Why choose a children’s camp in the mountains?

mountain lake

“We do not conquer the mountains, but ourselves.”

(Edmund Hillary – the first person to climb Everest)


The choice

Parents have the noble and challenging task of making their children’s lives interesting and rewarding. They have a choice. Mountain or sea, together or alone, with friends or placed in conditions to create new ones. We understand that the decision is not easy and brings some uncertainty, especially when it comes to their treasure, the only and most important thing in their world – the child!

Children are unpretentious, loving and wise in their choices. Sometimes it is necessary for parents to follow them in order to build trust and openness.


The children’s camp


The children’s camp is a place to grow up! Here, as soon as they get up in the morning, the children – participants start making their choices:

  • what to wear
  • with which routine activity to start their day
  • what to take in your backpack
  • which pair of shoes to put on

Seemingly simple actions, but repeated every morning and throughout the day, become a series of choices and independent decisions.


The child gains self-confidence in the practice of daily activities. Learns to prepare for the day, to take care of their belongings and clothes, to keep the environment around them clean and pleasant. Not always tidy, but as the genius people say – even in the greatest chaos there is order! They already believe they can. The little man becomes big and confident.

Proper communication

It is important for the child not only the material environment but also the people with whom he communicates on his own day, away from mom and dad. He pays more attention to his way of speaking, to the words and gestures he uses, because he knows that the children and adults around him will give him immediate feedback, if something is wrong.

Parents are much more inclined to forgive and accept the child’s mistakes, which does not happen exactly this way with peers and generally in the world outside. Sometimes the child is offended by the words of others, sometimes he only insults. It is important how he manages to react and correct his behavior, to learn to forgive and to maintain friendly relationships. There is an emotional growth!

Hardening in a clean ecological environment

In the middle of the forest, high in the mountains, by the clear stream or on the mountain path, where wild raspberries and ferns grow, the children are among the most natural and ecologically clean environment.

“Go to the mountains regularly and you will live as long as the eagles,” said our ancestors, and this is no accident. High oxygen saturation also contributes to incredibly good physical condition. It is no coincidence that the small campers get so tired after the activities (hikes and games) in the mountains. The lungs of urban children are not used to so much fresh air and a constant flow of oxygen, which is why after a day in the mountains the food is so delicious and the sleep so sweet!

The activities

Hiking, physical activity outdoors, sports, in the woods, in the gym or on the lawn, are one of the most successful types of hardening of the young organism. There, under the rays of the mountain sun, the body accumulates reserves of vitamin D for the winter. Prolonged stay outdoors and exercise expand lung capacity, strengthen muscles, make the body healthy and resilient.


A particularly important part of every child’s day is nutrition! At LuckyKids, eating is an aesthetic delight for the senses. Our master chef prepares the most delicious fish soup, steak, souffle, salad, desserts, served on beautifully arranged tables. Children have the freedom to decide how much to eat. It is also a personal image that gives them confidence. Nutrition is an important part of human existence and having control over it makes them more responsible. Children understand that in order to be strong and successful, it is necessary to eat properly.

The aesthetic part of this activity is important for us and the children. Proper use of utensils, their placement, serving breakfast and the correct selection of breakfast – are an integral part of the growth of the camp!

Following a healthy regimen

  • Away from electronic devices or playing with friends instead of chatting
  • Evening entertainment instead of time spent online
  • Riding instead of watching a movie

The positive effects are many. Of course we do not deny the role of digital learning, which we use in our educational program. We just don’t fill every child’s free minute with electronics.

We let him “get bored”, healthy as he climbs the mountain, talk to friends while walking on the forest path and feel the sweetness of live communication while making pizza or pie in the kitchen with the master chef and his friends.

The mountain

Pirin and Rila are two of the emblematic mountains for Bulgaria. Their significance for us as Bulgarians is unique. They contain history, culture and health. They are a way of life!

Pirin is a mountain with many nature reserves, inhabited by valuable plant and animal species. The first contact with this majestic mountain is breathtaking with the height of the centuries-old trees, with the beauty of the blue lakes and the steep goat paths. To place the child in such an environment, to teach him to love and prefer her, to unlock this treasure trove of pure colors, aromas and sparkles for him, is an extraordinary adventure that he will not forget for a lifetime.

Once in the world of the mountains, the child adjusts all his senses to a new higher frequency, which brings him health, peace and strength.

Rila is the mountain of lakes, Bear Reserve, horses and herbs. There for some of the children begins the first love for horses. In Perivolas base, they:

  • run on beautiful fresh meadows
  • swing on swings stretched over winding streams
  • step on the cleanest mat on the ground
  • fresh green grass, sprinkled with clover, buttercups and yarrow

There they learn a lot about the plants from which we can collect and make aromatic herbal tea. There they can pet the horses, stand near them and give them a slice of apple without worry. To feel the silky softness of their skin and mane, as well as to understand that they are smart, good and loyal.

Each of these priceless moments teaches children the most important thing – love for all living beings, respect for Nature. And not only that, but also mutual help and respect for peers and adults in the mountains, where a hand extended in time means a smile and a new friendship!