At LuckyKids, we respect differences


The children who enroll in the LuckyKids International Children’s Language Camp come from different countries and cultures, have different skin colors, different upbringing, beliefs and life experiences.

The camp team is successfully tackling this challenge by applying methods and approaches that promote:

  • Recognizing and accepting differences
  • Curiosity about foreign traditions, customs, way of life and history
  • Virtues such as tolerance, empathy, mutual aid, charity, etc.

Every child, no matter where they come from or what language they speak, loves to play, compete and try new things.

In LuckyKids children’s language camp we create an environment of friendly communication and fun, in which differences are overcome imperceptibly, by themselves.

At LuckyKids we apply an individual approach

Малко момиче се криеAt LuckyKids International Language Camp we are aware of the different personalities, different interests, needs and experiences of our campers.

Therefore, we apply an individual approach, which includes:

  • Direct observation to determine the needs of each child
  • Educational content tailored to individual needs
  • Assistance, cooperation, correction (if necessary)
  • Developing strengths and supporting overcoming weaknesses
  • Motivation for full performance of the child.

Here are the benefits for the child from the application of the individual approach:

  • He/she receives maximum care and attention
  • Improvement of their abilities and skills
  • Increased motivation to learn
  • The child achieves results, often higher than average.

How do we deal with more shy, closed or insecure children?

At LuckyKids we do not expect children to have the same skills and experience in social interactions.

Here’s how we help them get the most out of their camp:

  • We give them time to relax, assuring them and showing them in every way that we are together in this process and we are on their side.
  • We become a team – teachers, animators, instructors and guides team up with the campers and play with them, whether it’s a talent show, a pillow fight, or karaoke night.

Children are our greatest asset.

We do our best so that every child can leave LuckyKids summer camp not only with more and more lasting knowledge of English, but also to strengthen as a person who knows more about communication, the nature and the world.

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