Учебен процес | LuckyKids

At LuckyKids we know that the summer vacation is for rest and we respect that. Based on the world practices in summer language training, LuckyKids team created its own program for English language project learning.Read More →

Ваканция с изучаване на език | Lucky Kids

Summer vacation is coming soon, as well as the need to organize summer activities for children. The wide variety of private language schools and faculty confuses parents and makes them hesitant about what to choose. We recommend you to be careful and make your choice on several criteria:Read More →

Little Boys in English Kids Camp | Lucky Kids

Due to the great success last season, this year LuckyKids offers again the possibility for spring edition of the camp to its little friends. Spring camp schedule follows the full programme of the summer one. The dates for the spring camp are considered to the student’s spring break in the country: 08-14.02.2017 All hiking are organized according to the weather conditions of the season.Read More →

The child made a house for birds | Lucky Kids

For another year LuckyKids hang up their birdhouses in several places around town. Bansko. The project started in the first year of the camp and can be described as a very successful one. Children alone assemble and decorate the houses, and later hang them on trees. This year we set new houses near Vihren Hut, “Dancing bears” Park in the city Belitsa, the areas: Betolovoto, Perivola and in the city park.Read More →

Kids' fun in the LuckyKids camp | Lucky Kids

The new attractive project learning program in international camp LuckyKids has its supporters standing in the face of children. This year we added unique topics such as the Oscars 2016, “The Sound of Music “The Art of Millennium”. The subjects provoked the minds of children and allowed exclusive self-expression. Besides entertaining the topics are educational as well.Read More →


We believe in innovative learning and know how important it is for children to work in the most modern facilities to assist their personal development. Interactive education is an essential element of education in the 21st century. Camp LuckyKids follows the latest educational trends and offers the highest quality criteria. This year we plan to open a second interactive educational hall that would enable more players to the camp to learn through technology.Read More →

Children enter Pirin National Park | Lucky Kids

LuckyKids initiative “For clean environment” continues this season. This year we chose to clean: water slide, Betolovoto, and Rila Monastery. Every year for the entire season, the children clean several places and strive to preserve nature of Bulgaria. The team of the camp participate actively alongside them and support them in the effort. Cleaning one area, they realize how harmful is the threat of humanity to nature and choose to change their values.Read More →

It's time for bikes | Lucky Kids

Do you want to learn to ride a bike? Come to LuckyKids International Camp. After so many excited new cyclists last season, we are prepared to welcome new candidates This year again we expect everyone – to ride a bike and to study English. In our camp we have no restrictions – we have a program and for good bikers and for not so good ones.Read More →

Children have no patience for a water slide | Lucky Kids

Who says water fun is just seaside? In Bansko, such claims are not valid. The longest water slide in Europe has become part of the entertainment at the camp for the whole season. Located in the heart of Pirin Mountain, at Banderishka Poliana, the slide is 350 meters long.Read More →