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The conditions for horseback riding in the camp, riding and parents, beginners with no horseback riding experience and attitude to them, how they learn to ride a horse in the camp, the attitude towards the advanced. Why horseback riding is important and useful to the child? “Every minute spent with horses is invaluable because they can make you forget all the worries and concerns.” Horses are very beautiful and noble animals. Every minute spent with them is invaluable, because they are able to make you forget all the worries and concerns. Right from the beginning, when we learn to ride, we feel how great isRead More →

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Description of the application of the method in the camp. Practical application Methodology and learning process The suggestopedia method is a pedagogy with an educational and healthy effect. It operates at the level of the person’s reserves, which means that it contributes not only to super memorization without overburdening, but also to training that is as close as possible to the natural way of learning of the individual, not insulating the brain and its functions from the rest of the body, from the emotional side and the spiritual side of each person. Thus, the method exploits the abilities of the consciousness, emotion and logic, intuitionRead More →

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Comparison between visit only once or every year. Which of the two options is recommended and why? What will the child gain, and how his/her knowledge and skills will be further developed? When should be enroll our child alone in a children‘s language camp? Will this be useful for the kid? Would it upset him/her a lot? Where and how to choose this camp so that the kid can feel as safe and comfortable as possible. How many times do we enroll the child in LuckyKids?  Is it one time not enough, but two weeks, or perhaps he/she should visit the camp again? Speaking ofRead More →

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What is the nutritional regimen of the kids in the camp Healthy and complete nutrition is an integral part of the concept of the LuckyKids children‘s language camp. The special menu prepared by the chef of LuckyBansko SPA & Relax hotel  *****, is varied and balanced to provide children with the energy they need for education, games and entertainment. Vegetables and fruits are present daily in the menu, and morning orange juice is a must. Nutrition includes the following types of food: Tender meat (organic chicken, veal and fish), Organic fruits and vegetables combined with rich imagination and served with a great deal of tasteRead More →

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Location The camp is organized in the Aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax *****, located in town of Bansko. The hotel is situated at the very beginning of the town and has an ideal location for all types of activities. Rooms The children are accommodated in double rooms or in rooms for three persons, or in a studio for three or four persons. Children who are enrolled together with their friends in the children‘s summer camp have the advantage and can be accommodated together in one room or studio. Upon the accommodation, they receive special instructions related to the rooms and use of electronic cardsRead More →

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Health, medicines, special care, daily and night care, specialized medical help HEALTH Researchers agree that with proper food and daily physical exercises the path to healthy life is ensured. We at LuckyKids summer children’s language camp provide the child with a healthier lifestyle: Regular physical activity that is so important for the growth of the kid and his overall development. Regular water intake; Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables; reduced consumption of pastries; Life without TV; Going out – spending about 50% of the day outdoors; Various indoor and outdoor games and activities for children that do not involve computer games. MEDICINES When parents enrollRead More →

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Program  LuckyKids is the place where children and students can perfect the learned, practice it with teacherswho are native speakers, have fun and become better! The program takes place within two weeks. It includes a number of English language lessons and unforgettable entertainment activities.  Upon arrival at the hotel, the students are acquainted with the Rules of the camp, which outline the rights and obligations of the participants, highlighting the general regime moments.   English language test to define the level of the kids will be performed on the first day, and each child has to do it regardless of whether he/she has already beenRead More →

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Program The summer camp is an experience that brings satisfaction, pleasant feelings and intriguing adventures. Of course with friends, the best ones. The first thing LuckyKids children‘s summer camp gives to the kids we consider to be beginners is the opportunity to enroll them in the program with their friends where they can share one studio/apartment in the Lucky Bansko hotel. The program lasts two weeks. It includes many hours of English language learning and unforgettable fun activities for the little ones. On the first day after arriving in Bansko and accommodation in the hotel, every child/pupil participates in activities that include introduction and markRead More →

English for kids with speaking problems

Speech defects in childhood may be associated with the speech or writing abilities: Dyslalia – the abnormality in proper sound pronunciation; Stammering/blocking – of the pace and rhythm of speech; Rhinolalia  – a change in the voice timbre, an incorrect pronunciation of the sounds of speech; Dyslexia – inability to read and understand the material read; Dysgraphia – inability to write correctly. Children are sensitive creatures who quickly understand if they are somehow different. In most cases, the other children react negatively without being able to control their reactions, and this enables the development of the first trauma in the child with speech disorder. SpeechRead More →

