are not the typical school). Here, each activity  contains part training and part fun  in well-balanced proportions, to such an extent that it attracts both small and larger campers.

Yes,  language learning requires effort  to learn a variety of words, phrases, meanings. However, when this happens in the process of projects such as: “Creating a computer game”, “Space tourism” or “Theories of the origin of races”, the term  training  acquires a different meaning.

It becomes a process of searching, finding, creating, creating a final product – a work. It becomes easy and fascinating, among friends, in a calm and cozy atmosphere, with all the provided technologies and tools that can  serve the children’s imagination.

The most important moment in these  learning fun moments  is the discovery – the child makes his own discovery, through which this project becomes significant for him.  Significance is the valuable value  that the child takes from the learning process in  LuckyKids.

How exactly does a day go?

In the morning we get up at  6.00 am,  we do physical exercise outside, a tour of the building and have breakfast.

 Joke!  This does not happen with us. In  LuckyKids everything is in line with comfort  and the creation of a pleasantly well-balanced everyday life.

 8.15 – 8.45:  Getting up late because it’s… ..  vacation!  Well, yes – remember how nice it was when we had a vacation to sleep and not rush anywhere after getting up. There is enough time left for the toilet and its implementation.  We adhere to personal hygiene!

8.45 – 9.30:  A hearty and varied breakfast follows. It is important that the first meal of the day is complete and takes place in an atmosphere of friendly conversations and jokes.

9.30 – 9.40:  Time together: we gather in our special place, the children sit on the floor, in a comfortable position, requiring maintaining an upright position on the back. We talk about what value we will practice during the day, we discuss the upcoming program.  Children receive important guidance  for the activities.

9.40 – 11.00:  This is the time of  the first educational block in English  We gather in the classrooms and start working on the project. We make the teams, distribute the tasks, write an action plan or take the  grammar material.

11.00 – 11.20:  We take a twenty minute break.  Children eat delicious fruits  and go outside to breathe fresh air.

11.20 – 12.40 : Next is the second training block  We are completing the project tasks for the day. Work continues on teams, research, exercises, work on presentations. We clean the hall and put away the used materials, we put away the product we have created in order to store it well.

 12.40 – 13.40:  This is the time for our lunch. All campers go with the teacher of their group, to “Le Bistro” – here we are served a three-course menu. We all eat together.

Usually  each child has their own place, which is among peers and friends  from the same group, with the same teacher. But it is possible and if he wishes he can move to other children.

 13.40 – 14.00:  Followed by rest and preparation for a mountain trip, trekking, paintball, excursion to a historic site or cycling in the park.

From  14.00 – 18.00:  This is the time for  active sports activities,  where the mental load is replaced by physical.

 18.00 – 19.00:  Activities by groups or art activities, such as  yoga, cooking, swimming, board games, tae-bo, dancing, art projects  are scheduled for the next hour.

19.00 – 20.00:  This is the time for dinner, which takes place in the same restaurant of the hotel. The children are usually very quick during the dinner, as they can’t wait for the next activity – party.

20.00 – 20.30:  Time together. We gather in the same place to spend our time together again. This is an important moment in the day when  the children take stock.

 It, in turn, usually includes the following issues:

  • What have they achieved?
  • What have they succeeded in?
  • What do they need to keep working on?
  • What are their dignified deeds by which they set an example to other peers?

They receive  stickers for their good deeds,  fill in their sticker cards. A favorite pastime of both campers and teachers and animators.

 20.30 – 22.30:  We all gather in the biggest hall of the hotel for a party. Each party is thematic and aims to give  room for expression and to strengthen the team spirit of the team.

 22.30:  A dream follows. There are also campers who want the party to continue, but given the  busy daily program,  it is necessary to go to bed on time.

 The day ends and the well-deserved rest comes.

Your child, our camper, has once again experienced an  extraordinary day , filled with obstacles, adventures and small big victories.

Activities, adventures

Each camp, in principle, includes a variety of adventure activities to attract the kids.

In  LuckyKids  every minute is an adventure. Even dinner or lunch, where the child sits and eats next to an Englishman or Australian with whom he wants to  have a friendly conversation,  requires experience and enough courage.

The activities are many and create a specific mood, bring many benefits and of course  pleasant experiences.  The child has the opportunity to try so many new things.

 Some of them are the following by type of activities:

  • yoga
  • swimming
  • cooking
  • board games
  • tae-bo or dancing and many more

Of course, you should not miss the wonderful excursions to interesting natural or historical landmarks in the region of  the town of Bansko.  Another  type of training, through fun  and doing. The child learns the history of his people through travel, discoveries of historical facts and interesting places.

A strong challenge for the campers  are the paintball games in the mountains, where each participant becomes a real fighter and must show  resourcefulness, speed, endurance and strategic thinking.

Horseback riding  is not an elementary  exercise.  It is a touch of the wonderful world of one of the most noble animals – horses. Children spend one day a week, Wednesday, in their kingdom, admiring their elegance and beauty.

 Here they learn the following things:

  • to be patient.
  • to take care of them.
  • to ride them with care and vigilance.
  • to keep balance.
  • not to stand behind a horse.
  • give them a slice of apple or carrot without worrying.

Respect and love for horses is  a kind of empathy,  which is the natural beginning of an  ecological culture .

Morality, values

The value system in  LuckyKids  is well selected and tried and tested. Children arrive at the camp, often without this knowledge, as such a subject is not taught in school.

In the camp, we work with more than  fifty values,  whose names  children learn through stories  from real life or through fairy tales. For some of them, they have not even heard. Now and here they get to know them and even have  the opportunity to practice them.

Selflessness, dignity, patience, perseverance, love, freedom, responsibility, honesty, openness, justice, mutual aid, sincerity.  This is just one part of the list of virtues we explain and practice.

We build together the tree of values ​​, which once planted, grows and bears incredible fruit. You, as parents, can monitor its growth and  encourage your child to  carefully maintain their values.


Art is part of teaching methodology. Children learn through beauty and aesthetics. Shapes, colors and plots are very  graceful training material.

Children have activities dedicated to certain artists, for example –  Picasso.  So they not only get acquainted with a certain artist, his work and creativity, but  learn words, concepts and terms on a given topic.

The messages of art are strong. Learning through art develops the senses and imagination, awakens creative energy.

Sometimes  kids want to have clear boundaries  –  now I’m having fun, now I’m learning!  They expect this from adults. That’s why they can’t break away from the  magical world of LuckyKids,  in which we have skillfully intertwined these two activities. A world that presents your child with knowledge and entertainment in  a complete and perfectly balanced program.

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