10 rules to establish a strong parent-child relationship according to the titan of pedagogy Janusz Korczak

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Janusz Korczak is a pediatrician and writer of Polish-Jewish background who is considered one of the most prominent and valuable researchers in the field of child development. His works remain unsurpassed to this day, as one of the most famous among them is “Loving Every Child”.

Among Russian sources, Korczak is remembered with his 10 orders – rules for parents. Here they are:

Rule № 1
Do not force your child to grow up and become like you. Help them develop independently and be themselves.

Rule № 2
Do not expect your child to compensate for the things you have done for them. The fact that you brought them to life cannot be repaid. The law of gratitude will be respected when they give life to another, this third to others, and so on…

Rule № 3
Do not offend them and swear to avoid suffering at old age. Follow the rule that you sow what you reap.

Rule № 4
Do not be haughty and do not neglect their problems and difficulties. Everyone is given a life to handle with the strength they have, and be aware that the difficulties they’re going to encounter are likely to be bigger than yours, because they’re lacking the experience you’ve got.

Rule № 5
Do not force your child to feel humiliation!

Rule № 6
Do not forget that the most valuable meetings of a man are his meetings with his own children.

Rule № 7
Do not fret if you cannot do anything good for your child. Beat yourself if you can do something about it, but you do not. Always remember that if everything has not been done for the child, little has been done.

Rule № 8
The child is only the fruit of your blood and flesh, it is not a tyrant who conquers your life.

Rule № 9
Be ready to love and support someone else’s child as well. Never do anything to someone else’s child that you would not want to be done to yours.

Rule № 10
Always be an anchor and support for your child, even if they have no talent or grow like a failure. Rejoice them, be their friend and keep them safe, for while they are with you, you will be happy.