Thank you for the report and the wonderful camp organization!

Thank you for the report and the wonderful camp organization! Darina was fascinated and already dreams of coming back to Lucky kids. Best regards, Maggie


Thanks again for the camp for my kids! They are happy.

Miss Yoni! Thanks again for the camp for my kids! They are happy. Listen, Alisa did not do all the tasks during the camp and now every day she finishes them! See you next year, ah?


Thanks for loving and caring for our children…

Dear Stella Idem, Dear Warren Mills, First of all thanks for loving and caring for our children all the time. Thanks for your back information about my daughter. It has been great listening our daughter talking with respect and joying all the things they have done and made with you and your colleagues. Hope to see you again as soon as it is possible.


Viktor talks with great enthusiasm about his stay

Thank you for the care and training of all who work in this wonderful team! Viktor talks with great enthusiasm about his stay at Lucky Kids. He has only been home for a day but wants to go back to camp. He will definitely visit the camp again and this time bring his sister too.

Sincerely, Iva Mitsilkova

Hi Neil

Thank  you very much for the kind words, it is quite an honor to hear that  both of our enfant terribles are not that terrible 🙂 Joke aside, Kaloyan and Tervel are wonderful kids, and I think we have  it quite easy as parents. Hopefully, come 2021, they will be even better  when they join the camp. On  behalf of the kids, and from our side, we would like to thank you for  the great moments the kids had and for your dedication  working with our kids (and the rest). We are looking forward to meeting  you again in 2021  🙂 Until then, stay safe and healthy, and have a  wonderful summer!  

Great organisation

Hello, I would like to thank you for the organization, the attention and the professionalism that you took to the children. Danny is very pleased with the experiences and pastimes he has been involved in and the most important thing - he has overcome the language barrier and has gained self-confidence about his English knowledge. Be healthy ! Good and successful summer! See you soon!

Milena Mladenova

Boyko was so impressed of you and your teaching methods

Dear Vincent, As a parents of Boyko Rachev we were happy to receive such a great letter for our son. WE would like to share that Boyko was so impressed of you and your teaching methods. Thank you once again and have a great summer!!!!

You made Angel’s holiday more special!

Hello! Thank you for the organization and for making Angel's holiday more special!

Wonderful summer and see you again!

Hello, Miss Yoni! Thank you for your care and patience for our son Philip. He returned very happy and pleased with the experience. Wonderful summer and see you again! ... And very tasty candy eat, by recipe from the camp (wink)

The next year will be with you again!

Hello,     I would like to offer you a great THANK FOR the professional attitude, attention and care of my daughter, Svetlozara Mantarova.     He recovered with incredible mood, very positive emotions, upgraded and novelty. The only thing he regrets about it is that he did not want to book from the beginning for 14 days.    The next year will be with you again!   Thanks to the whole team!   You are awesome!   Sincerely,

Congratulations on the spring camp

Congratulations on the spring camp that took place in 2018! My Darina was impressed by the daily activities that took place, and the English language course was conducted in a way that was quite pleasant for the children. And last but not least - the wonderful atmosphere of the hotel itself, the SPA center and the very city of Bansko are at an extremely high level!

Bravo to Miss Yoni

Great team! Bravo to Miss Yoni and her wonderful team! Me and my daughter Niya stayed in Lucky Bansko as she was part of the children's camp. Definitely the level of the hotel was very good, perfect organization - food and accommodation, everything was excellent; and for Niya - it was one of the best camps in her life!

A great combination activities

Bravo, Lucky Kids! A great combination of nature activities and interactive English language learning! We sent our son for 2 weeks to you and came back loaded with positive emotions, new friends and new language knowledge! Thank you!

Bravo and we’ll see you again!

Moni, our daughter, was in your camp last year and we look forward to the start of the new season after a month or two, when we'll write it again. She was very pleased with the attitude and the additional activities you had engaged with. Bravo and we'll see you again!

Next year we will come again!

Hello, dear team behind Lucky Kids. Our Tamara has returned from the camp with many positive emotions. Her primary reaction showed us that she liked the camp, she was amazed. She has made many new contacts with other children, she has learned a lot of new words in English, and is no longer worried about having an ang. language, even with foreigners. Our goal was precisely that - let the child relax and not worry when speaking in a foreign language. He also said that all educators were very fond of her. Food also liked it. Next year we'll write it down again!

Signing up your child here is mandatory

If you want your child to learn English and to remember the lessons with joy - LuckyKids is the place! Greetings from Eli and Natasha!

The food in the camp is very healthy

I especially want to pay attention to and praise Lucky Kids' team for taking care of the food in the camp. Because our child had stomach problems a day before going away, she had to be careful what she ate; but it turned out that the kitchen in the hotel offered more than enough and did not need any additional requirements! Kudos!

