Предимства за родителите и децата по време на летния езиков лагер Лъки Кидс

Advantages and disadvantages for the child Advantages Every day in children’s camp LuckyKids is full of many adventures and academic achievements that take place among friends and magical nature. Learning The child in LuckyKids is in an environment full of educational challenges. He enriches his vocabulary with new words and expressions every minute, learns to compose complex sentences, uses synonyms and antonyms, reads in English, discovers the magic of written speech . While participating in a project, the child learns. And not just language! It builds and works for skills that will serve it throughout life. Such skills are:  teamwork.  tolerance.  perseverance.  openness.  the ability toRead More →

проекты делают дети

Useful education and fun for children The games Language learning and project work At LuckyKids  language training is organized around project topics.  We, the professionals in the camp, carefully choose our topics. They need to include a unique idea, many ways to explore, valuable facts from the known and unknown world, opportunities for children’s cooperation and unexpected discoveries. Here are some of them: “Our planet Earth”, “Aliens”, “Clothing through the ages”, “Games”  and many others.   The stages of the fun called Project Work The introduction of the topic The day begins, the children are in the so-called classroom – a hall where there are enoughRead More →

TedEd платформа за деца

“When the meaning of the rules is explained to the children, they understand why it is necessary to follow them.” (St. Stoyanova)   LuckyKids has made Rules, which is publicly available on the camp site and can be read at any time. All participants follow these Regulations. In this article we will look at the rules for the three groups of participants in the camp: children, teachers and parents.   Why there are rules for children – participants in LuckyKids Each organization follows its own internal order and existing rules for easy communication, good organization of everyday life and security. Children love a routine thatRead More →

Красива природа в Пирин планина | Lucky Kids

Does it matter when we enroll our child in summer camp and why   The periods in which we can enroll our child in the summer camp in Bansko are the following: June June 28 – July 4 Month July July 5 – July 11 July 12 – July 18 July 19 – July 25 July 26 – August 1 August August 2 – August 08 August 09 – August 15 August 16 – August 22 August 23 – August 29  September August 30 – September 5 Winter months February – ski camp   At a camp in June In case we enroll the childRead More →

Children's summer camp on the grass

Is there a minimum age and what is it? Other additional requirements   Minimum age for children in the mountain summer camp The child becomes completely independent in his hygienic and personal habits  around the age of 6. This is the age at which he can make choices such as what clothes to wear, what routine to follow in his daily life, and to perform all these actions correctly. The mother still plays an important role in his life, but he has already grown up and can cope with the activities without help, even proud of his achievements. That’s why our recommendation is sign upRead More →

mountain lake

“We do not conquer the mountains, but ourselves.” (Edmund Hillary – the first person to climb Everest)   The choice Parents have the noble and challenging task of making their children’s lives interesting and rewarding. They have a choice. Mountain or sea, together or alone, with friends or placed in conditions to create new ones. We understand that the decision is not easy and brings some uncertainty, especially when it comes to their treasure, the only and most important thing in their world – the child! Children are unpretentious, loving and wise in their choices. Sometimes it is necessary for parents to follow them inRead More →

English lesson in LuckyKids

Phonetic transcription provides a way to pronounce all sounds for a given language, gives the model for their sound in different combinations with other sounds, “translates” the specific sounds of the language.

A unified phonetic alphabet has been adopted that can be used by learners to facilitate pronunciation.

Before using it, it is necessary to learn it, as some sounds have a special sign other than letters.Read More →

Problem behavior and aggression in children

The first clarification I make, as a professional in child education, is that there are no problem children – there are children with a problem that has not been given the necessary attention in time. Unfortunately, in our time, children are exposed on a daily basis to all kinds of suggestions through our culture and way of life.Read More →

A girl with Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic disease, has varying degrees and is usually the cause of changes in the typical characteristics of the child’s physical and intellectual development. It is important to know that it leads to various difficulties, some of which are intellectual. Better awareness of Down Syndrome gives professionals a better chance to work with children to help them grow and integrate into society.Read More →

LuckyKids in summer 2018 photo 20

At LuckyKids International Camp we also take care of the development and enrichment of the culture of our graduates. We are all proud of the historical values and places in the area of the town of Bansko, where the Pirin and Rila mountains meet.

We carefully select the most interesting historical and natural landmarks, organize excursions to present another country of our country.Read More →