The same summer camp for children or different every year?

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The same summer camp or different every year


When a child goes to the same camp every year, he gets several benefits:

  • acquaintances teachers, animators
  • work on the same system / when it is a language camp /
  • upgrading knowledge in a spiral gradual way
  • familiar setting
  • quick adaptation, as  the camp is already known and experienced once

When a child goes to a different camp each year, the benefits are as follows:

  • new activities and adventurous spirit
  • various leaders and teachers
  • new friendships and acquaintances
  • new study environment


Visiting the same camp can mean the following disadvantages:

  • lack of progress in case the  training system  fails in the beginning.
  • lack of friends, in case of impossibility on the part of the  child to make new acquaintances.
  • lack of sufficient motivating activities to meet  the interests and physical abilities of the child.

When visiting a different camp each year:

  • stress in the adaptation period
  • new experiences, with the  intensity of which the child cannot get used
  • heavy physical activity
  • high intellectual loads
  • lack of friends if  the child is introverted and difficult to make friends

How should we act?

There is no ubiquitous recipe that gives us the right solution.  Every child is different,  just like every camp is different.

Here are a few basic truths that every parent should consider:

  • Is the child happy there?
  • Is there a friendly environment?
  • Does he feel good physically? Is it healthy?
  • Is the environment safe for him?
  • Is it useful for him to stay in this camp?

We keep repeating that the health, well-being and safety of the camper is most important during his stay in LuckyKids, regardless of  the activities and the purpose of the camp.

Tips for LuckyKids and camping in general

The plans

Try to discuss the plans for the summer / spring / winter vacation  TOGETHER with your child.  Take into account his wishes. Make lists of clothes and belongings to take for your camp stay.

Create a joyful anticipation for him. Explain that there will be a gala evening, party evenings with themed performances. This will  intrigue a more artistic child.

More introverted children, you can attract with promises of encounters with nature, animals / horses /, individual sports  such as swimming, yoga, quiet games.


In case  the child initially expresses reluctance to attend camp,  it may be good to try another type of motivation. Inform him about the interesting activities, describe to him one day according to the  provided program.

Explain to him what new skills he will return home after the camp. Make a list together of the benefits of such a  stay outside the family and home.


Give him confidence  that he can do it on his own because he has grown up.  Children like to be considered “adults”.

Although this is not yet a fact, be sensitive and tactfully explain that it will have  the responsibilities of an adult  and will only take care of itself during the camp.


Invite his friends to go together (this is usually the most motivating factor).

It’s great for us at LuckyKids, too, when we have a  cheerful group of friends who have known each other from previous periods . If the children know each other from the same camp – this is very important.

They have  shared memories and experiences  – nothing strengthens friendships like these moments together.

Physical activity

Explain that  the camp is active, interesting, adventurous.  The days are filled with so many activities that there will be no time for boredom and “doing nothing”.

Active children love this.  Describe the sports and games  that the child will have fun with.

Projects and training

When you say that the camp is “language”, it is important to explain that  the child will have fun while learning . Explain that he will participate in a program that is designed and covers topics of interest to his age.

Give examples / you can find the topics on the site /. Ask about  what topics your child is excited about  and when explaining, include them in your explanation.

It cannot be determined whether it is better for the child to attend the same camp or a different one. Some children  love peace and repetition  others need the same friends, others are adventurers in spirit and  seek the new, the different .

The important thing is for the child to find himself and to be happy, healthy, cared for and safe, to have fun. To be able to  unload before the intensive school year.

Be available even when the child is away from you.  No matter how much fun he had during the day,  he will need to hear from you  to make sure everything is okay and you are there to support him with love and understanding! .

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