What qualifications do LuckyKids teachers have?

Jolly Phonics methodology

Description and explanation of the qualification and experience of the teachers, reasons for acquiring each qualification / certificate


LuckyKids management team:


Joanna Benevreshka:

  • manager
  • education – Academy of Music and Fine Arts, Plovdiv, Music Pedagogy and Art Management, NBU – Management; Public Relations and Brand Management – LSRP

Valya Stankovska:

  • Deputy Manager
  • education – BA Clinical Social Work, Sofia University; MSc Strategic Management, University of Brighton

Neil Waters:

  • English Department Coordinator
  • education Northwest Wales Institute of Higher Education




  1. Stephen Winner – Teacher of Mathematics and English in private schools and centers, with more than ten years of experience
  2. Estel Georgiev – Teacher, higher education, pedagogy, South Africa
  3. Vincent Walsh – Teacher at Excellence Language Center, supporter of innovative education, engineering education, Dundal – Institute of Technology
  4. Adri Koekomoer – TOEFL teacher, preschool teacher, teacher in summer schools and private language centers.
  5. Alice Turner – Teacher of Higher Education, University of Westminster, London; CELTA teacher

Animators with English philology, suggestopedia and pedagogy, National Academy of Arts, Social pedagogy and social sciences


Why did we choose them?


The first thing we look for in a teacher is his love for children. This is an inalienable rule when conducting our teacher recruitment interviews. This is not a quality that is created while studying in a higher education institution or a rule to be instilled during the work process.

Man is born with this love. So far, we have been able to find the right people for whom the unifying force is this pure love and selfless devotion.


Why pedagogy?


Each of our teachers has graduated in pedagogy or a specialty with a pedagogical profile. Pedagogy is the science of teaching. Without it, a native teacher’s talent is like an uncut diamond, which is just a piece of black charcoal without luster.

In order to shine, he needs the polishing of the school and the skills he acquires during the pedagogy training. In the course of obtaining a  higher education diploma, colleagues learn many important skills and information concerning the child.

As professionals, they can handle the following:

  • recognize the stages in the physiological and psychological development of the child.
  • detect and respond adequately to children’s behavioral patterns and challenges related to their psychological needs.
  • assess the child’s development.
  • give the necessary feedback, given in an appropriate way to their students, in order to improve their skills.
  • can organize time and children’s education with an appropriate academically successful curriculum.
  • have a teaching methodology that is professionally developed and proven effective.


Why animators with philology?


LuckyKids has several colleagues who are our animators, graduates of  English Philology.

Philology is the science of language. It gives the most complete knowledge of a language, its structure, vocabulary, grammar and how to use it properly.

It provides safe methods for building a rich vocabulary,for advanced knowledge and use of a language. That is why we welcome teachers who are philologists.


Why Fine Arts and IT?


Modern education would be poor without the means and methodology of the fine arts. We all know how much our favorite “painting” class was. This is the time when children express their most creative nature.

They learn through creativity and the creation of creativity. It is no coincidence that experts believe that  learning by doing is most effective.

That is why we include with pleasure and respect, teachers with pedagogy of fine arts.

Information technology is an integral part of our training program. They are a modern tool and no one in the modern education system  could get rid of them. That is why we hold this kind of education for our teachers.

Why teachers with qualifications in alternative and innovative systems / methodologies?


LuckyKids is a great place where an innovative teaching system can be implemented. Of course, it needs to be proven to be effective and efficient in the learning process.

Suggestopedia, Solar Pedagogy, Montessori Method, Play and Talk with Echo and many more, training systems and methodologies enjoy proven success in our camp. Teachers with such qualifications are a real find for the program and the children.

This is because they are the bearers of the new, they are interesting and successful among the modern generation of children who demonstrate non-standard thinking on a much larger scale than the previous one. Such teachers are super motivators who navigate the learning process extremely successfully.

Why TOEFL certificates or other certificates?


We have all heard of this type of certificates and the credits they carry at some point. The language training itself, in order to achieve a high result for a TOEFL, PET, IELTS certificate, requires serious training, extensive language knowledge and skills, which at the operational level provide the necessary security for teaching.

In the course of his career, a teacher does not stop learning. In the teaching profession, stagnation is tantamount to failure. We work with the youngest generation, which by default is the bearer of the new times.

There is no way a teacher can lag behind the children of the future. It requires flexibility and daily change, well backed by scientific facts and personal development.


Why do we require teaching experience?


Teaching experience can be tens of years or less. One thing is for sure – when a teacher has experience, regardless of the time for which he acquired it, it is invaluable information about him as a professional. Every moment spent with children is learning and acquiring skills that lead to more and more high percentage solved cases, working methodologies, effective results.

As an experienced teacher, I can say that every hour, every lesson, every minute spent with the children has led me to the moment when I, as a professional, can write this article. This experience has built me ​​up as a successful professional,  which:

  • teaches
  • resolves emotional, psychological, social, disciplinary, linguistic, educational cases
  • Advises parents and management
  • builds personalities and works for their sustainable development for life


Why management education?


Our managers have an education that is tailored to their position. Educational management is not ordinary management. It requires a much more specific scope of knowledge:

  • skills for reacting in stressful conditions
  • communication skills with people of all ages and especially children
  • skills for resolving psychological conflicts and applying rules, regulation of behavior, mastered system of virtues
  • conflict prevention skills
  • skills for finding and implementing an appropriate education system
  • skills to lead a creatively diverse team, and much more

This is not the whole set of skills that an educational manager possesses.


That’s why our managers have the necessary qualifications at the higher education level. They have the necessary breadth of thinking and entrepreneurship, which, together with the educational qualifications, are part of the success of the LuckyKids Summer Camp.


In conclusion, we all LuckyKids professionals can say the following – for us education is not a business, it is much more, it is a mission. When such a team is created, with such thinking and faith in the mission, he  develops and transfers the institution for which he works to a new level.

LuckyKids is not just a “camp”. LuckyKids is a place for valuable education and personal growth of every child, who crosses its threshold, thanks to the precise, innovative, creative team of specialists educators and animators, managers and service staff.