Facilities and amenities for children in the LuckyKids summer camp

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The camp is organized in the Aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax *****, located in town of Bansko. The hotel is situated at the very beginning of the town and has an ideal location for all types of activities.


The children are accommodated in double rooms or in rooms for three persons, or in a studio for three or four persons. Children who are enrolled together with their friends in the children‘s summer camp have the advantage and can be accommodated together in one room or studio. Upon the accommodation, they receive special instructions related to the rooms and use of electronic cards for access.


  • All rooms have comfortable beds with mattresses, private bathroom with toilet, wardrobes, TV and desks.  
  • The classrooms for our children are equipped with comfortable tables and chairs; the computer room has an interactive board and there is a tablet available for each participant.
  • All sharp and cutting objects that can harm the kids are removed from the rooms. Any drinks containing alcohol and caffeine are also removed from the mini bar or the fridge in the room.
  • The windows are locked with a special mechanism for the safety of children, and they can be opened only by the personnel in defined hours during the day.
  • In our daily routine in the LuckyKids language camp, we value organization and good arrangement. Children are encouraged to arrange well their clothes and personal belongings. The language workrooms also must be left in perfect order and clean.
  • Teachers and animators stimulate the participants to be organized, tidy and clean.


Eating is five times a day and is organized in the „Les Bistro“restaurant. The menu is specially designed and complies with all the requirements for healthy food for children, and it does not include harmful foods. During the stay of the kids at the hotel they are provided with Kangen water, and during the mountain hikes they are provided with bottled slightly mineralized water.

During meals, teachers and animators work together with children towards development and applying table manners, quiet conversations and politeness with respect to the other guests of the hotel that are also dining in the restaurant.

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The use of the hotel’s SPA center brings real pleasure to our campers. The bio pools, which the hotel deserves to be proud of, are unique in the town of Bansko and they are cleaned with chlorine free technology. Swimming is carried out under the supervision of licensed lifeguards.

The adventure showers and salt room increase the immune system of the kids and they become more resistant to diseases, and they contribute to their good mood.


Licensed and reliable transport is provided for excursions and outdoor leisure activities when the kids are not studying. During the entire language camp, the children are accompanied by a medical practitioner who gives them extra security in case of need.

Playrooms: games and parties

In LuckyKids we organize time for relax, but also time for games. There are numerous game machines, billiards, computer room and party room in the hotel.  

Kids receive the earned rewards for their efforts. What is more enjoyable than “driving” a car on the machine after a hard training morning and active afternoon? Or to play some billiard with friends.

The evening parties are something that everyone expects with great impatience. Often kids prepare themselves for thematic evenings, rehearse dancing or songs, or other artistic performance to present on stage in front of their friends.

Adult supervision

All of these interesting activities happen, of course, under the supervision of adults. These are our animators or teachers who are professionals. The supervision is 24/7, and there is a night watch on shifts during the night sleep of children.

Sorting a puzzle in a museum | Lucky Kids


Our life in LuckyKids is easy and pleasant because there are rules that make it such. The first thing our kids get acquainted with when arriving at the camp are the Rules of the activities in the Camp.

The rights and obligations of each participant are considered in details in the Rules.

Here are some of the most important obligations of the children:

  • To be tolerant, polite and respectful to both adults and other children in the camp;
  • To observe the norms of behavior in public places, respecting the property of others and their work;
  • To notify the management of violations that have been committed;
  • To follow all safety instructions received from the professional instructors and hotel staff;
  • Observe the regime provided by the LuckyKids summer language camp, as any deviation from it requires the permission by the manager;
  • To wear the uniform of the camp, which includes: T-shirt, hat and a badge;
  • Communication shall be done in English both in the training sessions and during leisure time and entertainment activities;
  • Use the electronic devices and phones in the specified hours or with permission in an emergency situation.
  • Use all kinds of support from their teachers during the training, and they work individually with the kids in case of need.

Here are some of the rights of the participants:

  • To attend language training regularly;
  • To attend the entertainment activities;
  • Use the entire hotel base provided, respecting the safety measures of the hotel;
  • To receive all materials necessary for their training and stay;
  • To be directed and stimulated to develop their gifts and talents;
  • To be protected by the personnel of the camp from harm of their personal dignity and to their human rights;
  • To be encouraged with material and non-material prizes for their achievements during their camp life;
  • Get medical help in case of a disease or injury;
  • Use their phones in the specified evening hours so they can contact their parents;
  • Take part in the hikes, all sports activities, and so on.

From this point of view, the group life in the camp is more attractive than any other option that children can get at this age. It gives more opportunities than the football’s club proposal that is focused primarily on the sports performance; it is more complete than of the musical group that is focused on the artistic performance; it is more meaningful than the group of fine arts that tries to attract the children to see the world in a certain way and to learn to depict it.

What makes our Camp proposal so special is that it does not exclude sports, music or musical activities, or even group activities. The difference is that our proposal combines the overall development of the personality with the learning. Thus, LuckyKids provides the support that campers need in order to develop with respect to each aspect of their character, as true individuals who see the world in its integrity and variety.