Английская культура в обучении Lucky Kids

Do you know what is the best helpful gift to surprise your children? Quality improvement of English in an English speaking environment; exciting vacation with many adventures and new friends at home and abroad; safety, security on all international requirements. This will get your kids in the International Camp LuckyKids. This camp in Bansko is suitable for learning English for children from 5 up to 14 years where the enrollment is necessary proficiency from beginner to intermediate level. And when we say quality improvement we mean both speaking and writing form. Whether you choose the 7-day course or two weeks course, you will achieve enrichingRead More →

ЛакиКидс Лето 2018 Фото 38

As parents, you’ve probably noticed that children understand way easier and more things at once if they learn about them in a fun game than to strictly follow rules or instructions. Well, we have noticed that too – on a professional educational level in the programs included in LuckyKids – children’s camp in Bansko for intensive training in English for children from 5 to 14 years. The program was developed specifically for the needs of the camp. The study material is carefully selected and systematized by a team of professionals, including the coordinator of the English department and teachers in LuckyKids. When the kids areRead More →

Дети не могут ждать горки | Lucky Kids

If you are planning your summer holiday and you are looking for something new and elegant, where you can truly relax, you must visit Aparthotel Lucky Bansko’s ***** new Aqua Complex opening on June, 7 2014. The two swimming pools – for children and adults, are surrounded by beautiful chaise-lounges and tents in brown and white, divided by pots of gently fragrant lavender that will endow you with an incredible feeling of inner harmony and peace. The attractions meant for the mischievous little ones will grant minutes of rest to their parents. All the children will be under the constant supervision and control of certifiedRead More →

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Long- awaited outdoor playground has already been built. Little kids can romp freely at the new playground with slide, house, jungle gyms, swings and sandpit.  Lucky Bansko Aparthotel has invested its own funds to build the most beautiful playground in Bansko. The Hotel again keeps within its style – all facilities have a certificate for quality!Read More →

Group picture of the children in the camp | LuckyKids

With the renewed and doubled in size kids club we will make happy the youngest guests of the hotel and their parents. The kids /2-7 yo/ could play in our Children club free of charge from 8.00-22.00.Read More →


Recently, Lucky Bansko received an excellent grade by the leader in tourist trips – TUI, UK. The tour operator, which is known for its uncompromising perfectionism and extremely high criteria, gave its categorical assessment of the tourist product under the brand “Lucky Bansko”. Тhe entire team of Hotel Lucky Bansko feels satisfied, but not for a long time – they have to plan their actions for the next season in order to defend the leadership position of the hotel.Read More →