What makes Lucky Kids summer camp different from other summer camps?

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Comparison by criteria of 3 summer camps in the area – program, entertainment, child care, nutrition, etc.


LuckyKids and the unique idea for a summer mountain language camp

The creation of the LuckyKids summer camp, starts with the idea of ​​English language training with the value of training during a camp abroad, conducted together with an entertainment program that takes the campers to the beautiful Pirin Mountains.

The advantages of an activity can best be seen if it is compared to another similar activity.

That is why I can make a quick comparison between LuckyKids summer language camp, Pirin Golf summer camp and Eco summer camps in Bansko.


Pirin Golf and Eco Summer Camps offer shifts from 2.5 to 7 days.

LuckyKids also offers 14-day shifts. This is a bonus for children who prefer a longer stay, longer foreign language training and a varied program with leisure trips and activities.

The program

Program with activities

Pirin Golf offers interesting golf lessons and activities, Eco camps include amazing hikes on the eco-trails of Pirin Mountain.

LuckyKids not only offers hiking and games, but also includes activities such as cooking, yoga, tae-bo, cycling, art project activities.

Fun evenings are one of the most anticipated moments of children. They create unforgettable experiences and friendships.

Educational program

LuckyKids educational program is our trademark. Without it, the camp is just an interesting place to spend your summer vacation. With English language training, the child finds himself in an English-speaking environment. Here he can learn to understand or improve his English. So it gets more than an ordinary camp can give, namely – knowledge!

Highly qualified team

The teachers, animators and instructors at LuckyKids have a higher pedagogical language education. We rely on specialists. Professional and personal skills are our first criteria in staff selection.

Our team prepares both programs – educational and fun, with love and understanding of children’s needs.

We offer communication with native speakers who represent the community – American, British, Australian or New Zealand. Invaluable experience for every student!


Training in virtues, awards, certificates

At LuckyKids, every day is a day to learn and practice a new virtue.

The children love the sticker cards on which we put a prize. The good ones receive encouragement in front of everyone.

There are many merits to which we pay special attention:

  • good deed,
  • showing patience to a peer,
  • shown respect for an elderly person,
  • honesty,
  • order and maintained order,
  • mutual assistance,
  • excellent achievement during the training.

At the end of the camp, during Gala Evening, the children receive their personal certificates, which mark both their academic achievements and their achievements in personal growth.

In conclusion, we can summarize that LuckyKids is an interesting combination of knowledge, fun and activities, which is our unique recipe for success!