The camp is better than private lessons

After spending a lot of money on private lessons, and the child is doing pretty well with exercises and tests, he never managed to get a word from an English film or to have a short conversation. We were not sure whether it was out of discomfort or lack of knowledge. After the LuckyKids camp, however, we noticed a much stronger attraction to the English language, he can have simple daily conversations (about food time, ask for something), and even catch phrases from movies. I think the camp is pretty good and we'll sign him again.

Children are happy, we are happy too

One day was not enough for our children to tell all the stories of the camp, and they are very happy to share. We still wait to see how they will deal with English at school, but we are very pleased with the training so far. We strongly recommend that you enroll your child in such a camp even for the sake of fun and socialization.

Very good for beginners

The camp is very suitable for beginners in the English language. We are very pleased with the fact that teachers do their work with pleasure, come from an English-speaking country and have a rich experience from previous courses and trainings.

Wonderful camp for teenagers!

Wonderful camp for teenagers! We are impressed by the mood and the enthusiasm with which the animators and teachers in the camp take care of the children. The level of English taught is more than satisfactory.

Thousands thanks for the detailed information

Hello Miss Yonnie! Thousands thanks for the detailed information! We happily and impatiently join LuckyKids for a second consecutive year. We are constantly telling the others for the pleasant adventures during last year's camp. This year we brought with us more of our friends! We hope next year to visit you and seeing you multiply! Sunny day, Iva Slavcheva Mother of Sylvia and Martin

Continue in the same way to have fun and learn

You are awesome! You have captured lots of fun and pleasant moments! Continue in the same way to have fun and learn all the time ..! Greetings from parents and heartfelt wishes for luck, success and constant positivism!

See you soon!

Hello, Special Thanks from Alex and us for the wonderful attractive activities and memories, filled with attention and warm smiles. We wish you sunny summer full of unforgettable emotions. See you soon,

Dear LuckyKids team

Dear LuckyKids team, Thank you very much for the feedback given regarding Gabriela’s progress during the camp, which is quite important for me. At the same time, Gabi also spent an unforgettable time at the camp, full of positive emotions and wonderful impressions. Best regards, Maria Bageleyska

Parents, be calm!

There was a lot of hesitation in us to decide to sign up our daughter for the camp, how it will affect her abilities and whether would really will be worth it. Oh, well it's absolutely worth it! All the high expectations have come to reality. Do not hesitate, it's fantastic!

The second time is even better

In case you are wondering whether to sign up a second consecutive year, as I did, I am happy to confirm that the results are even better!

The camp is also suitable for beginners

I was worried that my child does not have a strong foundation for learning English, because at home we speak only Russian as a second language, and at school the kid does not do very well. After this camp I see how she learns more than an entire school year and I am extremely happy with this fact.

Camps must be more often!

Honestly, it may come a little more expensive if you sign up your child for each group during the year, but it is still about the family's future. I think there should be a possibility for such camps during the winter holidays too!

One of the most impressive experiences

Good day, I would like to warmly congratulate you on your professionalism, the perfect organization of the camp and the wonderful variety of activities in the programme. Anna lives outside of Bulgaria, traveling a lot and often across Europe, but she is sad that LuckyKids is one of her most impressive experiences. I think she improved her English a lot as well. Thank you for the special care they had for Anna when she was sick. The next summer we are with you again! With respect, Veneta Vassileva

Excellent first camp!

We were very hesitant about whether the child needed such a camp and how much it would help. With comfort, we can tell everyone that it is worth it! You will be amazed at how well the little ones remember and how well the environment affects them!

There is really a lot of English

The kids got so much into the English-language environment that they now never stop talking to me in English. You have taught them nicely, but now how do I make them take rest a little? I write this with a dose of humor, of course. Good job!

It was very interesting!

Thank you for your feedback. Galya was frightened at the beginning of her short stay, but after her return of her stay, she only said: "I have never ever been on a more interesting place with so many different activities, it was very interesting!" I hope she will visit the camp again! Thank you!

We are fascinated by the camp!

Hello, I want to thank you for the way you cared for my child - Ralitsa, and for helping her feel happy at the camp during her stay! She is fascinated and honestly regrets that she did not stay with you in the camp for another week. Sincerely thanks again for everything! Milena Ilcheva

Praise for your program

Special praise for the morning training program and evening entertainment. Children are very pleased and we are very impressed!

It is the best Camp in the world!

Hello, I have to tell you and your perfect excellent team our great thanks for the wonderful time which our son spent in Lucky Kids Camp! He is very happy and looking forward for comeback winter and next summer! Miss Yonnie, tell please our special GREAT thanks to Miss Petia, Mr. Emmanuel and Miss Vallie!!! Thank you soooo much! It is the best Camp in the world!

