10 reasons to choose LuckyKids language summer camp without a doubt

10 причини да изберете езиков летен лагер ЛъкиКидс без съмнения

Reason № 1

The base

The children’s camp LuckyKids is held in the five-star hotel LuckyBansko in the town of Bansko.

The hotel, which often wins Building of the Year awards, is undergoing constant expansion and improvement. In addition to the luxurious rooms, Le Bistro restaurant, Italian restaurant, halls for modern media, games area, two swimming pools – indoor and outdoor, the hotel also has highly qualified staff. There are also all the amenities for raising children. Safety and care for them is a priority for all of us in the hotel!


Reason № 2

The program

The program of the language camp is Lucky Kids’ valuable non-how.  Its huge advantage is that it consists of three well-balanced parts:

  • morning educational block,
  • afternoon sports and entertainment block,
  • evening fun.

Which child would resist learning through an interest project, as well as dozens of fun activities, such as horseback riding, swimming, climbing, soccer, dancing, shows and stage performances.


Reason № 3

The people who take care of your child

This is one of our secret recipes for success! These people are professionals with multiple qualifications, all related to science pedagogy.

Our teachers have an individual approach to each child – they give him the necessary attention and care for personal, language and physical development.

Special are our mountain guides, lifeguards, medical workers, chef and helpers, who take care of the well-being of the kids.

These people are available to children. They greet them and send them off with a smile.

This is because the most important ingredient in our recipe for success is love!

Reason № 4

De-digitalization, back to nature!

At first glance it sounds out of date, outdated! And yes, we use computers and tablets during training.

However, we know a secret – leave the child among other children, teach him to play and he will only return to his childish nature, where happy laughter is heard, and he goes to bed tired and happy at night.

Pirin and Rila mountains, beautiful lakes, high pine forests and winding paths help us. We become forest explorers, bird racers, rock climbers, herb gatherers. Our daily mountain challenges make children think and offer creative solutions, make an effort to become strong and resilient!


Reason № 5

The delicious and healthy menu

Breakfast is varied, from cornflakes with milk, buns, eggs or cucumbers, to different types of pancakes, toast. Or maybe a little more dietary vegetables and fruits.

Lunch always contains: soup, main course and dessert. Served aesthetically and with finesse, they always delight.

Our master chef prepares delicious pies, pizzas, sweets, cotton candy together with the children in the cooking classes.

One of the big attractions is the outdoor lunch cooked by the master chef during the horseback riding – baked potatoes and meat. There is no greater pleasure than eating on the meadow, on the old oak tables, by the stream in the horse base.


Reason № 6

Pure nature

Not to mention the freshness and beauty of the Pirin Mountains. We are located in the heart of the reserve. Here we can not only see the most interesting birds, distinguish traces of animals, but also pick raspberries, blackberries or wild strawberries.

During the excursions, we visit a part of Rila Mountain, which is no less majestic and beautiful.

Daily access to the mountain brings peace of mind, serenity of body.


Reason № 7

With mom and dad at camp

This is true! You can stay at the hotel and be a part of your child’s camp life. Your presence can become an unforgettable family memory.


Reason № 8


Here the children make and maintain friendships!

On the first day, they gather with their peers.

Together they assemble and paint bird houses-feeders. Together they have fun during their first camp night, where they play fun games in order to get closer. They work on projects together, create and present their collective work together.  They have fun together during the parties.

Friends are the wealth we can give to your child! All you need is presence and participation!

Reason № 9

The English language

The combination of English, fun and nature works wonders!

English becomes a part of everyday life in the most natural way and the kids imperceptibly begin to understand and speak. The lessons are pleasant, among friends and favorite teachers, the projects are exciting with unexpected discoveries and wonderful new ideas.


Reason № 10

The child – the adult

Our absolute priority is the child – his happiness is our compass, we are the navigators!

It becomes more and more independent with each minute spent in the camp. The child makes the right decisions, makes the right choices, and even if he makes a mistake – what could be better than that – he learns.

Your child returns home changed – happy, confident, speaking English, with new friends, a real adult!

We cannot limit you to these reasons alone. There are always more new ones that appear. Every child finds their personal reason to be in LuckyKids.

Not coincidentally, I did not use the word “doubt” in this article. Doubt has no place when it comes to this wonderful opportunity – Lucky Kids!

One thing is for sure: here the children leave a little of themselves, like stardust, which actually makes up the magic called Lucky Kids!