The games, sports activities and all activities in LuckyKids International Summer Children’s Language Camp are selected and organized so that children can experience a truly unforgettable vacation.

Among our main goals is to offer our Bulgarian and foreign guests active leisure and sports activities in nature.

The minimum stay outdoors is 4 hours every day.

The safety of children is our main priority, so we have entrusted the activities in the hands of experienced professional instructors and animators, as well as specially trained team members.

Entertainment and activities in LuckyKids International Children’s Language Camp are divided into 2 groups:

  • Organized, set in the program of the respective camp shift
  • Outdoor games.

Entertainment and activities - LuckyKids children's language camp

Entertainment and activities included in the camp shift program

Once a week the following must be held:

  • Horse riding
  • Cycling
  • Paintball
  • Mountain hiking
  • Cooking
  • Yoga
  • Swimming

Thus, for 7 days the children do not miss any of the activities.

The program of the 14-day camp shift includes a full-day excursion with exemption from classes.

Outdoor activities during the camp

The organized outdoor activities are as follows:

Horseback riding

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Group size: 6 – 8 children
  • Number of instructors for one group: 4 – 6 people
  • Mandatory equipment: tightly buttoned helmet
  • Safety care: mandatory inspection of the horse’s equipment
  • Benefits for children:
    • Strengthens muscles and spine
    • Improves posture
    • Develops patience, concentration and self-control
    • Increases general tone and self-confidence.


  • Venue: the city park ** of Bansko (the more advanced ones ride in the special cycling zone with jumps and baboons , and the more inexperienced ones – on the asphalt alleys)
  • Mandatory equipment: safety helmet
  • Type of bicycles: mountain
  • Safety care: children ride in groups under the supervision of specially trained team members
  • Benefits for children:
    • Increases mobility
    • It allows for free movement and exploration of the area
    • Improves hand-foot coordination
    • Gives a sense of freedom and independence
    • Strengthens the positive attitude.

* If the child does not know how to ride a bike, we will be happy to learn it.
** Under suitable conditions and level of the group there is a possibility for mountain biking on a roller coaster.


  • Venue: specially equipped paintball court
  • Team size: 7-10 children playing on a one-on-one basis
  • Mandatory equipment: safety mask and safety vest
  • Safety care: mandatory on-site instruction by the organizers of the game, who are judges with many years of experience in European competitions
  • Potential risks: bruises and light bruises from the paintballs
  • Benefits for children:
    • Developing skills for developing an attack and defense strategy
    • Development of analytical thinking and the ability to predict the behavior of the opponent
    • Formation of qualities such as composure, speed and resourcefulness.

Mountain hikes

  • Frequency and venue: at least once a week on a route tailored to the group’s capabilities
  • Usual routes: from Vihren hut to Okoto lake (Banderishki circus); from Banderishka Polyana to Banderitsa hut
  • Transport provided to and from the starting point of the transition by licensed minibuses of the aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax *****
  • Safety care: mountain guide + 1 accompanying teacher / animator for every 5 children + mandatory instruction for a safe stay in the mountains before the trek
  • Benefits for children:
    • Assimilation of basic rules for the movement of groups in the mountains
    • Developing qualities such as patience, perseverance and endurance
    • Acquiring knowledge for mutual help and support
    • Beneficial effects on physical and mental health.

Entertainment and activities - LuckyKids children's language camp

Full day excursion

  • Frequency: once within the 14-day shift with exemption from classes
  • Destination: interesting landmark in Southwestern Bulgaria
  • Places visited so far:
    • The Dancing Bears Reserve – Belitsa
    • Rozhen Monastery
    • The town of Melnik
    • The village of Kovachevitsa and the village of Leshten
    • The Roman fortress of Nicopolis Ad Nestrum
  • Benefits for children:
    • Getting to know the nature, history, culture, way of life and traditions in the area
    • Expanding your horizons and life experience
    • Acquiring knowledge for safe travel and group travel.

Entertainment and activities - LuckyKids children's language camp

Indoor activities during the camp

The organized indoor activities are as follows:

Afternoon activities at the hotel

  • Frequency: once a week on a rotating basis, so that each group goes through the three sessions within 7 days.
    • YOGA – a professional yoga instructor shows children a set of breathing and light exercise
    • COOKING – the chefs of an aparthotel Lucky Bansko prepares easy and attractive recipes for gingerbread, cakes, pies, fruit skewers and more.
    • SWIMMING – is held in the form of free play (see below for details).

Entertainment and activities - LuckyKids children's language camp


  • Venue: the indoor pool of Lucky Bansko Hotel
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Safety care: professional lifeguard + accompanying teacher / animator who takes care of the children
  • Benefits for children:
    • Improves mood and overall tone
    • Enhances memory, attention and cognitive abilities by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain
    • Strengthens the spine, muscles and the health of the whole body.

* There are no swimming lessons in the camp program.

Entertainment and activities - LuckyKids children's language camp

Evening entertainment

  • Form of holding: thematic party with obligatory educational element
  • Types of parties:
    • Night treasure hunt
    • Bingo night
    • An evening entitled “Truth or Dare”
    • Pillow fight
    • Neon party
    • International evening
    • Gala evening, etc.
  • Benefits for children:
    • Fun
    • Opportunity for rapprochement through various forms of informal communication
    • Enrichment of social, cultural and life experience.

Free outdoor games

Free outdoor games can be of several types:


  • Benefits for children:
    • Mastering the rules of the game
    • Mastering basic skills related to the correct position of the body and arms, ways of handling the ball, performing an initial kick, etc.
    • Encouraging sportsmanship
    • Development of skills for teamwork and teamwork.


Favorite game of the boys in the camp, which includes some girls.

  • Venue: the playground of Banderishka Polyana or the stadium near the village of Dobarsko
  • Benefits for children:
    • Mastering different ways of mastering the ball
    • Practicing different playing techniques depending on the position on the field: goalkeeper, defender, striker
    • Encouragement through stickers of team spirit and sportsmanship.


  • Frequency and venue: played on the 1st day in order to unite and get to know when the children first received hats with a colour indication, which show in which group they are distributed, as well as at every opportunity when we are on a meadow in the mountains.
  • Benefits for children:
    • Mastering different ways of handling the ball
    • In cultivating a sense of belonging to a community
    • Provoking the competitive spirit and the desire to win.


  • Venue: most often at the horse base when the children are out all day
  • Mandatory participation of teachers and animators – in case of a tie, victory is often decided by a duel between the leader and the camp manager
  • Benefits for children:
    • Development of eye-hand coordination
    • Strengthening the muscles of the arms and legs
    • Improvement of the overall mobility
    • Fun and a positive attitude.
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