Excursions to LuckyKids language camp

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Destinations and method of conducting


Advantages and disadvantages

Children with health problems and excursions

Excursions in LuckyKids

At LuckyKids International Camp we also take care of the development and enrichment of the culture of our graduates. We are all proud of the historical values and places in the area of the town of Bansko, where the Pirin and Rila mountains meet.

We carefully select the most interesting historical and natural landmarks, organize excursions to present another country of our country.


We usually choose significant cultural or natural sites for a specific purpose.

Here are some of them:

  • Excursion to the village Leshten
  • Excursion to the village Kovachevitsa
  • Excursion to the church in Dobarsko
  • Excursion to the bear reserve in Belitsa
  • Excursion to the church “St. Nicholas” in the town Dobrinishte
  • Visit to the Vaptsarov’s house in the town Bansko;

And many other destinations that arise as an idea according to the program.

Features of the excursions – landmarks

The village Leshten

Here children can see the unique village with preserved old houses. Some of them are made of clay and look like houses from fairy tales. The village welcomes many tourists because of its ancient exotic appearance, the preserved church from the 19th century and the authentic Bulgarian inn in the center. The streets are cobbled, filled with the scent of flowers and the beauty of Revival architecture.

The village Kovachevitsa

The village has preserved its authentic appearance from the 18th-19th century and has been declared an architectural-historical reserve, together with the nature reserve that is located around it – the Dark Forest. The houses are built almost entirely of stone, and only the top floor is made of wood.

The sights are many – one of them is the church “St. Nicholas”, Dishlyanova house. Here we walk along the narrow streets connecting the unique Revival houses of the village.

The church in the village Dobarsko

Dobarsko is a village where three mountains meet – Rila, Pirin and Rhodope. Legend has it that this is the village with healing water, where the blinded Samuel’s soldiers settled, healed by the water in the wonderful spring. They created the famous Dobar school of blind singers. Legend has it that anyone who has an eye problem and washes it with this healing spring water can cure it.

All the frescoes are extremely well preserved because the church has a unique architecture and the temperature in it is constant all year round.

The Church of St. Nicholas in Dobrinishte

St. Nicholas is a Thracian late authentic, medieval settlement, whose remains are located between Bansko and Dobrinishte. Here you can see the remains of a chapel, Thracian tombs, Thracian jewelry, grain vessels, weaponsswords, arrows, coins, hoes, oars and even clothing applications.

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Duration of the excursions, regime, food

Excursions are usually full day. Children follow the usual morning routine, including time together. The excursion starts immediately after this regular moment: at 9.40 am the children get on the buses.

During the trip each child receives a package of dry food. Lunch is held outdoors, in the form of a picnic. In some of the sites there are indoor dining conditions that we use when the weather is unsuitable for outside.

During the excursion the mornings are used for visits to interesting historical or natural sites, and in the late afternoon we take a break with games and outdoor activities.

The children return to the Lucky Bansko Hotel at 6.30 pm, where they have a half-hour rest so that they can refresh and get dress for dinner.

Some of the visits are within half a day – such as the visit to the church “St. Nicholas” in Dobrinishte. Departure at 14.00 from the hotel, and at 18.00 the group arrives back at the hotel.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the context of language academic training, we, as professionals, do not forget the training in patriotism and acquaintance with the beauty and grandeur of the Bulgarian nature. These are the moments when children completely detach themselves from the digital modern world to witness works of art or natural wonders created in the past.

The great advantage of these excursions is that they take the kids to historical places that are important to us as Bulgarians or to others, where their ecological education takes place imperceptibly. Examples of this are: a visit to the church in Dobarsko, where they can see unique murals, or a visit to the bear reserve in Belitsa, created by the Bridget Bardot Foundation.

The half-day visits that we organize are at closer distances, they diversify the daily program, are held for a reduced time by half, so that children can participate in the learning process in the morning.

Excursions are those moments when children can be free with their friends, make new friends and communicate freely with coevals and adults. They are important for their socialization, they teach them patience, mutual help, discovery, curiosity, teamwork.

Excursions have no actual disadvantages, except for the inconvenience for those who can not travel for a long time in a vehicle and feel sick. A medical person travels with us, so in these cases (of which we have been notified in advance), appropriate tablets are given to the children to make them feel comfortable.

Another small inconvenience of the trip is that dry food is consumed, but it is always freshly prepared and of guaranteed quality.

Children with health problems and excursions

Sometimes it happens on the day of the trip, in the morning a child feels unwell. In this case, at the discretion of the head and the medical person in the camp and after consultation with the parents, a decision is made to keep the child in the hotel. It follows a light regime of activities, in case it is not so bad, being under the constant supervision of a teacher / animator and a nurse.

There are times when children may have a fever or feel unwell during the trip itself. At such times, they are taken care of by the medical person. At his discretion and the discretion of the leader, the child stays with the tourists, following a light program (for example, does not attend all activities, but rests for most of the trip) or if he feels worse and does not improve after the measures taken, orders transport from the hotel to return it, of course accompanied by an adult.

There are also cases when a child has an allergy, which needs to be strictly monitored during the trip and time spent outdoors. This is taken care of by the medical person and the child’s immediate supervisor (teacher or animator). In case of even mild symptoms, the child is taken away from the source of allergy, treated with appropriate medications.

The supervisor and the parents are notified immediately, and the child remains under constant supervision. In case of complication he returns to the hotel with an attendant.

Excursions bring real pleasure, variety and satisfy the exploratory spirit of children, especially those who love to travel. They educate in patriotism and admiration for Bulgarian history and nature.

For those who are guests from other countries, the meeting with the beauty of Bulgaria becomes a real adventure. We teach children to be curious and to make their own childish clean and amazing discoveries in the most wonderful places of our country. We give them moments of discovery and knowledge that turn into memories.