Summer Camp Horse Back Riding

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In our english summer camp at Lucky Kids, we offer Horse Back Riding for children in which is a good activity also for the coming summer for your young ones. From a physical development side, horse riding improves ‘’balance’’ and ‘’motor coordination’’. Hand-eye coordination, core strength and muscular development also benefit from horse riding. Horse riding has been shown to improve cognitive abilities in some children.

Horses make wonderful childhood companions. Children are naturally attracted to them, and that makes horses a desirable alternative to TV-watching, Internet-surfing, or just “hanging out.” Riding offers much more than equestrian know-how. Here’s why horses can be a life-enhancing choice for your child.

A better way to raise your children’s awareness by observing the riders and experiencing on hand. They learn to think on their feet, they learn respect and they learn to accept responsibility for their actions. Riding and showing teaches youngsters to prepare, and to muster the courage to compete. They also learn to take the risks, enjoy the rewards, and deal with the disappointments.

Riding in groups have always been best known that are good for kids not just a fact but a reality that is now proved by researchers. A study found that equestrian activities do indeed enhance a range of life skills in children. The study looked at youngsters involved in horseback riding has a significant positive relationship between horsemanship skills and life skills.

If your child/children are animal lovers definitely horseback riding is one of the summer activities that your child/children will enjoy as it can help increase problem solving skills, goal-setting, or decision-making skills, then definitely get him or her involved with horses will make the experience much more than just an enjoyable activity for children.

Better Kids Through Horses

Horseback riding is beneficial for children, you will be surprised to learn just how constructive horse involvement can be.

Wholesome fun

Horses are wonderful companions for your children as they can naturally attracted to them. Horseback riding also puts children in touch with nature, and can be enjoyed alone or in groups.

When the whole group gets involved, the time spent together with horses can enhance the bond among children and the other group members in the camp and will become the stuff of treasured childhood memories. Moreover, the benefits of horse involvement are enduring, as a child’s “horse habit” can evolve into a rewarding lifelong hobby.

Character development

Handling, riding, and caring for a horse or pony can develop a host of positive traits in a child, including responsibility, accountability, patience, level-headedness, empathy, kindness, and self-discipline.

Children will show subject of learning to do their best and developing self-respect as among the greatest benefits of their involvement. Even the nature itself can exert a positive influence on  children. Riding with horses enables children to realize how their choices, attitudes, and behaviors affect the other living creatures around them and to develop sympathy to animals and nature.

Scholastic enhancement

The perseverance needed to ride well can translate into improved performance in the classroom. Riding increases a child’s focus and intensity, as it allows the children’s mind to wander when they are riding on one of the worlds sweetest animals. This learned concentration later shows up in kids’ schoolwork and you as a parents will be surely delighted.

Leadership training

Especially if your child becomes involved with a group such as horseback riding the opportunities for learning management and leadership skills abound. Our camp is leading a group of children, working on a project–all of these are ways in which youngsters learn and grow as it requires children to keep records of their time and activities a good example of time management as these are all important life skills.

Health benefits

Riding is a form of a terrific exercise as the horse does not do all the work once they have ridden. Apart from its aerobic benefits, riding also helps a youngster develop balance, coordination, and flexibility. Moreover, the activities involved in caring for the horse and showing compassion by caressing the horse back as a form of communication to the horse.

Children also learn how important good nutrition, veterinary check-ups, dental work, and regular exercise are to a horse, they begin to appreciate their own health needs as part of the camps share of knowledge on how the horse are being taken care of in the horseback riding site. Now a days, when parenting is not a job for the faint at heart, horses provide a way to keep youngsters positively engaged.

The Right Horse and the Right Instructor

Your child’s first exposure to horses will come with lessons with a competent instructor, who will make sure of your children’s needs are matched to the right lesson for your children to feel safe and comfortable. After the experience and perhaps some horse-sharing story your child/children may be ready to take the next step, into further showing more interest with horses. Your child’s instructor can help to make sure that first horse or pony is a safe and appropriate one.

Generating Goodwill with Kids Through Horses

Working with kids through horses gives children so many opportunities that can create a positive experience for kids with horses. Our real trick is to stay open to acting on those opportunities and seize the moment of the experience.

The Fitness Benefits

This article looks at some of the reasons your child and other youngsters in our country may be less active than they should be, a key contributor to obesity. It also suggests a great way to get kids moving, using something your child will love horses.

Safety First, as Always

We all know that horses are large, powerful creatures, and riding is a vigorous activity. Safety measures and common sense are the keys to protecting your child in our camp while enhancing their enjoyment. Riding a suitable mount under the guidance of a qualified instructor is the most important safeguard for your child is our priority.