English culture in Lucky Kids training

A description of the principles that apply to English learning, also used in England.  English Culture and Implementation in Lucky Kids Summer Language Camp.  Lucky Kids follows undeniably a Briish curriculum and all the participants are following a code of conduct with values. The basic focus is on the development and enrichment of the English language knowledge of the child. The acquired passive vocabulary of the child becomes active through entertainment, games and stimulation by project work, working in an English language environment. Through the activities and entertainment, chosen carefully, children learn how to be part of a team, how to express themselves better inRead More →

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Stammering in children is a condition of undetermined origin. On one hand, it is a disorder in speeh development, which has a normal explanation and disappears over time. On the other hand – it may be conditioned by a number of factors, none of which can be defined as a categorical cause. The therapy of stammering is also difficult to define, and the means of helping stammering children are in the hands of people who surround them, not the child itself.Read More →

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We’ve been working with kids for over 12 years. How many of them do you think have ever said “ I love grammar”? Well, yes, you are right! None! I must be honest and admit that the word “grammar” has been epitome of long and arduous work, chores if you must, since ages. It has been provoking nothing but sense of boredness and aversion among learners. However, in the versatile world we live, education methods have evolved to a state where we  no more rely only, and unconditionally, on traditional teaching approaches. Moreover, students´ perception is what has made us come up with more integrated, context-basedRead More →

English regular and irregular verbs

There are about 200 irregular verbs in English. We can divide these into four types: Verbs which have the same base form, past simple and past participle Verbs which have the same past simple and past participle Verbs which have the same base form and past participle Verbs which have a different base form, past simple and past participle An irregular verb is a verb in which the past tense is not formed by adding the usual -ed ending. A regular verb will change from present tense to past tense with the simple addition of -ed at the end. For example, “I walk” (present tense) becomes “I walked” (pastRead More →

British and American English

There is an old saying that America and Britain are “two nations divided by a common language.” Basic differences Vocabulary The most noticeable difference between American and British English is vocabulary. There are hundreds of everyday words that are different. For example, Brits call the front of a car the bonnet, while Americans call it the hood. Americans go on vacation, while Brits go on holidays, or hols. New Yorkers live in apartments, Londoners live in flats. There are far more examples than we can talk about here. Fortunately, people can usually guess the meaning through the context of a sentence. Grammar Collective nouns ThereRead More →

English dictionaires for kids

For many children and pupils speaking and writing in English seems challenging. In this case, a good dictionary can support their efforts. The scope of English dictionaries is really very wide, and if you have to choose a dictionary that suits your needs, you have to know how dictionaries differ from one another, as well as what are your expectations of the specific dictionary. This article focuses on the different types of dictionaries and the goals for which you can consult a dictionary. Uses of the dictionary Although the dictionary is most commonly used to search for an unknown word in order to understand whatRead More →

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Is it good to start learning from an early age and if so who? Why? Main reasons! When is this study not recommended? All children are individuals who perceive the world around them in a different way. But one thing is common here – the language. The proper formation of language skills is essential for the right mental, emotional, and personal development of each child. From the time of birth until the child turns into an adult, it goes through certain periods of childhood. This process is characterized by changes in the morphological and physiological characteristics, behavior, household and social environment of the child. The ontogeneticRead More →

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What is your full name? My full name is Estelle Georgiev Are you married? Yes, for nearly 18 years. Where are you from? I come form South Africa. What made you move to Bulgaria? I met and married the love of my life in RSA and we decided to move to Bulgaria when our children were ready to leave home, because we loved coming here for holidays. How long have you lived here now? We have been living in Bulgaria for nearly 3 years. Where do you live now? We own a house in a lovely village close to Sofia. Do you like living here?Read More →

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In our english summer camp at Lucky Kids, we offer Horse Back Riding for children in which is a good activity also for the coming summer for your young ones. From a physical development side, horse riding improves ‘’balance’’ and ‘’motor coordination’’. Hand-eye coordination, core strength and muscular development also benefit from horse riding. Horse riding has been shown to improve cognitive abilities in some children. Horses make wonderful childhood companions. Children are naturally attracted to them, and that makes horses a desirable alternative to TV-watching, Internet-surfing, or just “hanging out.” Riding offers much more than equestrian know-how. Here’s why horses can be a life-enhancing choice forRead More →

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As we are approaching the summer months, we at Lucky Kids have a lot exciting activities waiting for your kids, one of it is mountain hiking that gives your young ones a time to spend with mother nature while having the simplest exercise. And while it’s always amazing to see just how many children are having a great time with their english camp experiences, it’s the benefits and the outcomes; the stories of positive impact that really stand out. While that is a lot of young minds absorbing the benefits of their experiences, that’s even more parents witnessing growth and development in their children. Thus, there is plenty ofRead More →