The rules of LuckyKids children’s camp

TedEd платформа за деца

“When the meaning of the rules is explained to the children, they understand why it is necessary to follow them.” (St. Stoyanova)


LuckyKids has made Rules, which is publicly available on the camp site and can be read at any time.

All participants follow these Regulations. In this article we will look at the rules for the three groups of participants in the camp: children, teachers and parents.


Why there are rules for children – participants in LuckyKids

Each organization follows its own internal order and existing rules for easy communication, good organization of everyday life and security. Children love a routine that follows the same structure. They feel good when they know  that their interests and personal safety are protected.


Why there are rules for teachers at LuckyKids

The professional responsibility of teachers is enormous. They face daily challenges that they can solve only with the help of well-structured and well-founded rules to help them in conflict and challenging situations.

Why we involve parents in following the rules at LuckyKids

Parents are an extremely important part of raising children. Without their active participation, children would not be able to grow up disciplined, active and emotionally prepared individuals. For us, their participation in the educational process is mandatory, they are the people who cooperate with us and are part of our team.


Rules for children in LuckyKids

It is necessary for the youngest participants in the camp to comply with certain rules such as:

  • treat all participants in the camp with respect;
  • demonstrate mutual assistance and kindness to each other and to all adults;
  • show openness and honesty;
  • observe all safety rules such as – getting into the van, wearing a seat belt, etc .;
  • observe excellent personal hygiene;
  • keep their room in very good condition, arrange their belongings;
  • clean their workplace in the classroom after the end of the educational block;
  • protect the material base of the hotel and all premises / tools / electronic devices they use during the camp;
  • during the collective events and activities, the children follow the instructions for cultural and safe behavior during the movement by minibus – they do not eat and drink in the bus, they must use seat belts and report if they do not feel well;
  • observe the rules for good behavior in public places – move calmly, speak in a low voice and provide assistance if necessary;
  • do not bring banned substances into the camp such as alcohol, cigarettes, expensive and banned electronic devices;
  • observe the daily routine without deviations;
  • for any delay or deviation from it they ask permission from the manager (teacher, animator), who is responsible for them at the moment;
  • leave the hotel room only with permission and always inform the managers where they are;
  • keep their accessories, wardrobe and room tidy, give an aesthetic look to the room in which they sleep;
  • wear the required equipment and protective equipment to participate in specialized activities such as horseback riding, swimming, mountain biking, paintball, skiing and more;
  • report observed irregularities;
  • communicate in English with all participants in the camp, including in their free time and free activities.


Rules for teachers in LuckyKids

At LuckyKids, we as professionals also follow the rules of the camp. They are almost the same as those for children, and of course include more professional responsibilities.

Teachers / animators should:

  • organize and conduct the educational process;
  • monitor the implementation and follow-up of the camp rules by all participants;
  • take care of the health and safety of the campers – this is their first priority;
  • take care to get to know and develop the needs and creative abilities of the campers;
  • treat each of the campers with understanding, patience, encouragement and love;
  • help resolve conflicts by preventing them from happening in the first place;
  • educate children in the spirit of the “golden virtues” such as tolerance, honesty, openness, mutual help, respect and others;
  • talk to the campers and to each other only in English, both during the training process and during interest activities and daily routine activities;
  • monitor the use of English by children during all moments and activities;
  • appear at work in a suitable professional form and suitable for the activities clothing (uniform);
  • comply with the Health Act on smoking and the Road Traffic Act;
  • comply with the Convention for the Protection of the Rights of the Child and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights;
  • they have no right to violate the rights of the camper and to violate his personal dignity;
  • have no right to use forms of physical and mental violence against children;
  • they are not allowed to remove a child from a class without the knowledge of the camp leader;
  • they are not allowed to use a mobile phone while working with children, except in cases where this is necessary and affects the health and safety of the campers;
  • they have no right to leave the children entrusted to them unattended.


LuckyKids’ parents and rules

Our parents have a special role in the camp. They provide support and security for the children, while cooperating with us in situations and problems.

The rules that apply to them as parents are:

  • have the right to receive information about their children during the ongoing camp;
  • can communicate 24/7 with the camp management on issues concerning their children;
  • share positive or negative impressions, comments, make suggestions;
  • have the right to take part in the activities of the camp;
  • provide the necessary documents for the enrollment of the child in the camp;
  • get acquainted with the Rules of the camp, which they are obliged to observe;
  • fill in correctly and completely the information required for the camp child;
  • in emergency, take their child after notifying management;
  • reimburse damages from damaged or destroyed hotel property through the fault of the camper;
  • the accompanying parents staying at the hotel are fully responsible for the life and health of the camper during his absence;
  • Accompanying parents can take part in extracurricular activities and accompany children during outdoor activities, sports activities or themed evening parties.

An important moment for us is the acquaintance of the campers with the Rules of the camp, and this happens in the first moments of their arrival at the hotel.

During the camp, we study and practice virtues on a daily basis, which helps to build trust, respect and open communication between campers, teachers and animators.