Gratitude from our family

Dear LuckyKids Team,   Please accept my sincere gratitude to our family. You send us photographic evidence that all participants LuckyKids had a wonderful time and were surrounded by care and attention of highly professional teachers. Our Bella had the warmest impressions of the days she spent in LuckyKids. We hope to cooperate with you in the future.   Michael and Marina

Brilliant organization

Dear Miss Yoni! Thank you very much for brilliant organization of all aspects of life in Lucky Kids. Dasha really enjoyed her staying in Bansko. Special thanks to all teachers. I see the real growth of her language skills. Looking forward to meet all LK team next year! Wish you and your team all the best.

See you next year!

We are extremely satisfied from this year's camp and we'll sign up Magi and Boyan next year for sure!

A very nice camp

A very nice language camp for the kids! If there were more languages to study in this camp we would definitely sign up the kids for them too.

Greetings from the kids!

Greetings from Ani and Mariya, who still can't stop talking how much they liked the camp and how many new friends they have found in it!

The best camp of them all

Special thanks to the managers of the camp! My oldest son goes to any kind of camps, green schools, school trips, etc. since he was in 1st grade, but after this exact camp he said that he doesn't remember a better camp, nor he ever felt so better at one!

Our favorite subject at school is no longer math but English!

Our school is the same, the teacher is the same, the school material is even more complicated than before, but with the new school year our daughter only shows excellent grades in English and it appears to be much more motivated. The main difference between last year and this, was her vacation at the summer camp of Lucky Kids. It really helped and now our favorite subject at school is no longer math but English!

Wonderful organization

Incredible organization, really! We did a family SPA vacation in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko while the child was part of the summer camp of Lucky Kids. We came back rested and the daughter has spoken fluent English. Without a doubt, this was our most meaningful holiday so far.

We will send all our kids

Last year my older daughter went to the camp and this year I will sign up the younger one. We have a lot of good impressions and my kid started speaking English better and more often. I’m even thinking to sign them up together.

Keep the good work!

Excellent.....results: our daughter is coming back home in a good health, cheerful, motivated, with new friends and enthusiasm to talk, getting over her own abilities, believing in herself! Keep the good work! Be strict! Keep the discipline! Having the chance to communicate  with your team is a real pleasure for our daughter! She is missing the counselors a lot. I am quite open for the camp. I like everything. With absolute pleasure we would join  the next summer, as well as, during the vacation time in the academic year! We are  actually thinking of letting our younger son take part too. So, yes, I would certainly say that any kid should have the joy to be part of LuckyKids!

Wonderful job!

We are very pleased with the camp. Everything was of the highest quality and the team did a wonderful job!

Sincere thanks for everything!

We heard them talking in English, they want to go to the camp again...We are happy! Sincere thanks for everything!

My daughter has absolutely enjoyed the camp!

My daughter has absolutely enjoyed the camp. The counselors have managed with flying colours to make kids` summer unforgettable!

This definitely was a good spent vacation!

Hello, I would like to express mine, and my husband`s sincere gratitude about the organisation, the discipline and the lovely moments our child has had during the camp. This definitely was a good spent vacation! I hope I would have the chance to meet you all personally in the near future. Kalina is sending her warmest regards, and wants you to know that she misses you. We wish you a good, day and a great summer!

We are certainly visiting you again next summer!

I would like to thank you for the wonderful organisation, and amazing experience that my  daughter has had. My nanny also shared that she had been astonished by the way all the things had happened during the camp. We are certainly visiting you again next summer, God Bless!

Thank you so much!

I am considering  sending Raya again in the LuckyKids Camp as that experience for her was more than great, and also helped her get more confident in communicating in English. Furthermore, kids are thought how to be more independent and disciplined. Raya is fascinated by all teachers in the camp, and especially by her favourite teacher Miss Marina. She has quite much enjoyed the outdoor activities, the horse riding and mountain biking. Thank you so much for giving her such unforgettable memories, and see you next year!

Thank you for the amazing job!

I welcome the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Miss Yonnie and  the entire team of LuckyKids Camp for the care, and individual approach to the kids. George is a very delicate child (even could be quite picky), and would not go to any place unless he feels comfortable. His wish to take part in the camp (over and over again),  speaks out loud. I am impressed how you manage to combine the adequate discipline, order, and respect while giving the kids freedom to express themselves. Moreover, it is highly obvious how much you are enjoying working with them.  

Thank you so much for both reports Neil!

The kids have learnt so much over just a week thanks to you, the other teachers and all of the people at this wonderful camp. I will recommend the camp to all of my friends. With you and the team all the best! Sincerely, Christina