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( 7/14 days with English lessons)

June 20 - September 5, 2021

Role games
From June 20 to September 5
Daily activities in the mountains
Teachers with native English
4 hours of interactive English language instruction
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About the camp

The International English Language Camp Lucky Kids may be visited by all children between the ages of 5 and 14,99, regardless of their language proficiency.

Children from 5 to 6,99 years old are admitted to the camp only with an accompanying person in order to make their adaptation easier. All activities in the program are safe and tailored to the age of the children. The children’s regime is combined with a healthy and balanced diet.

Lucky Kids Camp
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Lucky Kids Teaching

The camp program was specifically developed by a team of teachers based on the principle of project education. Children develop projects on specific themes set for the specific period. The education through projects is a modern innovative approach introduced in the last 10 years in the educational programmes of all international schools.

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In addition to language knowledge, project education also helps to acquire knowledge into many other areas of the social and natural world. Interactive education is also part of the camp program. All groups, besides the beginner group, work on computers and use an interactive board. The children in beginner groups work on different methodologies, in accordance with the dynamics of the specific group. The main thing for them is to be able to use the language so that it is helps them for their life in the camp. The methods used in the camp are varied and depend on the dynamics of the group in the current camp. The most commonly used methodologies are: Play and Talk with Echo, Jolly Phonics.
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All groups focus on children’s audio-visual perceptions, which are part of many modern methods of language learning and teaching at an early stage of education such as Suggestopedia, Solar Pedagogy, Montessori and others. An important requirement for every camp teacher is to make the educational blocks fun, interesting and to be able to motivate the children to seek new knowledge by themselves, and not only in the English language. In terms of style, the work of each teacher is unique on its own, but at the same time, it follows the same line as set by the educational program coordinator. At the end of the period, each child would receive a report at containing information provided by the teacher and aims to help the child in its further studies in the English language. Life for 7 or 14 days in an English language environment is guaranteed to be effective and provide a solid base for learning a new language.


Lucky Bancko LOCATION
The camp is based in the 5-star aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax *****, where children feel at home.

Accommodation is in luxury Studios, 3 children in each, and in large apartments, 4 children in each, the latter consisting of two connected rooms, 2 children accommodated in each. Each room has its own bathroom and sanitary unit, which are cleaned and disinfected daily.

Dining is 5 times a day and is organized at Le Bistro Restaurant. The menu is specially designed and complied with all the requirements for healthy children nutrition excluding any harmful foods.
The children are provided with Kangen water during their stay at the hotel, and bottled, slightly mineralized water during hikes in the mountains.
Lucky Bansko Pool SPA

The use of the hotel’s SPA center delivers real pleasure to the little romping boys and girls. The bio pools,which the hotel deservedly takes pride in, are the only ones in Bansko where water is purified without the use of chlorine. Swimming occurs under the supervision of licensed rescuers.

The adventure showers and the salt room contribute to the children’s good mood and increase their resistance to illnesses.


The transportation that children use for excursions and activities outside the hotel is licensed and reliable.

A medical practitioner accompanies the children at all times to provide first aid, if necessary.

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What are our prices?

Our prices of 499 € for 7 days stay and 918 € for 14 days stay include absolutely everything: transfers from Sofia to Bansko and back, accommodation, children’s feeding , education , auxiliary materials, animation, activities, insurance.There is nothing extra that parents need to pay for.

Prices are more than 3 times lower than those of similar camps in England and more than twice lower than those in Malta, with much less activity .

Why LuckyKids?

You can find much cheaper camps in Bulgaria, but they cannot guarantee the quality and efficiency that LuckyKids can. It is not accidental that the camp enjoys huge popularity and over 35% of the children come to the recommendation of friends or parents whose children have already stayed at the hotel. There are quite a few cases where children are enrolled twice within a single season (2.5 months), and some children stay for as long as 3 weeks.

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