Summer Camp Mountain Hiking

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As we are approaching the summer months, we at Lucky Kids have a lot exciting activities waiting for your kids, one of it is mountain hiking that gives your young ones a time to spend with mother nature while having the simplest exercise. And while it’s always amazing to see just how many children are having a great time with their english camp experiences, it’s the benefits and the outcomes; the stories of positive impact that really stand out.

While that is a lot of young minds absorbing the benefits of their experiences, that’s even more parents witnessing growth and development in their children. Thus, there is plenty of feedback to draw from and report on, from one summer camp alone.

Putting this together is so important for the parents to understand everything of what the camp has to offer. We have heard a lot of feedbacks that the decision from parents of sending kids to a english summer camp program gives the idea that camps can actually be a learning and growth of experience that is fortunate!!!

From what has explain above, If you are thinking of sending your children to camp with other kids to play, have fun, learn, interact, and many other more activities. Is much different experience from a school that can be beneficial.

Summer camp is important because it offers a structured opportunity for children to grow. Kids go from home to school to extracurricular activities, with each environment contributing to their development. In summer camp, then, is another unique venue for growth, allowing kids to become independent and self-confident, while socializing and making new friends, and even learning new skills.

The true benefits of exploring the hills and mountains go much deeper than an appreciation for the environment and improved fitness (although these are also both valuable); the increased self-confidence, resilience and self-reliance that develops in young people will have a hugely positive impact on their development.

We will make it a positive experience for your children

It all starts with getting them outside and immersed in the mountain environment.  According to some studies walking up in the mountains with children is easy enough. You just need a fine day, plenty of time, a little patience and a lot of fun which perfectly fits in the summer. You’ll also need a mountain, of course – and we’ve got lots of them in Bansko.

Kids need plenty of gentle encouragement on the way up, and lots of rest stops to enjoy the fresh ar and the scenery in which is important in our activity. On the way down, it’s usually the opposite: children tend to skip ahead, while adults suddenly realize that young knees are much better at going downhill than old knees which makes the kids laugh, a lot and making the experience more memorable.

We motivate them

If you’re child or children are a seasoned walker, chances are they will learn how to look after themselves in the mountains. Looking after children in the mountains is a whole new ball game and it all starts with motivation to the children. If children are motivated, this definitely applies to adults too, half the battle has already been won.
A nice outdoor activity enjoying the wonderful weather will motivate the children even more. If they are already a lover of the outdoors, most teenagers/young adults will not see just “going for a walk” as a good enough reason to actually have any enjoyment. In fact, that particular line is likely to cause a positive grunts which is much better, especially with younger children, is to go “exploring” or have an “adventure”, anything other than “walking”.

We keep them safe

Going out in the mountains is an adventure and much can be gained from having adventures as a group. We at Lucky Bansko are responsible for managing the risks involved in heading into the hills. The best way we tackle this is to make sure that we know how to navigate, we plan the day well, we pack appropriately and change the plan if necessary. In where it is appropriate  and important to involve the children in any safe-related decisions. By doing we increasing their awareness of risk and how to manage it.

In which we highlights the importance of having adventures in the outdoors and not underestimating their abilities to cooperate. Such a mindset that we solely focused on safety will keep the children and young people feel safe in our summer camp. Far from keeping them safe from harm, it can deny them the very experiences that help them to learn how to handle the challenges that life may throw at them.

There is an emerging consensus that our society has become too focused on reducing or eliminating risk in childhood as research suggests that also protecting the children by providing them a safe and environment summer camp can lead to less longer-term problems related to mental health and well-being.

We have professional guides

By going somewhere that is widely big do require a professional guide that has a map reading skills. Anywhere with marked trails and/or signposts is a good place to start; managed forests, some coastal paths and public properties, all provide relatively straightforward walking opportunities that also keeps our journey safe and secure. Kids love being in charge and making them responsible for following the signs could be a great tool in fostering their independence and decision making skills.
Our camp offers such facility as an easy way to make sure the security of our children in our summer camp. These courses are designed for complete children that are beginners or those with some walking experience who want to learn how to look after themselves and enjoy the hills.

Our ways in making our mountain hiking activities easier for our young campers

  • We choose an engaging and achievable route with immediate interest and terrain near to the start point.
  • We create a story/challenge/treasure hunt to shape and inspire the journey.
  • Plentiful and healthy kiddie size snacks and drinks to keep energy and happy levels high!


  • We tell stories about the mountains of Bansko which having our journey, to make it educational for our campers from as young as five or six years old. We also provided the children an endless supply of stories to make the hike enjoyable.
  • We build up slowly and always be flexible about the plan. As mountain hiking is a regular activity in our summer camp, we are always flexible and don’t expect too much from our young campers as part of our preparations, we have wide variety of food and snacks on our breaks minimizing the obstacles along the way and maximum fun. We make sure that we give your children lots of options, if needed to cut it short or change the journey and within whatever will be available and suitable to our young campers.
  • During our plenty breaks with also accompanied it with drinks to ensure that our campers will not be dehydrated during the summer. Long periods of walking uphill will allow the children for a chat, a look at the fantastic scenery and a nice cold drink will surely break the ice and will keep them motivated to progress up that big mountain to be able to finish the entire journey along with their newly found friends.
  • We involve the kids by giving them the tools such map and the compass to improve their navigating skills and sense of decision making along with being a team in where we ask them to be involve by asking in where we should be going and ask them to work out which path we need to follow. So long as you know where you are, basic navigation with a properly ‘orientated’ guide is pretty much child’s play and we let them play.
  • We always found that keeping other activities is a reward for the children in completing stages along the route maintain hike.
  • We make that they are willing to be at the outset by involving them in choosing the objective that helps our journey. Days out in the hills with the children are those with the most memorable mountain days of the whole experience in our camp. Seeing the energy and sense of freedom they draw from the landscape is amazing. I guess they also learn that often the most rewarding experiences in life require a good deal of effort and money cannot buy.