Recommendations when choosing private tutor or Language course

Ваканция с изучаване на език | Lucky Kids

Summer vacation is coming soon, as well as the need to organize summer activities for children. The wide variety of private language schools and faculty confuses parents and makes them hesitant about what to choose. We recommend you to be careful and make your choice on several criteria:

  • The location is important for the logistical organization of your day and not only. Choose a location that is convenient for everyone who will bring and take the child to the course. Not always the lessons at home are the best option for the child. Watch his behavior at home – whether he can concentrate and receive new knowledge at home? Sometimes the alternative is the private lesson to be held at the home of the teacher, which gives better results.
  • Learn the methodology the teachers use – old methods do not give good results in language learning. We recommend alternative methods: innovative, Suggestopedia (Reservopedia), Echo method, Sunny pedagogy, Montessori, etc.
  • Select teacher with experience in Bulgaria and abroad: even if you cannot find a teacher – native speaker, we recommend that he lived and worked outside Bulgaria (whether on programs for exchange or independent practice).
  • Interactive teaching methods are also beneficial – especially for children over 10 years of age.

It will be best if you can visit one lesson before enrolling your child for observing the following highlights:

  • Pay attention for the percentage what part of the lesson is conducted on the selected language and what takes place in the Bulgarian language – recommended ratio is 70:30.
  • What is the lesson plan (how it goes)? If include a variety of activities that grab the children’s attention, if there is a balance between theory and practice – then the choice is correct.
  • Observe the reactions of the students during the lesson – are they interested, do they participate, and are they intrigued?

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