Summer children’s camp for beginners in LuckyKids

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The summer camp is an experience that brings satisfaction, pleasant feelings and intriguing adventures. Of course with friends, the best ones. The first thing LuckyKids children‘s summer camp gives to the kids we consider to be beginners is the opportunity to enroll them in the program with their friends where they can share one studio/apartment in the Lucky Bansko hotel.

The program lasts two weeks. It includes many hours of English language learning and unforgettable fun activities for the little ones.

On the first day after arriving in Bansko and accommodation in the hotel, every child/pupil participates in activities that include introduction and mark the beginning of new friendships. Children present themselves and then work together on a project, which has an environmental focus, for example, they build together bird houses and draw on t-shirts. Kids receive only the materials without having a finished product.

The activity itself requires team work and cooperation. This is the best environment in which a child can relax and express himself as a designer, artist, manager or just a person with ideas! This type of reception was chosen not by chance. Besides the noble cause that is being worked on, namely, building houses for birds, the children have the chance to get to know each other in a casual setting where they can show their best at the very beginning.

Upon arrival at the hotel, all beginners are introduced to the Regulation of the Camp, clearly outlining the rights and obligations of the participants, the structure of the camp, as well as the regimes.

„The beginners“ take a tour to see the hotel, followed by accommodation in the rooms, receiving the key-cards, t-shirts and hats that become part of the everyday life of children. It is not by chance that the participants wear the same t-shirts and hats – this enhances the sense of belonging to the camp team.

On the first day an English language test is conducted for each participant. This check is intended to give a real idea of the child’s development and this will help to specify the group in which he should be included, as well as the teachers that are best fit for him in order to reach maximum progress. Teachers assess the tests and form the groups that are approved by the manager of the Camp. Then children start their camp life.

The evening teambuilding games take place in the same spirit of friendship and respect. Some of the skills of the kids will be revealed there and they can be presented in all their glamor later on at the Talent night later.

We would like to pay special attention to the “Time together” activity, which takes place twice a day – in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner. This is the time-transition between sleep and the active day of each kid, the time at which he can get feedback with regard to his performance and achievements. How does this work?

Each member of the Camp team receives a sticker card. In it, LuckyKids’s teachers and animators place stickers for the achievements, good deeds and development of the children. At the end of the week, children count their stickers and get a certificate.

In “Time together” are also happening other important things: children learn how to practice different moral virtues /respect, patience, honesty and many others/, and they learn not only their names but they get specific guidance on how to use and apply these virtues. If the child makes a particularly impressive act, he receives approval and recognition in front of the entire Camp – this may be an act of mutual aid, honesty, openness or respect.

This part of the training in Luckykids gives a precious feedback to children as good people. At the end of their stay they change because they realize what is to be good, honest, respectful, educated and tolerant to both friends and other people, regardless of the age.

LuckyKids is much more than a language camp with entertainment events.  This is a place where we help children grow up as personalities.
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Often when the camp is over, children have the enormous desire to return again. The activities are selected with extreme precision according to their age, interests and abilities.

Whether it’s going to be – horseback riding, paintball, swimming, yoga, cooking classes or mountain hikes, the most important thing for us is the participation and team spirit!

During the training blocks /studying/, which takes place in the morning, there are also many activities that diversify, they are also innovative by making the boring educational process interesting and challenging! Very often, teachers develop projects together with children and these projects require a lot of research, finding information in English, as well as finding a way to present the information gathered.

In LuckyKids, every part of the day is important! That’s why the end of the day is marked by thematic evenings that again challenge the participants!

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Swimming: the pool of the hotel is used for the purpose; there is a professional lifeguard present; there are water games organized for the kids; it is important to develop love in kids for water and water sports;

Yoga: under the guidance of a professional instructor children make their first steps in yoga;

Horseback riding: all children in the LuckyKids summer language camp will experience the miracle of the horses in the horse base; the idea is not only to ride and spend time in fresh air, but it is an activity during which we teach kids love for animals, respect оди the work of the people who take care of them, in a sporting spirit, curiosity to the life and manner of breeding horses;

Archery: precision is an important skill – not only as a physical force, but also as a training of the concentration and will;

Tae-Bo: An interesting sport in which each participant works for control of his own body, for strength, endurance and will.

Cooking classes: many of our young campers find a real pleasure and discover themselves in the preparation of food under the skillful guidance of the hotel’s restaurant chef;

Paintball: this game is for the strong and brave ones! Many of the children are eagerly awaiting this event. For them, this activity is an expression of their inner competitive sports spirit! Especially popular among boys, but this in no way excludes the brave and strong girls;

Volleyball, football, badminton: the competitions are frequent events in our camp; children compete in a team or in pairs.

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It is not accidental that the name of the Camp contains the word kids. For us the children and their meaningful daily routine are of utmost priority. At a time when all adults are extremely busy and usually do not have enough time to spend with their children, we pay attention to every situation and matter, in order to give an adequate and comprehensive information. We place children’s joy, health and discovery spirit first. We make time for each case and need of the kids.

We let their talents shine, while at the same time we do not forget to pay attention to those who feel sad or need support.

The team of teachers and animators has been selected carefully. These are people who love children, they are professionals, ready to teach and learn, curious and careful, with high morals and spiritual virtues. We share this because these are the people who, with their attitude and decisions, will shape the personality of the child that has come to us.

At LuckyKids we pay special attention to immaterial prizes! In a century in which everyone receives a reward for their efforts immediately, we teach children that everything is coming gradually, so for best results, it is necessary to make more efforts.

At times of low self-esteem and disbelief in the own powers, our specialists help the participants to believe in themselves. This is the hidden part of our daily life, the results of which are manifested after some time and are invisible to the eye. That is why we consider them to be one of our most important achievements.

If your child returns from the LuckyKids summer language camp, where he was for the first time, and if you notice that he starts to greet your neighbors or eats with perfect manners on the table, or runs to help a child that has fallen, you can be proud of him – he has learned not only English language, but also one of the most important skills needed in life! He has become a good Character!