What are the educational blocks in the summer camp

Politeness Aspects Perhaps courtesy is the easiest to explain and learn meeting her from the earliest childhood. This is a virtue that our parents, our teachers, and even our friends and people close to us teach us. It consists of rules of courtesy , social agreements that are valid for the given society, actions, wordsПовечеMoreБолееMai mult


Description of the methodology The individual approach is carefully monitoring the needs of each child and offering educational content and process according to them. It also includes careful monitoring of the child’s behavior and, if necessary, assistance, cooperation or correction. Both processes need to be carried out with dedication and love for children. The individualПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

Virtue, tolerance and the concept of different people In today’s multicultural, global world, meeting the concept of different cultures , nations, ethnicities, languages ​​is an integral part of our lives. We are witnessing the appearance of people with different skin color and appearance, we observe different from our national holidays, rituals, beliefs. All this isПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

English lesson in LuckyKids

LuckyKids Language Camp Children’s Achievements In the LuckyKids summer language camp, our children are constantly taught time of your stay. One side is learning English, which expands their language stock , makes them confident to communicate freely in a foreign language, gives them many new grammatical and syntactic structures to use the language of levelПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

Are educational games held at LuckyKids Children’s Camp? An English proverb says: “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will learn, make me do and I will understand.” And games are a kind of making. They are involved. The easiest way to reach the “aha” moment in the games is when theПовечеMoreБолееMai mult

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Lifelong learning – our most important achievement We go to school to follow the tradition, to get an education , to find friends, to become more capable, more confident, more independent. Learning has always been described as a difficult but rewarding process. This is what our parents taught us, and we will probably pass itПовечеMoreБолееMai mult