Benefits for parents and children during the Lucky Kids summer language camp

Предимства за родителите и децата по време на летния езиков лагер Лъки Кидс

Advantages and disadvantages for the child


Every day in children’s camp LuckyKids is full of many adventures and academic achievements that take place among friends and magical nature.


The child in LuckyKids is in an environment full of educational challenges. He enriches his vocabulary with new words and expressions every minute, learns to compose complex sentences, uses synonyms and antonyms, reads in English, discovers the magic of written speech .

While participating in a project, the child learns. And not just language! It builds and works for skills that will serve it throughout life. Such skills are:

  •  teamwork.
  •  tolerance.
  •  perseverance.
  •  openness.
  •  the ability to present a project.
  •  making decisions suitable for the development of the activity and the project.
  •  Careful attention to detail.
  •  observation.
  •  curiosity.
  •  discovery.

The most important thing in this case is that the child learns to love learning. For us, this is the moment “Aha!”, When the kid makes his personal discovery – then the learning happens!


Virtues and their practice

When a child is praised for helping another child, when he realizes that honesty is valuable and mutual respect makes friends, he begins to practice virtues. We talk a lot about the topic, present and discuss with explanations tales related to virtues. We then set practical tasks for the children to make sure that they understand and can apply their knowledge.

This is extremely beneficial for building the personality and character of the child. He can learn these virtues in his family, as we, the professionals from LuckyKids, offer special training related to them.


Strong spirit in a strong body

Camp children are extremely active. They practice sports such as horseback riding, swimming, cycling, soccer or football, tae-bo or yoga.

Every day is filled with numerous physical activities. In principle, the child participates in each of them and can miss an activity / training only if he does not feel well.

The mountain is a great place for relaxation and sports. We spend the afternoon there, among the tall pines and walls, among  fresh air and forest coolness.

Nutrition is also an important ingredient in the recipe for good health. At LuckyKids, for us good food is a priority, as well as the observance of a consistently good balanced menu. Children have the opportunity to eat deliciously roasted meat and potatoes at the hearth in the Perivolas horse base. And what could be more natural than food cooked on fire!


Social communication

Children are in constant contact with both peers and adults. They have fun and learn together. This is the precious time when friendships are made and emotional intelligence is developed.

Whether he lends a hand to a fallen child or helps a friend in the task of the project, these are the seemingly small gestures that are part of the empathy so sought after today!


Nature, animals

Much of our day at LuckyKids is spent in nature. This inaccessible part for the city children! We often stop in the forest to watch an anthill, a squirrel or interesting tracks!

Every week the child touches the world of noble horses. We have the opportunity to enjoy the water spaces – rivers, streams, lakes, with all their pure beauty and freshness.

Kids learn the names of some herbs, pick raspberries or wild strawberries and taste their sweetness!


Digitally clean environment

All phones are away! Children can be children! They play, talk, read and travel. Sometimes computers are needed for project work in the camp, but this is a controlled use for educational purposes! We value children’s time for themselves, the time they understand what they are capable of and what personalities they are, the time they can express themselves. .




For the first time in a camp – a difficult adaptation

For more incarcerated children, who have not had regular contact with other peers and have not attended a camp before, this can be a challenge.

Although very rare, we have had cases in which a child has difficulty adapting. In such cases, we work with parents as well as peers to build supportive friendships and relationships.


Attachment to digital devices and their lack

Some children, rather teenagers, are strongly attached to their phones, tablets, iPads, and other electronic devices. Participating in the camp without them, is a real challenge for them, as their use is only allowed during certain hours.

Suddenly the child finds himself without the supportive world of his phone and finds himself completely here and now, in reality. I want to emphasize that in fact this is not a disadvantage, on the contrary – it is a huge advantage, although unconscious at first.

The fact is that not every teenager can overcome this lack and some of them make a real effort to cope with the stress that their situation creates!

We can only say to the parents: “Be calm! Your child will survive, even if he explains every night how he can’t live without his phone or tablet! ”

Not only that, the child will return with so many impressions and memories, that for a long time he will prefer the company of peers in real meetings and activities, not virtual!


Advantages and disadvantages for parents

Parents – worries and control

Parents are used to constant contact with their children! At some point, this does not happen. They have to trust us, to stop all communication with their child during the day, to be heard only in the evening (following the camp rules).

On the one hand, this is stressful for them and is a disadvantage, but for children it is a way to grow up and make their own choices.

The lack of the usual control is especially severe:

  • whether the child has eaten well.
  • whether he sleeps well.
  • whether he brushed his teeth.
  • whether it behaves well.
  • whether there are friends there.
  • whether he has dressed appropriately and so on.

Parents just have to close their eyes and jump into the sea called trust! We know this is difficult, so we congratulate the bravest who are already doing it!


The advantages

The vacation

Parents get an unexpected vacation from being parents! Of course, this does not mean that the responsibility does not exist! On the contrary – it is still there, but they can afford free dinners, travel, meetings with friends,  which are not possible if the child is at home and is necessary parental attention and presence!

The confidence that the child is learning the language

There is no greater reward for a parent than the fact that his child is well educated! Every Bulgarian parent cares a lot about their child’s education. We provide language training and our parents are confident that half of the day is dedicated to language training and the results are there.

Moving away from electronic devices

Let’s be honest! Most of the parents, longing when they enter the house, to have full communication with their children. Not those  “aha”, “yes, later” or “no, now”, who receive when the child is in front of the computer, on the tablet, on the net. Of course, there are exceptions that confirm the rule.

You know that here we will put your child in an unusual environment – without electronic gadgets and yes, we know that it will not be easy. On the other hand, we provide decent replacement activities and we can say for sure that they are liked and become a favorite! Moreover – they strengthen the health and work for the personal growth of the child.

Time together

If you wish, dear parents, you are welcome to share part of your child’s day at LuckyKids!

Together we can climb Pirin Mountain, ride, visit the most interesting cultural and historical places of Bansko and its surroundings. These moments of shared time are your priceless memories that can warm the heart even after years!

Making friends

This is certainly one of the most attractive aspects of the camp. Here long-term relationships are created, which teach children tolerance, openness, mutual help. All the qualities they will need constantly in their lives.

You can relax – your child has friends, speaks English and yes, survives “all day” without a phone or tablet!

All you need is your trust in your own child and his unique opportunities, which we discover together!