Why Lucky Kids is one of the top children’s camps in Bulgaria?


It may sound immodest, but at LuckyKids summer camp we always strive to provide the best conditions and the best service.

When we started the camp in 2012, the only thought was to give parents the opportunity to get quality, without having to cross seas and oceans and send their children away from home.

That is why we call ourselves an analogue of English-language camps abroad. Creating an artificial English-speaking environment in a country where the main spoken language is Bulgarian is not at all easy. That is why we relied on the professionalism of our employees both from the team of the camp and from the team of Lucky Bansko Hotel.

The children’s daily life is entirely in English and this is one of the most important conditions for us to be pioneers in this field.

Five-star accommodation

There are very few camps that are located in a five-star hotel in the world at all.

We receive full and quality service for the children who are in the hotel and use all the amenities such as:

  • Daily room cleaning
  • Dining in the hotel restaurant
  • Use of licensed transport
  • Reception service
  • Use of all rooms in the hotel that are useful for the camp

Native English teachers – all our teachers are:

  • with many years of experience in teaching children
  • improve their skills every year
  • strive to give the best of themselves

The fact that our teachers have been working in the camp for more than 5 years only proves our perseverance and our efforts in the camp to have continuity.

From 5 to 14 years always with us – a large percentage of campers grow up with us. Once the camp starts, they return each year to continue (and sometimes come 2 or 3 times a season). Continuity between children is also evident.

Children’s safety comes first – we meet requirements that have not even come into force yet.

  • constant video surveillance
  • safe rooms
  • security
  • accompaniment by adults everywhere
  • mandatory presence of professional instructors
  • mandatory presence of a rescuer
  • transport meeting all requirements

They are just some of the things we do for the children entrusted to us.

Careful selection of activities

All activities outside the hotel. Each place visited by children is pre-approved by our guide and our medical team.

Every day we take into account the capricious weather in the mountains and make sure that children do not visit places that may be dangerous for them due to worsened weather forecast or traffic conditions. In bad weather, we always consult the Mountain Rescue Service before setting off.

In addition, the activities are selected to be interesting and fun for the children.

 Food – in Lucky Kids International Camp we meet all the requirements for feeding children, even a little on top. Whether they are at a buffet or on a set menu, our children are always fed. And when a parent warns us that a child has a feeding problem, we try to help.

Preliminary information about allergies, intolerance, special diet, exclusion of certain foods from the child’s menu, allows us to react on the spot and to comply individually with each of our kennels.

At the same time, the camp team takes care to promote proper and healthy nutrition for the participants. It is not accepted to show whims and forms of rudeness during meals. One of our achievements over the years is motivating children to like spinach soup, for example. And yes – it happened. But not at any cost. The most important thing remains for the children to be fed and have enough energy to play in the camp.

Round-the-clock care

When the new campers come to us, the first thing we tell them is that we are like one big house and we all live in it together for a certain period of time.

The camp team is available 24 hours a day and reacts in all situations. During the day the children are always with us, and at night we are always with them.

It happened that we had:

  • children with difficulty falling asleep
  • children with fears
  • children with health problems

We are always by their side and available

And they know where we are. They know who is sleeping in which room and can call from the landline or go to the animators ‘and teachers’ room to find us at any time of the night.

Professional medical care

The medical team of the camp is always available. Specialists in the field take care of us and provide round-the-clock care for the children. A medical person accompanies the campers everywhere when we are outside the hotel. First aid is entrusted to specialists.

Educational program

The program of the camp is unique and was created by the team of the camp (professional pedagogues) on the basis of the most current and most adequate for the activity world practices. A global theme unites each season, and sub-themes unite each shift. Each mini-theme is set to unite each of the educational levels, and a specific line is chosen from each group of children he presents.

In an effort to keep children interested, we change topics every year. At the same time, we give freedom of choice to the children and they themselves choose the direction in which to present.

Additional skills – in addition to English, each child who visits the camp learns a lot in other areas of life.

  • nature
  • ecology
  • teamwork
  • relations in society
  • behavior in public places
  • communication
  • technical skills
  • presentation …

They are a small part of the areas in which the camp team works tirelessly.

Flexible management

We change for each group and each participant in the camp. We give every child the opportunity to feel like a worthy human being and to be accepted by everyone else.

Follow clear moral principles and rules that apply to everyone

Our rules are followed by all and are two-way. We do not have double standards Children and adults follow the same moral principles. The camp team becomes a model of behavior for children, as is the case with every adult.

There is no division

Adults can do this, children can’t. All rights are the same, and children and adults differ only in obligations – some give knowledge and others accept.

Personal attitude

Every child who visits the camp becomes our child. We are interested, excited, proud of his achievements long after the child is no longer a participant. Because we have given a part of ourselves and because we grew up with him.

So Lucky Kids becomes an unforgettable summer memory.