Project learning in LuckyKids

Учебен процес | LuckyKids

At LuckyKids we know that the summer vacation is for rest and we respect that.

Based on the world practices in summer language training, LuckyKids team created its own program for English language project learning.

Each year we modify some of the themes so they can be intriguing and appealing to the kids. Topics such as Space, Ecology, Movies, Art are always modern and entertaining.

Each session works on one major topic, and the individual levels of language are concentrated in a particular subtopics. Children have the task of presenting a presentation (electronic or not) at the end of the camp. Therefore they are though how to prepare and represent as well.

We can say as apart from language knowledge, all children learn something useful and new that will enrich their personal experience and help them develop as personalities in the future.

For season 2017 we have prepared interesting and fascinating themes again – we are expecting you!