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Grammar rules Nature and use Each language has a grammatical category “Adverbs.” An adverb describes verbs (actions). An adverb is a part of speech that provides a more detailed description of a verb, adjective, other adverb, phrase, phrase, or sentence.   What is the dialect First of all, it is important to understand the words with which adverbs work in close cooperation, starting with verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. A verb is a word that expresses an action or state, ie. jump, run, swim, ski, fish, talk. An adjective is a word that describes or clarifies a noun, ie. Pretty, happy, silly, sunny. The nounRead More →

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What part of English grammar do children study by sections and why? Where do they experience difficulties and how do they overcome them?   English grammar for children in Lucky Kids and teaching methods At LuckyKids, we as professionals understand the importance of grammar as a very important part of our program. We, the teachers, choose various methods for teaching the grammatical material in an interesting and easily accessible way. We adhere to several principles in our teaching: gradualness spirality when upgrading the material exercise to full absorption correction only in the actual application of forms and structures. In the next part, we offer aRead More →

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Main methods, advantages, disadvantages and recommendations from teachers. Can parents help with this?   Speaking skills in a foreign language – basic methods of formation and consolidation At the beginning of any language training it is extremely important to form stable speaking skills. It is important to work with all children at an early age to develop speaking skills and strengthen them. It is important to understand that the language principle in early communication models involves the development of five areas of oral language: Phonology Syntax Semantics Morphology Use All these parts give a complete picture of how a child acquires more and more subtle, bizarreRead More →

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Do children learn idioms? What kind of idioms are studied and why? Do children manage to use them successfully in writing and speaking? Difficulties in studying and overcoming them. Idioms of the English language – meaning and formation An idiom is a common word or phrase of cultural significance, which differs from that which its constituent words would suggest; i.e. words together have a meaning that is different from the dictionary definition of the individual words. According to another definition, an idiom is a verbal form or expression of a given language that is unique in itself, grammatically and semantically and cannot be understood. throughRead More →

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Description, comparison, advantages, disadvantages and recommendations from the teachers of LuckyKids for the best aids for children The latest trends in language learning  lead to the use of many electronic resources, which are constantly evolving and enriching, unlike those on paper. In this regard, there is no way to define specific sources as “best”. Each resource achieves its own development and is in a continuous process of renewal. It is important to know that in training, tradition is also very important. These are those constantly used methodologies and resources that never get old because they are classics. Teachers at LuckyKids often use e-resources to provide theRead More →

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Methods and techniques for maintaining and improving the level after the camp In my many years of practice as an English teacher, I have come across a variety of methods and techniques for maintaining the level of the language. Here are methods and techniques I can recommend as they are proven effective: Travel and stay in an English-speaking country By visiting a foreign country with a spoken language – English, the child can directly apply their knowledge, to meet people native speakers of the language. Children are curious by nature and often make friends with ease – in case they are in an English-speaking environment,Read More →

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Description and explanation of the qualification and experience of the teachers, reasons for acquiring each qualification / certificate   LuckyKids management team:   Joanna Benevreshka: manager education – Academy of Music and Fine Arts, Plovdiv, Music Pedagogy and Art Management, NBU – Management; Public Relations and Brand Management – LSRP Valya Stankovska: Deputy Manager education – BA Clinical Social Work, Sofia University; MSc Strategic Management, University of Brighton Neil Waters: English Department Coordinator education Northwest Wales Institute of Higher Education   Teachers:   Stephen Winner – Teacher of Mathematics and English in private schools and centers, with more than ten years of experience Estel GeorgievRead More →

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Why and how do listening exercises help children learn English?   Listening is a skill   Listening is an important skill in our daily lives. We listen all our lives. A skill that requires long practice and consolidation. It is especially important to form it in childhood, because then children are most receptive to memorizing information that they receive aurally.   Imitation skills   It has been proven that we remember only 7% of the information we hear. This is not the case with the intonation and melody of the language, which we learn from the earliest childhood, as well as during the process ofRead More →

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Description of the process of work and presentation of the lesson   Developing the only lesson is a strictly individual and creative activity. There is a common structure and some rules that every professional should follow. As a recommended teacher, I can give my recipe for development and presentation. Process description The topic   Each lesson is defined by a specific topic that is a key point from which I start. The topic can be part of a section, it is part of a larger topic or a standalone topic. She is the starting point and the point of reference throughout the lesson. I alsoRead More →

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Description, comparison, advantages and disadvantages Preferred systems and methods in LuckyKids SYSTEMS Jolie Phoenix Description One of the most common English language teaching systems for children, incorporating a variety of methods, is the Jolly Phonic system. It is used for initial pre-school literacy and the first three years of primary school.   This is a system in which literacy is taught through artificially created phonemes. They are 42 in number and are divided into seven groups. Each phoneme is associated with a specific movement of hands and body. Children are kinesthetic and thus memorized easily and quickly.   Methods of the system for mastering keyRead More →