How do children celebrate their birthday if it is during the camp?

How do children celebrate their birthday if it is during the camp?

Is the child’s birthday celebrated?

How it goes

Are there any gifts?

Can the parents be present?

Every child is excited, even if he doesn’t show it, about what will happen on his birthday. Here in the camp, he is among friends, animators and teachers. All of them are able to provide the most wonderful atmosphere and to fulfill the greatest desires, to organize the most favorite parties for the birthday.


Does the child celebrate his birthday in the camp?

There is no better time to celebrate than time spent in LuckyKids!

We, the professionals in the camp, know best what every child wants. We consult with the parents, we take into account thematically the preferences of the birthday boy or woman. We make thematic decorations, put balloons or other decorations. We provide favorite games, songs and parties. It could be a princess party, or a Bob the Builder party, or a Spider-Man party, maybe even a Star Wars party.

Every child dreams about what will happen on his birthday, because he is looking forward to this special day in his child’s heart. We are here to make the dream come true!

Here is the shortest way to the heart of the birthday or how do we prepare the party?

In the beginning we reserve especially tonight – the party will be on the theme “Birthday”.

Follow-up with the birthday girl on their preferences. We ask the following things:

  • Who are your favorite movie characters?
  • What are your favorite games? (In the absence of such, we make suggestions and explain each game so that the birthday boy can like it)
  • What are your favorite decoration items? (balloons, without balloons, flowers, butterflies or themed decoration)
  • What are your favorite songs and music?
  • Does the birthday boy want karaoke? (this is a very interesting proposal, as children love to sing and most like the stage performance)


The important thing in this case or the secret of a well-organized birthday is for the child to be happy – that is, everything that happens to get as close as possible to his ideas about this most special day of the year!

We take care of this, we also make a surprise that is pleasant for the birthday, tailored to his tastes.


The gifts

This wonderful moment – the presentation of gifts!

We agree with the parents in advance – the gift can be given in advance when sending the child to camp (secretly).

Apart from that, his peers make greeting cards or even a gift project for the child. The important thing is the shared emotion and gesture to their peers!

Serving takes place at the organized party, when we all sing “Happy Birthday“.


Parents and their presence on the birthday

Of course, the child’s closest people can attend the birthday party. Usually, we invite them to share the important moment, blowing out the candles on the cake, giving the presents, with the birthday boy.

It’s great for mom and dad to be with you on your most important day! And when this is not possible – poop, brother or grandmother!

Parents determine their ability to join.

They may also want to spend part or all of the party with us! Depending on your mood and desire. They are welcome! There is no better surprise than their appearance at the very moment of the celebration!