Our team is made up of teachers and animators, who had the calling to mentor and tutor children.

They are not instructors or taskmasters, who hand out assignments; rather they are helpers and guides.

Their job is to advise, not to impose opinion.

They teach children how to fully use the capacity of their minds to acquire knowledge, helping and encouraging them along the way.

Our teachers come from English speaking countries.

Through communication with them, the child gets the opportunity to enrich vocabulary, increase his/her knowledge about the world, and to acquire correct pronunciation.

Our animators have long term experience in organizing entertaining activities in English.

They focus on building a comfortable, fun and extremely engaging atmosphere for the children.

The whole team aims to encourage the children to collaborate with one another, so that they become more confident, curious and well-rounded people.


Yoanna Benevreshka Manager LuckyKids | LuckyKids

Manager: Yoanna Benevreshka

Date of Birth: 6th of June, 1980

Education: Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv – Musical Pedagogy and Art Management; NBU – Management, LSPR – PR&Barand Management

Professional Experience:  2002 – 2012, music teacher with English at “Chuden Sviat” Kindergarten, Wonder World All Day English Center, St. George School – Sofia; 2006 – 2018,  Wonder BE (Babysitting and Entertainment) at Wonder Group; 2017 – present Owner of Wonder Party and Wonder Nanny

Hobbies: Music, Theatre, Cinema, Art

Valya Stankovska | LuckyKids

Deputy Manager: Valya Stankovska

Date of Birth:  9th of October, 1989

Education: Bachelor of Arts Clinical Social Work, Sofia University, MSc Strategic Management, Brighton University

Professional Experience: Director of Studies, AC English School, Madrid; ESL/ EFL Instructor, Queen`s English College Madrid; More than 8 years work experience in implementing various social, educational and sport projects along with Chelsea FC, Midleton Language School and Madrid Cambridge Institute. Member of  LuckyKids since 2012

Hobbies: Creative Writing, Martial Arts, Crossfit, Football, History and Languages. 

Neil Waters coordinator | LuckyKids

Coordinator of Educational Programme: Neil Waters

Date of Birth: 20th of August, 1971

Professional Experience: Teaching at a private English school for past 9 years and teaching privately. A member of LuckyKids International Summer Camp Team for 6 years.

Hobbies: Walking and Computers, craft work/making things.



Steven Winner teacher | LuckyKids

Teacher: Steven Winner

Date of Birth: 25th of January, 1963

Education: TEFL Teacher Bachelor degree, Dublin, Ireland

Professional Experience: Teaching mathematics and English at numerous private schools and educational centers in Sofia for the last 10 years

Hobbies: Surfing, skiing, camping, fishing and music

Estelle Georgiev teacher | LuckyKids

Teacher: Estelle Georgiev

Date of Birth: 6th of March, 1968

Education: Diploma from a 4-year programme in Pedagogy, South Africa 

Professional Experience: Private English tutor and teacher since 1991. Teacher at LuckyKids since 2017.

Hobbies: Reading, gardening, hiking

Vincent Walsh teacher | LuckyKids

Teacher: Vincent Walsh

Date of Birth: 11th January 1986

Education:  Bachelors of Engineering – Dundalk institute of Technology

Professional Experience: Teacher at Excellence Language Center, Sofia for the last 2years, as well as private tutoring in English. Over the past year I have been attending Erasmus funded trainings acquiring and developing coaching skills and tools for facilitating personal development projects and educating through experiential learning. Teacher at LuckyКids since 2017.

Hobbies: Mountaineering, playing traditional Irish music, sports and nature lover.

Adri Koekemoer teacher | LuckyKids

Teacher: Adri Koekemoer

Date of Birth: 8th June, 1975

Education:  High school and TEFL

Professional Experience:  working for a private English Language School for just over 2 years and also teach English Pre-School and an English Summer School privately.

Hobbies:  Art, Crafts and in general just love creating things. Love to travel and would love to do a lot more traveling in the future.

Alice Turner counselor | LuckyKids

Teacher: Alice Turner

Date of Birth: 20th July, 1989

Education: Bachelor of the arts, Westminster University, London. CELTA

Professional Experience: Teacher 10 years at private schools and language centres

Hobbies: Impro – theatre and art.


Counselor Dayana Jan| LuckyKids

Counselor/ Teacher: Dayana Jan

Date of Birth: 28th of May 1986

Education: English philology majoring teaching; Suggestopedic training

Professional Experience: Teacher assistant at British School of Sofia; Suggestopedic private lessons in Sofia; Teacher at Lucky Kids camp since 2016

Hobbies: Photography, drawing, music, walks in nature, board games with friends

Counselor Elena Mihaylov | LuckyKids

Counselor: Elena Mihaylova

Date of Birth: 12 of January 1993

Education: English philology

Professional Experience: Working at summer school and camps for the last 3 years. At LuckyKids from 2017.   

Hobbies: Drawing, Books, Singing, Sports

Counselor Kiril Georgiev | LuckyKids

Counselor: Kiril Georgiev

Date of Birth: 01 of October, 1992

Education: National Academy of Arts

Professional Experience:Art classes with children, summers schools and camps activities.

Hobbies: Painting, Clothing Designing, Drawing, Reading, Movies, Pet lover


Counselor Marina Moneva | LuckyKids

Counselor: Marina Moneva

Date of Birth: 25th June 1980

Education: New Bulgarian University – American and British studies. Sofia University – International Science Studies

Professional Experience: Teacher 10 years at private schools and language centers  

Hobbies: Cinema, hiking, theatre, photography


Counselor Adelina Tokiliev | LuckyKids

Counselor: Adelina Tokilieva

Date of Birth: 28th of June ,1995

Education: Student in Social Pedagogy Stydies

Professional Experience: English Teacher in language centers 

Hobbies: Hiking, Travelling, Arts and crafts

SUMMER CAMP From June 18 to September 3
Daily activities in the mountains Teachers with native English 4 hours of interactive English language instruction