What results do children achieve during the summer language camp?

What results do children achieve during the summer language camp?

Can children boast of progress in language learning after visiting the Lucky Kids summer camp?

The result is language

Every child learns the language differently. Someone sees and remembers, another hears and remembers, a third – visualizes and remembers, but all children learn through understanding and through doing.

This is our proposal: we create projects together, we create them together from a fragile idea. This creative process involves working with language in its finest details such as working with synonyms, antonyms, grammatical categories (tenses) and more many other.

Language appears unexpectedly and at all times as an ally. It is necessary for the child to make an effort and use the new words, to have the desired conversation with the favorite teacher.

All campers must speak to the teachers and to each other in English. Talking to native speakers is a challenge. This is the moment “I can” for every camper!


The result – teamwork skills

In LuckyKids there can be only one way to work – together! We put children in conditions of mutual assistance and cooperation and set high standards for them.


The result – creativity and form

All our graduates have the right to show all their creative energy. Now is the time! If until now they were silent and uninvolved, now we give them the freedom to express themselves.

Many of them discover what they are capable of and so form their new self-perception. A wonderful new acquisition for every child!


The result is a display of talent

We organize an evening of talent and performances. The stage is theirs! Not only the most talented who sing like nightingales! Everyone is invited – from those little, slightly clumsy magicians, to acrobats and clowns who seem to be born for the stage!


The result – endurance and strength

Each kid comes to the camp with his capacity. Here we participate in various games, sports, mountain activities. Everyone according to their abilities. One thing is for sure – from the camp, the child leaves more resiliently, more strongly, more deftly.

Even the quietest and most inactive children, find it attractive to participate in the game of folk ball, which we organized in the late afternoon on the playground, in the pleasant coolness of the coming evening.


Results – honesty, openness, mutual assistance, empathy

To be honest, helpful, empathetic, tolerant. Achieving this in two weeks is quite a challenging goal. But, believe us, we talk about it every day. We begin the day with a task that aims to develop some of these virtues. Children are encouraged and rewarded for their good deeds. Their example inspires others.

 Good is contagious!


Progress in English after the child’s visit to the camp

Immersion in a language environment is an extremely effective way to learn a language. It is a methodology used in our time, although it is not very well known and is not practiced everywhere.

Everything around us is and can be related to language.

We, the professionals in the camp, confirm that the language is best learned through daily practice and application in the most ordinary routine activities. Such are the food, the arrangement of the room, the project and its production, the search for facts, in a word – the great adventure called language camp.

Children also communicate with native speakers with a variety of accents. This is a huge bonus for their ability to understand. Listening to the language, as a first step in learning, is an integral part of improving language skills. Reading, writing, reproduction follows.

Yes, children come to us with limited knowledge. What they take from lessons and training remains their knowledge.

The curiosity and love of language that we create or simply develop inspires children, even far from Lucky Kids, to look for ways to express and develop in English.