See how your children can improve English easily, quickly and with desire

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As parents, you have probably noticed that children perceive more things and do it easier if they are presented to them in some game and entertainment than in strict instruction or teaching.

This has been taken into account – at the professional pedagogical level, when drawing up the LuckyKids programs – in Bansko Children’s Camp for intensive English learning for children from 5 to 14 years. The program is designed specifically for the camp.

Kids learn English | LuckyKidsThe material taught to the children is specially systematized by a team of specialists, including the coordinator of the English Department and teachers at LuckyKids. The aim is in between many games, fun, memorable experiences in the mountains, the children, actively and with the desire, to develop their skills in reading, writing, understanding and grammar of the English language. To participate in this children’s camp in Bansko, which offers similar quality to that of summer foreign language learning abroad, children’s level of English fluency needs to be primary to secondary level. The main focus of the training is the development and enhancement of children’s language skills, both through lessons and learning, and various games and entertainment to help them build new friendships in a multicultural English-speaking environment. The focus during class is on reading and listening comprehension of English. Actually, in this camp in Bansko, the English language is taught 24 hours a day. In addition to teaching in the language school, all activities are carried out in English. The communication between the children, the communication with the teachers, the animators and the instructors who organize the entertainment is in English.

Kids love English | LuckyKids

The teachers themselves are from English-speaking countries – their English is native, and they have rich pedagogical experience. Animators are Bulgarians who have years of experience in organizing fun and entertainment activities in English. And they put enormous efforts in building a cosy, comfortable, interesting and fun environment for the children. It is a camp in English where knowledge isn’t poured – the teaching method uses provocative and stimulating themes to help each child improve their language skills individually, according to the special course methodology at the camp. Children learn to discover their own knowledge, to use their full capacity, where the teaching team does not have “bosses”, only helpers and guides. Its job is to advise and encourage their talents and unique qualities, while at the same time forming teamwork skills, a sense of commitment to the common goal.

This way, learning in language camp LuckyKids is aimed at improving all areas of knowledge, children practice reading, writing, speaking, listening, comprehension and grammar. The know-how that children acquire is successfully applied by them in project development and participation in afternoon activities.
And they are really varied: horseback riding, swimming, cycling, archery, painting, paintball, mountain walks, excursions and more. Evenings are also filled with fun – camp fire, karaoke, disco, night treasure hunt, movie night, gala dinners … Of course, the children never remain unattended, and every activity is provided with all safety measures. While swimming, for example, they are under the watch of a life guard, a teacher, an animator. In the mountain they have professional guides, the use of helmets and other protective equipment is obligatory, a well-equipped medical officer is always accompanying them.

In fact, the LuckyKids International Children Camp is held following traditions from the world’s best practices, including regarding safety. It is located in Bansko, in the heart of the mountain. The camp is based in Lucky Bansko Aparthotel, which is specially designed and tailored for the safety of children – with unbreakable glass, soft flooring, no sharp edges. Camping children are accommodated on a separate floor in the hotel. On the same floor, there are also teachers and animators who monitor the safety of the children during their stay in the rooms, as well as at night.

So, you just have to choose for your children – 7 or 14- day course at LuckyKids in Bansko?