When is the best time to enroll your child in a summer camp in Bansko?

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Does it matter when we enroll our child in summer camp and why


The periods in which we can enroll our child in the summer camp in Bansko are the following:


June 28 – July 4

Month July

July 5 – July 11

July 12 – July 18

July 19 – July 25

July 26 – August 1


August 2 – August 08

August 09 – August 15

August 16 – August 22

August 23 – August 29


August 30 – September 5

Winter months

February – ski camp


At a camp in June

In case we enroll the child in a camp in June, ie for the first shift, it is important to understand what the natural and meteorological conditions are at that time.

June is calm, sunny and cool in the mountains. Rainy and cool days can be expected.

If your child does not like the heat it is good to write it down during this period. During hikes in the mountains, the child can enjoy the fresh cool air and freshly bloomed vegetation. Sometimes allergies can be exacerbated by flowering plants, so it is important to check if allergens appear in this area. of the summer season.

Here are some of the plants that are common in early summer:

  • pine – blooms in May-June;
  • cereals – begin flowering and spread.

We recommend this month for younger participants who have already graduated from school and need relaxation and fun games in nature.


At camp in July and August

We all associate the months of July and August with a vacation!

We recommend the visit in July and August for older students who have completed the learning process.

What to expect in July and August: heat, dry weather, lots of sun and the appearance of all kinds of mountain plants.

It is also important to know that most herbs grow during these months and can be harvested to make delicious tea.

Here are some allergenic plants that are pollen spreaders and whose flowering is good to consider:

  • weeds
  • ryegrass
  • reed
  • meadow grasses
  • rye
  • wheat
  • birch
  • poplar
  • alder
  • willow
  • beech
  • herbal plants
  • dandelion
  • hazelnut
  • maple
  • daisies
  • come
  • sorrel
  • nettle

The weather during these two months is warmer, at times hot, and the humidity is lower. Sometimes summer storms with thunderstorms appear in the mountains. There are many insects that can also cause an allergic reaction.

Summer is in full swing and being in the mountains at this time is a real blessing, as coolness, herbs, raspberries, blackberries and other wild fruits can be found there.


Camp in late summer

Late August and early September are also very suitable for kids. The heat is subsiding, nature is still wearing summer clothes, and the air is saturated with the expectation of autumn coolness.

Allergenic plants have already stopped flowering and the weather is still pleasantly warm for excursions, picnics and walks in the mountains.


Winter period and camp

The winter camp is completely different from the summer one. In winter, children have the opportunity to learn to ski or consolidate already acquired skills.

Not every child loves winter and low temperatures, but almost every child loves snow. That’s why winter camp can be a good start for him to become a fan of winter sports and get good ski training.

The winter mountain is beautiful and challenging, it teaches us patience, gives us strength and endurance.

In conclusion, I can summarize that the choice of when to enroll a child in a mountain camp needs to be consistent with the character and desires of the child, as well as with the long-term goals of the family. Some parents want their children to swim, others prefer winter sports, some are lovers of summer nature, when they can watch all the plant and animal representatives, others prefer the cold winter slopes and their snowy beauty.

Often our campers like Lucky Kids so much that they want to re-enroll in the camp during the same season. Then we recommend that the first visit be at the beginning, to be diversified with other activities and then they can return to camp life, where they have already made real friendships and learned to be independent!