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You are at work during the day and it is a school holiday – the kids have a lot of free time. How to be sure that you are only dealing with safe and meaningful things when there are so many traps on the Internet and on the street? You can forget these worries by signing them up to the LuckyKids International Children’s Camp in Bansko. This will provide them with an exciting, exciting, memorable vacation and, most of all, they will greatly improve English language skills.Read More →

Интерактивно обучение по английски в Lucky Kids

There is no controversy – the last thing children want on vacation is to learn. Still, this may change. Moreover – to learn English with a desire. This can be done by enrolling them at the Lucky Kids international language kids camp in Bansko. In this camp the leading international pedagogical practices for approaching children are applied.Read More →

Интерактивно обучение по английски в Lucky Kids

If your children learn English, it will be very useful for them to provide them with training and English-speaking environment. Which did not mean to export abroad. Just sign them up on holiday in the International children’s language camp LuckyKids in Bansko. This is a camp with training in English for children from 5 to 14 years. Shifts are 7 and 14 days, there is an option to extend it up to three weeks.Read More →

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Even children who do not speak English successfully break the language barrier in the first two or three days at the international language camp LuckyKids. And then they adapt to the camp. That’s what practice shows in this camp in English, located in Bansko.Read More →

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Do you know what is good for your children at LuckyKids International language camp in Bansko? Everything! Your kids will be satisfied and you too. Them, mostly because of the unforgettable vacation filled with many joyful emotions and interesting new acquaintances; and you, because during their stay at this camp in Bansko your children notably and quickly advance in knowing English.Read More →

Английская культура в обучении Lucky Kids

Do you know what is the best helpful gift to surprise your children? Quality improvement of English in an English speaking environment; exciting vacation with many adventures and new friends at home and abroad; safety, security on all international requirements. This will get your kids in the International Camp LuckyKids. This camp in Bansko is suitable for learning English for children from 5 up to 14 years where the enrollment is necessary proficiency from beginner to intermediate level. And when we say quality improvement we mean both speaking and writing form. Whether you choose the 7-day course or two weeks course, you will achieve enrichingRead More →

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As parents, you’ve probably noticed that children understand way easier and more things at once if they learn about them in a fun game than to strictly follow rules or instructions. Well, we have noticed that too – on a professional educational level in the programs included in LuckyKids – children’s camp in Bansko for intensive training in English for children from 5 to 14 years. The program was developed specifically for the needs of the camp. The study material is carefully selected and systematized by a team of professionals, including the coordinator of the English department and teachers in LuckyKids. When the kids areRead More →

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If you are planning your summer holiday and you are looking for something new and elegant, where you can truly relax, you must visit Aparthotel Lucky Bansko’s ***** new Aqua Complex opening on June, 7 2014. The two swimming pools – for children and adults, are surrounded by beautiful chaise-lounges and tents in brown and white, divided by pots of gently fragrant lavender that will endow you with an incredible feeling of inner harmony and peace. The attractions meant for the mischievous little ones will grant minutes of rest to their parents. All the children will be under the constant supervision and control of certifiedRead More →