One of the most impressive experiences

Good day,

I would like to warmly congratulate you on your professionalism, the perfect organization of the camp and the wonderful variety of activities in the programme.

Anna lives outside of Bulgaria, traveling a lot and often across Europe, but she is sad that LuckyKids is one of her most impressive experiences. I think she improved her English a lot as well.

Thank you for the special care they had for Anna when she was sick.

The next summer we are with you again!

With respect,
Veneta Vassileva

Veneta Vassileva

Wonderful job!

We are very pleased with the camp. Everything was of the highest quality and the team did a wonderful job!

Anelia Zdravkova

Thank you so much!

I am considering  sending Raya again in the LuckyKids Camp as that experience for her was more than great, and also helped her get more confident in communicating in English.

Furthermore, kids are thought how to be more independent and disciplined. Raya is fascinated by all teachers in the camp, and especially by her favourite teacher Miss Marina.

She has quite much enjoyed the outdoor activities, the horse riding and mountain biking.

Thank you so much for giving her such unforgettable memories, and see you next year!

Violeta Macheva- Raykolesku

Praise for your program

Special praise for the morning training program and evening entertainment. Children are very pleased and we are very impressed!


Continue in the same way to have fun and learn

You are awesome! You have captured lots of fun and pleasant moments! Continue in the same way to have fun and learn all the time ..! Greetings from parents and heartfelt wishes for luck, success and constant positivism!

Yana and Nicky

Brilliant organization

Dear Miss Yoni!
Thank you very much for brilliant organization of all aspects of life in Lucky Kids. Dasha really enjoyed her staying in Bansko. Special thanks to all teachers. I see the real growth of her language skills.
Looking forward to meet all LK team next year!

Wish you and your team all the best.

Anton Shelkovnikov (dad :-))

Excellent first camp!

We were very hesitant about whether the child needed such a camp and how much it would help. With comfort, we can tell everyone that it is worth it! You will be amazed at how well the little ones remember and how well the environment affects them!

I. I.

Next year we will come again!

Hello, dear team behind Lucky Kids. Our Tamara has returned from the camp with many positive emotions. Her primary reaction showed us that she liked the camp, she was amazed. She has made many new contacts with other children, she has learned a lot of new words in English, and is no longer worried about having an ang. language, even with foreigners. Our goal was precisely that - let the child relax and not worry when speaking in a foreign language. He also said that all educators were very fond of her. Food also liked it. Next year we'll write it down again!

Tanya Petkova

A great combination activities

Bravo, Lucky Kids!

A great combination of nature activities and interactive English language learning!

We sent our son for 2 weeks to you and came back loaded with positive emotions, new friends and new language knowledge!

Thank you!

Vanya D.

Signing up your child here is mandatory

If you want your child to learn English and to remember the lessons with joy - LuckyKids is the place!

Greetings from Eli and Natasha!

Eli and Natasha