Suggestopedia for children

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At the LuckyKids international camp children learn English at least 22 hours a week. The educational program is based on interesting topics the children discuss during their entire stay.

Children practice language in an informal environment all the time, because the official language of the camp is English. Due to the limited time and the need for intensive training, as well as for the program to have an effect, the overall english training in the camp is based on the main suggeopedic principles (reservoir principles).

The seven laws of Suggestopedia state:

  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Confidence
  • Repeatedly increased material  
  • Whole-part, part-whole
  • Application of Classical Art and Aesthetics
  • Artistic techniques


All relationships in the camp are based on the basic virtues , one of which of course is love. In the general sense of the word, love is embedded in building a teacher-student relationship and encompasses the other virtues: respect, tolerance, understanding, empathy, and so on.

Relationships built on the basis of love enable the creation of a relaxed, pleasant and positive atmosphere in which children can accumulate knowledge calmly and without tension. Love is an important prerequisite for building the process so that children do not feel tired or bored.The combination of entertainment – educational games, songs, dances and interactive material are a must-have part of this process.


Every teacher has the freedom to apply the study materials according to the particular group. They have the right to choose the appropriate material, which is based on the main subject and sub- theme of the group.

Each student has the freedom to choose a topic for his / her own presentation, as well as the method of presenting it. Most importantly, every child is free to create and manifest in the way he chooses. Every child can decide in which activity they would like to demonstrate their skills and which one they prefer to skip.

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The belief that something extraordinary and unique happens to the children throughout the day and in all english camp activities. In LuckyKids, every activity is unique and designed specifically for children. Participation in activities unlocks the potential of each child and gives them the opportunity to show their best. Exceptional are not only the English and the cooking classes but also the horseback riding, swimming, ultraviolet parties and more.

The belief in the student’s abilities is part of the teacher’s persuasion. During training, lecturers do not use pressure or other intense methods. The goal is for children to believe in their own abilities and to be stimulated to participate in the process with appropriate methods.

Repeatedly increased material

Even in our 14-day program, time is far from sufficient to make the child’s process visible if it follows the classical principles of material utilization.

The Suggestopedic Approach allows us to teach twice as much material. We believe that reducing the material leads to a child being confined and framed and vice versa – the presence of more material as a volume leads to stimulation of the brain, which allows the child to perceive a lot more information.

Whole-Part, Part-Whole

When we talk about the topic in the current shift, it is followed by everyone, whether they are teachers or animators. When we talk about English language, it is not spoken only during the English classes but during the whole time. Each part is seen as part of a whole and works in sync for a common goal.

The English classes themselves are the same – not just for vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, etc. – our approach is rather collectible. Language is taught as a whole because its parts cannot exist separately.

Gold Proportion

The use of the golden proportion in linking the parts in the whole, the existence of a balanced and harmonized program allows a bigger success rate for learning the material. Balance, harmony and lack of chaos have been set in the creation of the LuckyKids language camp program. Harmony is a fundamental part of the teaching and learning materials, especially when they are in large volumes.

Artistic Techniques

LuckyKids lecturers have the freedom to use a diverse arsenal of artistic techniques for the purposes of the educational process. Children, in turn, have the freedom to use techniques of their choice to present and perform during their entire stay. Every child is encouraged to develop their talents and to manifest themselves. Music, games and theater are an integral part of the educational process.

It is important to emphasize that in the suggestive method the knowledge is absorbed:

  • In a cheerful and joyful way
  • With the help of art
  • Through mental relaxation

Given that we are discussing the process of language learning during the summer vacation, the last point is extremely important for the camp process. Learning without fatigue and tension as part of the camp life.

Often during the first day, children are nervous and very worried about the upcoming test and English classes. Of course this is related to the unknown that is forthcoming. It is extremely important for us that the children are aware that these tests do not test their capabilities. On the contrary, the tests aim to show the best educational level of the child in order to be in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, to feel comfortable and to study with interest.

Very often after the second or third day, the kids gladly exclaim that they like English lessons again. The camp team believes that the use of Suggestopedic training methods support the overall process and is extremely beneficial to everyone attending the camp.


Yoanna Benevreshka

/Camp manager/