Give your children an international quality to learn English!

A small participant in a mountainous transition | Lucky Kids

Naturally, everyone wants a high quality and efficiency for their children’s eduation by the global standards. For English lessons you can find such quality and efficiency in the international children’s camp in Bansko LuckyKids.

Give your children an international quality to learn English!

LuckyKids fully matches the leading language camps abroad. From the teachers and educators to the selected learning material and teaching methods – it’s all professional work, as well as the various entertainment for the children, and last but not least – their safety during the stay.

LuckyKids is camp in English for children aged between 5 and 14 years. In order to sign up they must have at least primary to secondary level of proficiency, based on which the kids will be assigned into groups.

In this camp in Bansko, kids from Bulgaria and abroad are constantly practicing English – from dusk till dawn.

All activities are held in English language – from everyday basic communication between children during the lessons to the afternoon activities and entertainment where children put into practice everything they have learned in the morning. So the language is adopted naturally, easier and faster.

The teachers are native speakers and all have extensive teaching experience. The team members come from schools respectively in the UK, US, Ireland, United Arab Emirates and Russia. They have a solid education including the Cambridge University. One of the team members is Neil Waters, coordinator of English Department.

Give your children an international quality to learn English!

This teaching staff, familiar with different educational systems and methodologies, has selected educational material and established a comprehensive program of the language camp LuckyKids.

The methods of teaching have summarized the vast experience of the most modern pedagogical practices. They involve the children to participate actively, willingly and creatively as part of a team. They discuss selected cases, solve problems on projects and make presentations.

The result is a significant improvement on all levels of proficiency – vocabulary and proper pronouncing, understanding, reading, writing.

As we mentioned already, everything the children learn in the morning is immediately applied in practice in the form of entertainment in the afternoon and evening. The activities are so many that they make the holiday interesting, emotional, unforgettable.

Activities outside the educational process are led by Bulgarian animators who speak English fluently. These activities can vary. In the camp there is painting, theater sketches, treasure hunts, pajama parties, discos, karaoke, film and gala dinners, and more.

In winter, they take ski lessons in the mountains, and in summer – they take part in horseback riding, mountain biking, archery, paintball, excursions with a guide.

Of course, any activity requires all safety measures by the international standards; in the mountains children are accompanied by professional instructors and very well equipped and qualified medical practitioner.

In fact, children are never left alone. Let’s take the swimming hours as an example. They are led by a professional lifeguard, teacher and animator.

The camp itself is based at Lucky Bansko Aparthotel – a luxury hotel with an international reputation, entirely consistent with the presence of children. There are no sharp edges or breakable glass and the floors are carpeted.

Children are accommodated on a separate floor where animators are located too, so the adults control and assure the safety of the children daily.

LuckyKids is a great opportunity for your children. The choice is in your hands –