Summer camp for advanced children at LuckyKids

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LuckyKids is the place where children and students can perfect the learned, practice it with teacherswho are native speakers, have fun and become better!

The program takes place within two weeks. It includes a number of English language lessons and unforgettable entertainment activities. 

Upon arrival at the hotel, the students are acquainted with the Rules of the camp, which outline the rights and obligations of the participants, highlighting the general regime moments.  

English language test to define the level of the kids will be performed on the first day, and each child has to do it regardless of whether he/she has already been in the camp. This check-up is intended to give a real idea of the child’s development, so it can be decided to which group the kid belongs, with which teachers he/she should work in order to improve the achieved progress. The teachers assess the tests and form the groups that are finally approved by the manager of the Camp. 

Advanced students are trained in two types of groups – Intermediate and Advanced. The subsequent training is tailored to the language level of the participants. 

Students who are advanced begin with exercises to extend the vocabulary already acquired, they also improve the writing skills and do grammar exercises. All this is presented in an interesting way, during the English classes and thematic projects. Students from the more advanced groups usually have access to a computerized classroom with an interactive board and tablets that they use for their studies, exercises and training. 

For example, in the week dedicated to „Fashion and clothing“, students learn the terminology related to clothing and everything describing and related to fashion trends, the popular designers and products. The weekly training on the topic ends with a project work /poster, presentation/, in which children can apply what they have learned and master their teamwork skills, show their capabilities in fine arts, as well as the excellent mastering of the English language terminology. Thus, the combination of learning and its application allows its long-term memorization. 

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The “Time together” activity is the time when each participant receives feedback on his performance and achievements. Often, children who are linguistically advanced are also formed personalities because they are in teenage or pre-teenage age. That is why they practice daily the adopted values and are awarded for their efforts. 

LuckyKids is much more than a language camp, with entertainment events. This is a place where children work for their own development as good people of high morality. This is a place where academic education goes hand in hand with ethical and emotional education. 

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Children are treated with care and individual approach. That is why we have a special level of education for more advanced children and students. 

Linguistic aspects: as there is no need to build up a language base for the advanced children, the work with them consists of:

  • Vocabulary – the enrichment of the vocabulary continues, mainly working on synonymous nest; this is the extension of meanings about a basic meaning of the word,  as well as addition of similar words so that the communicator has a rich supply of words and their meanings, in order to speak freely;
  • Grammar – children learn grammatical categories such as nouns and usage, complex words and synonyms, adjectives and categories, gradation, verbs and verb tenses, usage; students perform many exercises daily, which help them to strengthen their knowledge;
  • Reading and understanding – this is a practice that is often overlooked in the language training, but for us it is very important; students make their own researches and explore all types of texts, including factual /scientific/ texts, thus learning about different styles and their means of expression; the key word is  „understanding“, as they themselves need to try to understand the read, without help;
  • Project work – this part of the training is designed for the most advanced ones, and it is a study on a given topic, synthesis and analysis of certain information needed on the topic of the project; a technique is used – working in pairs or in teams, teamwork, individual work using various sources of information; in this educational section, children learn how to classify the required information, where to search for it, how to find reliable and trustful sources. 


Often when the camp is over, children have the enormous desire to return again. The activities are selected with extreme precision for their age, interests and abilities. 

At the LuckyKids children‘s summer camp, every part of the day is important! That’s why the end of the day is marked by thematic evenings that again challenge the participants!

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Children use the swimming pool of the hotel; in the presence of a professional lifeguard; many of our kids can swim – so they can take part in the organized fun water gams or improvised competitions.


Under the guidance of a professional instructor, those who have already practiced yoga have the chance to further develop in this area; they achieve flexibility, calmness, strength and resilience. 

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Horseback riding 

Everyone in the LuckyKids summer language camp have the chance to experience the miracle of horses in the horse base; the idea of this activity is not only to ride and spend time in fresh air, but this is an activity during which we educate kids in love for the animals, in respect of the work of people who take care of them, in sports spirit, in curiosity to the life and method of horse breeding;


Accuracy is an important skill – not only as a physical strength, but as training of concentration and will power; the advanced in this sport will receive a certificate of achievements.

Tae Bo 

An interesting sport, in which every participant works towards control over his body, for strength, endurance and will power. 

Cooking classes

Many of our children find a real pleasure and find themselves in the preparation of food, under the skillful leadership of the chef of the restaurant in the hotel. 

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The children are looking forward to this event. Especially popular among boys, but this in no way excludes the brave and courageous girls. 

Volleyball, football, badminton

A favorite part of the sports activities, especially in the breaks between the academic blocks. 


The invisible details that form us as adults are always present in childhood! So it is with our students in the LuckyKids children‘s summer camp! In each child’s personal story, there are moments that are „invisible” to child consciousness, but they determine the adult life. We consider these moments, we create them, and especially with more mature students, the base for work is very gracious, as they understand and have formed value system with which we work. 

For each child or adult in LuckyKids, values are important because they are directly related to human happiness or unhappiness. When we do things that are in line with our values, it makes us feel good, maybe even happy. We feel satisfaction and contentment, because our actions and choices we make in our lives are in line with our internal and beliefs of what is good and bad, right and wrong. 

And vice versa, when we do things that are not in line with our values, then we feel bad. We may feel guilt, anxiety or something else, but in all cases we will feel emotions related to unhappiness.  

That’s why it is important for us to be aware of our values. Life can be much more meaningful, more exciting, and easier if we are aware of the values and accept them as our own deep within us. 

This is how we help our students to define their value system, to be able to choose their values and to live happily and fully by following these values.

Because values are precisely that – the most important beliefs and priorities in life that are transformed into specific thoughts and actions.

Here is a list of more than two hundred values that everyone could choose and work for their application: Authenticity, adequacy, ambition, balance, faultlessness, gratitude, well-being, decency, prudence, charity, devotion, bliss, closeness, brilliance, cheerfulness, speed, inspiration, greatness, skillfulness, exactingness, attention, connection, impact, abstention, receptivity, excitement, imagination, faith, faithfulness, gallantry, heroism, hospitality, grace, care, flexibility, giving, delicacy, dynamism, diplomacy, discretion, discipline, valor,  goodness, goodwill, trust, kindness, dignity, contentment, accessibility, fellowship, spirit, spirituality,  duty, baldness, expertise, elegancy, empathy, energy, enthusiasm, effectiveness, efficacy, sacrifice, vitality, joyfulness, fun, completeness, mystery, health, significance, maturity, endurance, abundance, creativity, sophistication, economy, intelligence, concentration, beauty, leadership, logic, loyalty, love, curiosity, dreaminess, peace, motivation, wisdom, silence, observance, reliability, ingenuity, lack of prejudice, optimism, organization, originality, openness, sincerity, frugality, preparedness, support, utility, dedication, consistency,  perseverance, practicality, honor, devotedness, appreciation, self-protection, contribution, adaptability, friendship, insight, simplicity, professionalism, directness, joy, determination, self-sufficiency, self-control, self-awareness, selflessness, self-confidence, freedom, restraint, security, power, strength of the spirit, modesty, service, bravery, humility, solidarity, sharing, calmness, spontaneity, fairness, tidiness, compassion, skillfulness, stability, passion, perfection, consciousness, warmth, cooperation, tact, creation, solidness, accuracy, traditionalism, hard work, patience, respect, moderation, persistence, harmony,  generosity, effort, studying, politeness, equilibrium, coolness, humor, chastity, integrity, fidelity, liberality and clarity.