Description of the online applications used in LuckyKids

Online applications for kids

How and why

One of the most convenient applications in English language learning is free dictionaries, which can be easily downloaded by Google. Through them, children can check words they are unfamiliar with during the study block, when reading alone or in studies required for their project.


Here are some examples of good dictionaries online:

Bulgarian applications and platforms

Online applications for children and early language learning platforms

Here we will try to cover more of the online language training platforms, but not only – some platforms like are widely profiled.

Using applications in LuckyKids

ON-ED is designed as an educational platform that can be taught or taught online. The platform helps trainers to create lesson material and trainees learn a variety of topics.

On-ed contains a variety of video and / or audio courses, webinars, individual and group trainings . The number of tons of courses has increased steadily since anyone can absolutely free to create their own online course, webinar or otherwise. Includes sliding “spin” that incorporates music and motion into one. is a comprehensive platform for teaching children, offering language courses in English, German, Russian, French and Spanish. It includes video tutorials and exercises for 12 months, more than 300 free videos, exercises.

Courses are divided into categories of classes or levels. For English, also offers customized learning games.

To encourage learners, different badges are obtained and each user has experience that depends on the number of visits to the app, watching video tutorials, completed exercises, liked Facebook button video tutorials, completed diagnostic tests, completed educational games , number of diagnostic 100% score tests, friends you have invited to and have activated subscription and site registration. Levels rise as experience is gained.

The site has English language materials, divided into 15 categories. The main purpose of is to be an interesting and useful place for Bulgarian children. It is aimed at children from preschool and primary school age. The site has great educational value and helps adolescents develop their skills, thought and creativity.

The platform has exercises for writing, calculating, coloring, talking, music, games, activities, science and video, all tailored to the capabilities of both young and young children.

The materials at are word learning and are divided into categories. They contain pictures with audio for 15 categories. The site allows the learner to enroll, and listens to that recording for a real evaluation of his pronunciation.

Foreign platforms and applications

Ted Ed platform for kids

A great educational platform is Ted-Ed.

What is TED? TED passionately believes that ideas have the power to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately the world. This core philosophy is the driving force behind all TED endeavors, including TED conferences, TEDx, TED books, the TED Fellowship Program, and the TED Open Translation Project. With this philosophy in mind and with the intention of supporting teachers and sparking the curiosity of students around the world, TED-Ed launched in 2012.

With this app, LuckyKids teachers create tutorials that present their students in an interactive way.

For example, the terminology during the Educational Theme: Space and the Solar System was presented as a lesson with many visual and video material. The children could do research on the topic as well as test their knowledge.

Typically, a TED education block (this structure is also applicable to other applications) involves several steps:

1. Introductory part where campers are introduced to the topic, often thinking about a scientific, curious question that leads them to independently accumulate a certain amount of knowledge about the topic.

2. A real part of the lesson unit in which children are introduced to all the information in the lesson. For example: under the theme “Fashion and Clothing” , they follow the presentation of the parts of clothing with their names. Many questions are also included in this section to encourage them to practice the new terminology .

3. Interesting Facts and Discussion Questions : Here, for example, a teacher can organize an interesting discussion with campers on various issues related to fashion or clothing, but in such a way that it is fun and educational for their age. For example, an interesting topic for teens at our camp is: “What colors will never go out of style? Why do you think so? “

4. Final Stage : Usually in this part of the educational block, campers start drafting. It can be a quiz (interactive quiz), a presentation or just a poster. This part of the learning process is very important as it is usually where the children reinforce what has been learned. Here, they can feel creatively free to create the product they want. This is their first application of knowledge – what they will do very often at a later stage in their lives.

Photo 39 of LuckyKids Summer 2018

Kids learn when they do, remembering it forever. Therefore, the final stage of this type of application work is very important. In our day, it is of the utmost importance to show our children that the Internet and all the information it can provide can be creative and create products that are truly valuable and can play a decisive role in their career guidance.

An important part of training in an online platform or group on the network is safety. We at Lucky Kidds take a great deal of credit for this part of working with electronic resources . Students receive instruction and a very good understanding of personal safety rules on the Internet. We keep that in mind, and we always give special instruction. It involves a series of situations, such as: “What do you do if a pop-up / pop-up window opens while you’re online,” and more.

Of course, we at LuckyKids leave a great deal of creative freedom to teachers who may use other electronic platforms and applications other than those shown here. Each of them is a professional who has done his research and we can claim that each of them is very familiar with the future of the education system through interactive e-learning. This is something that we at Lucky Kids Kid Camp are deeply convinced of.

Today’s children are the digital generation, they are learning from the web and we, as their teachers, need to be navigators who are knowledgeable enough to give the right tools to work in it.