How do children spend their vacation studying English willingly?

Интерактивно обучение по английски в Lucky Kids

There is no controversy – the last thing children want on vacation is to learn. Still, this may change. Moreover – to learn English with a desire.

This can be done by enrolling them at the Lucky Kids international language kids camp in Bansko. In this camp the leading international pedagogical practices for approaching children are applied.

How do children spend their vacation studying English willingly?

Generally speaking, the idea is that, if they are interested, children are trapped and learning more easily, faster and more effectively. (In fact, this is also true for the elderly).

Lucky Kids combines two things – multiple and varied games, and fun, and intensive English learning in an entertaining way.

This is a camp in English. In it, children from Bulgaria and abroad are in an English-speaking environment 24 hours a day. All activities – from training in the language school until lunch time, lessons and entertainment in the afternoon and evening – all are conducted entirely in English.

Children communicate in English with each other at home, helping them discover and refine daily vocabulary and beyond the learning process.

The overall program of the camp is composed of a team of lecturers from English-speaking countries / their English is native.

They have a rich pedagogical experience in the learning practices of different countries. These are England, Ireland, United States, United Arab Emirates, Russia.

How do children spend their vacation studying English willingly?

This comprehensive view of the different educational systems and the latest international methodologies are summarized in the program and training methods in Lucky Kids. The material is also specially selected.

The animators, who lead the classes after lunch and evening, are Bulgarians with perfect English and years of experience in working with children. Thus they are essential assistants of the teachers for the overall effect of the camp – a visible improvement of the participants’ English.

The camp is for children from 5 to 14 years of age, the level of proficiency should be from initial to advanced. This is determined in the beginning with a test, and the participants are grouped by 10, each of them having one teacher and one animator. After the camp, the test shows the progress of each participant and the parents receive a detailed analysis.

The teaching, as we mentioned, takes place in an entertaining way. Knowledge is memorized easier this way. Children discover it by engaging their creative talents. It is interesting to them, and knowledge lasts for long.

The classes are working on projects – specific tasks are done, presentations are made, and adapted life cases are discussed. It teaches children and things that will be valuable to them in the future – to work in a team, to quickly orient themselves and enter into an unfamiliar environment.

The fun, exciting way of teaching is complemented by the numerous recreational activities in the camp – swimming pool, evenings of different nationalities, Gala Evening, night treasure hunt, neon party and many others.

The camp is based in Lucky Bansko Aparthotel, which, apart from five-star comfort, provides them with complete safety and security. The hotel is designed according to the international standards for the presence of children, without sharp edges and fragile glasses and the floors are carpeted.

The children are never alone – on the floors of the hotel they are educators and animators who guarantee peace in the rooms at night. When in the pool, for example, they are a savior, a lecturer and an animator.

In the mountains – horseback riding, mountain biking, excursions – with professional instructors, all safety measures, and a qualified medical practitioner.

Try it – kids will be very pleased, and you will wonder how advanced they can get!