Foreign language teaching strategies can relate to one of the following language areas: Phonetics or the science of sounds Morphology or the science of parts of speech Vocabulary or the science of words Syntax or the science of sentence construction Stylistics or the science of arranging words in beautiful and correct text.   Phonetic strategies We start with phonetics, because sounds are the first parts of a language that every child or beginner in the language gets acquainted with. Pronounce the sounds as they sound One of the most successful strategies so far is to learn the pronunciation of sounds as they sound in our dailyRead More →

One of the main goals of LuckyKids International Camp is to teach children to work in a team. Building a partnership between complete strangers in a short period of time is not an easy task. The advantage is that we work with young characters, who quickly adapt to an unfamiliar environment (quickly, but not always easily), have a broad understanding of the world and an open worldview. To trace the friendships of the children after the camp, we must first tell about their creation during the camp. The first day of each shift is introductory and designed for familiarization, cohesion and adaptation. Upon arrival atRead More →

7-day or 14-day stay at LuckyKids language camp

7 day stay – what it includes, what is the price, program 14-day stay – what is included, what is the price, program What do the two types of stay in LuckyKids include? The camp starts the moment you bring the child to the assembly point in front of Vasil Levski Stadium. Here is what we have prepared for the curious new camper: Transport from Sofia to Bansko and back; Accommodation in the five-star hotel “LuckyBansko”, with five meals a day; English language training with qualified teachers, native speakers; Games and activities organized by professional animators, native speakers or with excellent English; Daily communication inRead More →

Красива природа в Пирин планина | Lucky Kids

Does it matter when we enroll our child in summer camp and why   The periods in which we can enroll our child in the summer camp in Bansko are the following: June June 28 – July 4 Month July July 5 – July 11 July 12 – July 18 July 19 – July 25 July 26 – August 1 August August 2 – August 08 August 09 – August 15 August 16 – August 22 August 23 – August 29  September August 30 – September 5 Winter months February – ski camp   At a camp in June In case we enroll the childRead More →

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At LuckyKids International Camp we also take care of the development and enrichment of the culture of our graduates. We are all proud of the historical values and places in the area of the town of Bansko, where the Pirin and Rila mountains meet.

We carefully select the most interesting historical and natural landmarks, organize excursions to present another country of our country.Read More →

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Grammar rules Nature and use Each language has a grammatical category “Adverbs.” An adverb describes verbs (actions). An adverb is a part of speech that provides a more detailed description of a verb, adjective, other adverb, phrase, phrase, or sentence.   What is the dialect First of all, it is important to understand the words with which adverbs work in close cooperation, starting with verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. A verb is a word that expresses an action or state, ie. jump, run, swim, ski, fish, talk. An adjective is a word that describes or clarifies a noun, ie. Pretty, happy, silly, sunny. The nounRead More →

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Description, comparison, advantages, disadvantages and recommendations from the teachers of LuckyKids for the best aids for children The latest trends in language learning  lead to the use of many electronic resources, which are constantly evolving and enriching, unlike those on paper. In this regard, there is no way to define specific sources as “best”. Each resource achieves its own development and is in a continuous process of renewal. It is important to know that in training, tradition is also very important. These are those constantly used methodologies and resources that never get old because they are classics. Teachers at LuckyKids often use e-resources to provide theRead More →

Най-разпространените методи и система за преподаване на английски език за деца

Description, comparison, advantages and disadvantages Preferred systems and methods in LuckyKids SYSTEMS Jolie Phoenix Description One of the most common English language teaching systems for children, incorporating a variety of methods, is the Jolly Phonic system. It is used for initial pre-school literacy and the first three years of primary school.   This is a system in which literacy is taught through artificially created phonemes. They are 42 in number and are divided into seven groups. Each phoneme is associated with a specific movement of hands and body. Children are kinesthetic and thus memorized easily and quickly.   Methods of the system for mastering keyRead More →

Британский и американский английский

 The purpose of the certificate   Each certificate is used as a certificate that the student / child has completed a certain degree of training and has perfected certain skills to a certain degree. In our summer camp, this is the document that is issued by the camp leadership to describe the academic achievements of the child and  to determine the level of language proficiency. Classification of certificates   The most common classification of foreign language proficiency levels in the European Language Framework, which consists of six levels, divided into three groups.   A1  level for beginners A2  level for elementary language skills Intermediate levelRead More →

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Grammar rules The preposition is a word used to associate nouns, pronouns, or phrases with other words in the sentence. They act to connect people, objects, times and places in one sentence. Prepositions are usually short words and are usually placed directly before the nouns. In some cases you will find prepositions in front of the verbs of gerunds.   A good way to think about prepositions is to use words that help to attach a sentence. They do this by expressing position and movement, possession, time, and how an action is completed.   In fact, several of the most commonly used words throughout theRead More →