Предимства за родителите и децата по време на летния езиков лагер Лъки Кидс

Advantages and disadvantages for the child Advantages Every day in children’s camp LuckyKids is full of many adventures and academic achievements that take place among friends and magical nature. Learning The child in LuckyKids is in an environment full of educational challenges. He enriches his vocabulary with new words and expressions every minute, learns to composeПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

проекты делают дети

Useful education and fun for children The games Language learning and project work At LuckyKids  language training is organized around project topics.  We, the professionals in the camp, carefully choose our topics. They need to include a unique idea, many ways to explore, valuable facts from the known and unknown world, opportunities for children’s cooperation andПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

TedEd платформа за деца

“When the meaning of the rules is explained to the children, they understand why it is necessary to follow them.” (St. Stoyanova)   LuckyKids has made Rules, which is publicly available on the camp site and can be read at any time. All participants follow these Regulations. In this article we will look at theПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

mountain lake

“We do not conquer the mountains, but ourselves.” (Edmund Hillary – the first person to climb Everest)   The choice Parents have the noble and challenging task of making their children’s lives interesting and rewarding. They have a choice. Mountain or sea, together or alone, with friends or placed in conditions to create new ones.ПовечеMoreБолееMai mult